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Why Buy a New Home? Top 10 Reasons Why Homebuyers Choose "New"

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Apr 20, 2011 @ 10:04 AM

Why Buy a New Home? 

Top 10 Reasons Why Homebuyers Choose "New"

Why Buy a New Home?  Top 10 Reasons Why Homebuyers Choose "New"


Buy new, or buy used?  That's one of the biggest questions homebuyers ask themselves when they start to think about buying a home.

Here are the top 10 reasons why "new" can be a better bargain.

1. New home warranties

What kind of warranty does the home offer? Stanton Homes offers extended warranties – and everything is already brand new.

How soon will you have to replace things in a resale home? Used homes can need a new roof, appliances, carpet, painting and updates throughout. So even if there is a lower upfront cost, they may need a lot more cash out-of-pocket than anticipated. A custom home you design and build is not only fresh, clean and new – it also will have the latest innovations that typically do more and cost less.

2. Lower Maintenance Costs

What kind of maintenance costs are you looking at? Stringent building codes contribute to a better-built homes than even just a few years ago – and Stanton Homes focuses on details that will lengthen the life of things like windows, doors, fixtures, and all the other new elements in your home.

Why Buy a New Home?  Top 10 Reasons Why Homebuyers Choose "New"

3. Increased energy efficiency –

What kind of energy bills should you expect?

Stanton Homes builds with the latest technological advancements in energy efficiency. And that ensures you’ll be saving significantly on energy bills, with our construction process that includes a nationally recognized third party inspection.

You can read about it here:

4. The rooms that matter most are designed from the start -

Are the rooms laid out just the way you want them? Why Buy a New Home?  Top 10 Reasons Why Homebuyers Choose "New"

Is the floor plan truly “open” or does it just have a kitchen that opens into a family room? Does the kitchen have granite counters, an island, lots of cupboards, and windows where you want them? Does the master suite (including its closets and master suite bathroom) provide the retreat you’re looking for?

The latest designs are all about interaction and open layouts – as well as convenience. (Are you going to have to knock out a wall to get rid of the formal living room and dining room that doesn’t fit your lifestyle, or can you design your custom home just the way you want it?) And just exactly what do you want your curb appeal to be?

Every Stanton Home is different because so are you. We’ll custom design a plan just for you – with custom home design services that set your new home apart.

5. Appliances are built to last

Why Buy a New Home?  Top 10 Reasons Why Homebuyers Choose "New"What kind of shape are the appliances in?

Today’s appliances have all the latest advancements. They cost less to operate and are more efficient.

They’re also designed to fit the décor of your kitchen and anywhere else you want them.  

6. Interior Design -

Does the home come with a decorator?

Part of the reason Stanton Homes are so beautiful is that our amazing Interior Designer will work closely with you, to create an environment that reflects your lifestyle.

You’ll see a lot of different personalities in the videos of homes we’ve built because every home is designed specifically to the tastes of our homebuyers, with your personal theme that reflects everything from inset lights in the ceilings to railings on the overlook and every detail in your home.

7. Everyday accommodations

How comfortable will it be to live in the home?

Today’s new homes are designed with more storage, better laid-out closet space, and countertops and floors that are easier to clean and last longer. Lighting is more strategic. Windows are designed to take in the views of your specific location.

No matter what you’d like to change in a floor plan you like, walls can be moved, rooms can be expanded, and you can allow for things that are hard to find in used homes, such as guest accommodations. Doing any of this after you’ve bought a used home will be more expensive and invasive than doing it new. 

    Why Buy a New Home?  Top 10 Reasons Why Homebuyers Choose "New"

8. Changes can be made

Will it really be your home, or was it somebody else’s idea?

One of the best things about building your own new home is putting together the plan. Our design team spends a lot of time listening to your concepts, sketching out ideas with you, and working with you to create an environment you’ll love to live in.

There’s nothing like the excitement of doing it your way, and we love being a part of that.

9. Commitment to Quality –

Is the home you’re looking at backed by the reputation of a leading local builder? Stanton Homes hand-crafts extraordinary custom homes with the confidence of industry-leading personal service, innovations and craftsmanship.

Even though Stanton Homes is the fastest growing local builder of high quality custom homes, our builder, Stan Williams, remains personally involved with every home we design and build. You can read more here about our Commitment to Quality.

10.  What’s the bottom line?

Why Buy a New Home?  Top 10 Reasons Why Homebuyers Choose "New"

Custom homes cost much less than you might think – including everything you need to complete your home, turnkey (lot prep, water sources, building fees, construction, and a tremendous amount of additional amenities that come standard, which most builders call “upgrades.”)

And it’s all brand new, created specifically for you with energy efficiency and all your favorite features.

Add in your energy savings, the extended life of everything connected to the home, not having to change a thing, having it designed for your personal comfort… and it’s clear that a new home is a wise investment (and all these reasons also make it a much better resale value in years to come than used homes offer now, without the latest advancements.)

Contact us to find out just how little your new home will cost – and how much it will save.

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