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What Kind of Hardwood is Hardest? | Chapel Hill Home Builders Tips

Posted by Penn Hull on Fri, Nov 12, 2010 @ 07:11 AM

What Kind of Hardwood Flooring is the Hardest?

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Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular upgrades in any new home in the Raleigh area.

But what kind of hardwood is hardest?

One way to find out is by using the Janka (or side) hardness test.  In this test, hardwoods are ranked by measuring the force needed to embed a .444 inch steel ball halfway into the wood.

This is one of the hardwood industry's best measures to determine whether a wood species will withstand denting and wear.  It can also determine how hard it will be to saw and nail a particular species.

The most common natural hardwood flooring is a solid oak, in white or red.  A white oak is usually just a little more expensive, but red oak tends to pick up and reflect red tones in cabinetry and other nearby features. 

What Hardwoods are Hardest | Chapel Hill Home Builders

Heart Pine is another more common natural hardwood flooring option.  It is much stronger than its pine cousins, coming very close to red oak in strength.  Heart pine can give any room beautiful character, and can be stained many different colors.  It is usually just a little more expensive than solid oak.

What Hardwoods are Hardest | Chapel HIll Home BuildersNatural bamboo usually registers at a 1380, or just slightly harder than oak flooring.  Natural bamboo can run several dollars more per square foot.

Brazilian Cherry and other exotic woods register highest on the hardness scale, but can also register highest on the cost scale.

As a general rule, the wider the individual hardwood plank, the less cost effective a particular choice will be.   

Each kind of hardwood is usually available as solid hardwood, engineered, or laminate. 

Determine your hardwood selection by working with a flooring specialist, who will work to provide you the best flooring options within your budget.

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