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How to Get a Bigger Pantry for Less | Custom Home Builder

Posted by Penn Hull on Wed, Oct 13, 2010 @ 06:10 AM

Custom Home Builder | How to Change a Floor Plan

Twitching your floor plan | How to Expand Pantry Space

Need more storage space for all those Costco-sized containers?  Ask your custom home builder if they can move or expand that pantry in your new home.

The answer is usually “yes.” In fact, when you work with a custom home builder like Stanton Homes, you can do a lot more adjusting to that floor plan than yPantry | Custom Homebuilderou may realize. Here’s an example.



The kitchen area in this floor plan was the only part of the home that the people who chose it weren’t excited about.

They wanted to know what a custom home builder could do with it.

The laundry closet impacted space in the breakfast room, and the kitchen felt small because of the entrance door to the garage.

As always, Stanton Homes was able to make changes at little to no cost, as long as the changes were requested in the planning stage. 

Here's what the custom home builder did with this one:

 Pantry | Custom Home Builder | Floor Plan Changes


As you can see in this view from the family room looking into the kitchen and breakfast room, the custom home builder added a bay extension to the breakfast room, creating a much more open feel. 

A full size laundry room was moved into the oversized garage, which is now accessible through the laundry room. This eliminated the need for the original second doorway, and opened up a lot more usable space.

Pantry | Custom Home Builder | Floor Plan Changes 

This is a view diagonally into the kitchen.  The custom home builder added a full walk-in corner pantry, by shifting cabinets to the right. This created a second pantry - the original pantry space still exists – the custom home builder just bumped it into the garage to allow for more space in the kitchen.

The cost difference was minimal.

The structural changes for the expanded laundry only called for some additional framing materials. The actual floor surface stayed about the same, with only a slight increase in tile cost.  No additional windows were added to the bay.  Even though the cabinet arrangement was a lot better, the actual cabinet package remained the same.  There was a slight cost for additional framing for the corner pantry and its additional shelving. 

The bottom line? Stanton Homes added less than $1,000 to the price tag, for redesigning and building this kitchen, which included about 60 more square feet of living space. (The total cost of this home was right around $279K.)

Tell your custom home builder what you’d like to see different, on your favorite floor plan. When no structural changes are required, it may be easier than you think to build your new home exactly the way you want it.  

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