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Craftsman Floor Plans | Where to Find Great Craftsman Style Floor Plans

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Jan 04, 2011 @ 12:01 PM

How to Find Craftsman Style Floor Plans

Choosing a New Craftsman Style Home

Craftsman floor plans | Craftsman new homes in RaleighFirst, what is a Craftsman style home?  In the Raleigh area, a Craftsman style home usually evokes visions of stone accents or square, tapered front porch columns, exposed rafters or decorative brackets, low pitched rooflines with overhanging eaves, and deep covered porches.  Inside, Craftsman elements can include simpler trim styles, built in details, hardwood flooring, and lots of windows.

Here are some great places to browse Craftsman style floor plans:

Craftsman Floor Plans by Don Gardner

Donald A. Gardner has been designing great homes, including Craftsman style floor plans, since 1978.  This architectural firm is based in Greenville, SC.

Craftsman Floor Plans by Milwaukee Craftsman LLC

Some great, unique Craftsman floor plans that include well-planned use of space and lots of surprises.  The Sussex is one of my favorite plans on this site. 

Craftsman floor plans | Craftsman new homes in RaleighCraftsman Floor Plans by Designs for Living

This 1612 sq ft one story Craftsman style home includes many traditional elements.  You'll enjoy browsing these Craftsman style floor plans from this Oregon designer.

Craftsman Floor Plans by AVID Design Group

AVID Design Group is an NC based architectural firm, offering many different Craftsman style homes with more ornate rooflines and a liberal use of stone.  This 2678 sq ft one story Craftsman is an example of a more modern Craftsman home.  

Craftsman Floor Plans by Alan Mascord

This is one of my favorite collections of Craftsman style floor plans.  The Morecambe has many great elements, including an open floor plan, wonderful porch, and unique angles.

Found a Craftsman style floor plan you're interested in?  Ask for a free building cost estimate, and get exact costs for your new Craftsman home in NC. 


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