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6 Hidden Storage Ideas in Your Kitchen | NC Home Builder Tips

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Dec 23, 2014 @ 10:12 AM
Kitchen Storage Where it Matters Most

What's hiding behind the kitchen cabinet doors in your favorite design photos?

Get an inside peek at some of the most requested kitchen storage styles - with tips from an award winning NC Home Builder.

After you see these photos, you'll want to completely re-design your kitchen!

Kitchen Storage Ideas | NC Home Builder Tips

Pantry Cabinet - Pull Out Pantry Design

Hidden pantries -  with a cabinet front disguising their location - are reserved for luxury homes layouts.

Cabinet-front pantries blend into your kitchen, eliminating the need for a room-sized white door.

In this Raleigh custom home, glass-front display cabinets are located above the pantry, to further blend it into the large, white kitchen layout.

Pull out drawers offer simple, easy access to non-refrigerated goods.

Lower drawers can hold heavy items, such as cans. Upper cabinets can hold light items, such as cereal.





In this Raleigh custom home, the two door cabinet pantry is located beside the refrigerator.

Kitchen Storage Ideas | NC Home Builder

Often, kitchens designed with a cabinetry pantry will have a secondary pantry close by, in a hallway or multi-purpose laundry room / mud room.

These secondary pantries offer ample space to store Costco-sized goods and longer-term items.

Pull-Out Drawer Cabinets

Pull-out drawers (and roll out shelves) are a recommended Universal Design feature.  They can reduce bending and make lifting easier.

Drawers help keep your kitchen organized, and make it possible to see everything inside.

These drawers are hidden from the outside, with outward swinging cabinet doors. (And additional rolling drawers above.)

Kitchen Storage Ideas | NC Home Builder

Under cabinet lighting (and even in-cabinet lights for glass door cabinets), another Universal Design feature, can make a big difference in navigating your kitchen.

Base Mixer Shelf Cabinet

Are you an avid baker?  In this Raleigh custom home, a dedicated mixer shelf pulls up and locks into place at counter top height.

Kitchen Storage Ideas | NC Home Builder

Inside the cabinet, a wall plug allows you to hide the mixer cord (and leave it plugged in for long-term use).

A roll-out tray is holds bowls, measuring tools, and baking utensils.

Pot and Pan Organizer Cabinet

A pot and pan organizer is designed to hold large pots on the bottom shelf, and lids on the upper shelves.

This base cabinet makes it easy to store, organize, and manage your most used cooking gear.

Kitchen Storage Ideas | NC Home Builder 

Pot and pan cabinets should be placed beside the range (in an L-shaped kitchen) or in the island (for kitchens with the range directly across from the island).

Built In Silverware Trey Drawer

Kitchen drawers come in many different widths and depths - making it difficult to find an exact fit for a silverware trey.

Check out these built-in trey options, designed for your kitchen habits.

Kitchen Storage Ideas | NC Home Builder

If you might re-arrange the location of your silverware later on, ask about removable trey options.

Kitchen Storage Ideas | NC Home Builder

A larger space can accommodate serving utensils or "extras" like chopsticks.

Island Side Cabinets

Kitchen islands are getting bigger in NC custom homes - which means more counter top space above and storage capacity below. 

Kitchen Storage Ideas | NC Home Builder 

If you love casual seating space built into the back side of your island, you don't need to lose out on storage space. You can still add side cabinets to each end of the island, like the blue island pictured here.

Island end cabinets can be thin or deep, depending on how you want to divide the space.

Cookie Sheet Cabinets

This tray divider is designed for trays, cookie sheets, and cutting boards

Kitchen New Home Trends | Top 5 Base Kitchen Cabinet Options | Custom Home Kitchen Cabinets

The tray divider is available in 12" and 15" widths, making this a versatile option.

A 9" tray cabinet without the drawer is also available, perfect for taking advantage of smaller cabinet spaces.








Lazy Susan Cabinets

Lazy Susan cabinets contain rotating shelves, constructed from wood, metal or plastic.

The spin units are generally either 28" or 32" in diameter.

Kitchen Storage Ideas | NC Home Builder

Lazy Susans are the perfect type of storage to place in corner cabinets, like the one pictured above.

Recycling Center Cabinets

A pull-out garbage/recycle center makes sorting and saving easy. Built-in recycle centers emphasize durability and usability - with four separate bins

Kitchen Storage Ideas | NC Home Builder

The model pictured above features a natural maple frame, with full access glides. Plastic trash bins are easily removed for emptying and cleaning.

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