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Top 10 Articles of 2010: Custom Homes Tips & Trends

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Jan 03, 2011 @ 16:01 PM

Top 10 Most Viewed NC New Custom Homes Articles of 2010

New Home Design Tips, Trends, and Photos that Stood Out

The Top 10 MOST INTERESTING new home tips and trends articles in 2010 ranged from bubbles to building. Here’s what rated the most clicks:

Top 10 New Home Trends of 2010 | NC New Custom Home Builders1.  Tub Surrounds - Secondary Baths that WOW Your Guests with Tile

Tile is the biggest trend in tub surrounds. Some of the least expensive styles are making the biggest splash with a whole new twist that’s surprisingly simple – and elegant.

2.  How to Save Money in Your New Home:  Focus on the Family Room

Your family is going to gather here. Make the most of the room you’ll want to fill with warmth, with features that make everyone want to linger a little longer.

Top 10 New Home Trends of 2010 | NC New Custom Home Builders3.  Built In Bookcases - Design a Bookcase that Feels Like Home

A trend toward smaller homes is making home buyers hungry for built-in storage that tucks right in. Organization has never been so essential – or worked so well.

4.  Behind the Cooktop - Kitchen Tile Backsplashes that Sizzle

Kitchens in NC new custom homes take on designer looks with tile that makes a statement – without breaking the bank.

5.  Closets That Care: Designing Closet Space That Really Works

Sorting, hanging, folding and storing are easier than ever, with closet designs your builder can create for you based on what you have to put away.

Top 10 New Home Trends of 2010 | NC New Custom Home Builders6. Green Features that Homebuyers Actually Want - Top Choices for Green in New Homes

The best part about going green is the tremendous savings on heating and cooling costs. But don’t go for broke until you read how to choose what you need – and what you don’t.

7.  This Isn't Grandmother's Bathroom, or How to Build a Beautiful, Easy to Use Shower using Accessible Design

Make sure bathing time is as relaxing as it’s intended, with a shower that takes all the stress out with all the accessible features you need.

8.  Trey Ceiling Trends: The Five Most Popular Custom Home Trey Ceiling Treatments

NC new custom homes are looking up, with trey ceilings that expand your rooms with a whole new look.

9. Accessible Homes: Choose the Features that Really Matter

Room-by-room, accessible homes are designed with the things that make it easy to maneuver, reach, and enjoy. Planning ahead ensures you have what you need, right from the start, when you build your NC new custom homes.

10. Build On Your Lot - How to Get Started in Four Easy Steps

Want to build a new home but not sure how to get started? Ready, set, go with these four easy steps that help prevent the biggest blunders in building.

Top 10 New Home Trends of 2010 | NC New Custom Home Builders

Top 10 New Home Articles of 2010

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