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Custom Master Bath Trends: More Drawers, Fewer Accents

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Mar 21, 2011 @ 06:03 AM

Custom Bath Trends: Designing A Retreat

Choosing Cabinetry, Storage, and Tile for the Master Bath 

By Andrea Enns, Design Coordinator, Stanton Homes

Keeping things neat and clean is another part of the spa-look trend seeing as an uncluttered and orderly space is definitely more soothing and tranquil. 

2011 Master Bath Trends | NC Custom Home Builders Master bath vanities have become larger and if you are not thinking about upgrading to more drawers in your vanity then you really should.  Drawers are a small ticket upgrade that pay off tremendously in the long run as they make the best use of all the space available in your vanity. 

We will continue to see a strong shift to warm wood tones like Maple Nutmeg and Cherry Spice mixed with the same warm neutral grays we are seeing in the kitchen, along with white and also soothing ethereal blues for accent. 

Currently wood grain vanity cabinets have a stronger following than white cabinets but we are seeing varying soft shades of white mixed with warm grays and tans appearing on laser printed porcelain tiles that portray the beautiful look of natural stone.

When considering your new tile work, once again spa-like features come to mind as the design trend is towards simple design with a strong focus on convenience.

2011 Master Bath Trends | NC Custom Home Builders Built in cubbies and built-in corner shelves should definitely be on your list of affordable and practical upgrades to your new bathroom as they provide handy, much needed storage.

Gone are the days when it was only your teenage daughter who could be sited for stowing several bottles of “goup” in the shower. Nowadays, I am asked more often to incorporate two cubbies or two corner shelves into the shower design as “he” seems to have just as many grooming products as “she “ does…..the funniest conversations do often occur around this topic!

2011 Master Bath Trends | NC Custom Home Builders Planning for the storage and organization of one’s shower grooming products is simply an extension of the idea of more drawers the vanity and designing for “his and hers” vanities for that matter—everyone wants a place for their own “stuff”. 

For tile work, the spa look is most often displayed through tranquil natural stone looks creating an even more restful environment by using the same large tiles on the floor and on the shower walls.

Accents today seem to follow the “less is more” theory but nonetheless they are still very, very popular.

Amongst the most popular for tile accent is the use of natural stone or glass mosaics or often even a combination of the two.

2011 Master Bath Trends | NC Custom Home Builders We are seeing a thin sliver of  wall accent to create something very subtle, however, thinking along the terms of creating a more luxurious and inviting look, consider taking the same mosaic and using it on your master bath tub deck—not the sides and the splash—just the deck. 

This creates visual interest in an unexpected location, and in practical terms, the tub deck is really the smallest overall surface in the bathroom, making tiling this area in an eye-catching, exotic or shimmery mosaic, an affordable touch of luxury.

You can think “soothing and tranquil” on a budget and choose warm wood tone cabinetry, lime-stone look porcelain tiles installed in a simple design, and paint your walls a warm neutral gray.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to consider adding more drawers in your vanity and adding built in cubbies and corner shelves in your shower as these are affordable and smart upgrades.  

After weighing all of the available options and making your final decisions you will be able to look forward to finally relaxing in your private retreat—your new spa-look bathroom.  

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