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Easy Guide to Window Styles: Half Round, Eyebrow, and More

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, May 19, 2011 @ 16:05 PM

What are the Most Popular Window Types for New Custom Built Homes?

One reason homeowners choose to build custom is for the ability to determine every detail about the home, down to individual window size and style selections.

Your window style adds to the character and asthetic appeal of your home, so you will want to consider all your options and choose carefully.

What are the most popular window selections for new custom homes in the Raleigh area? Below are some of the most popular window styles, one (or more) of which might be ideal for your next home.


 Custom Home Half Round Window Selections

1. Half Round

Half round windows are rounded from side to side, and look like a half-circle.

Half round windows are often included above doors or other windows, allowing more light into the home.

Pictured here are half round windows, with a hint of sunburst design.  

2. Colonial Arch

Arch windows can have a traditional or contemporary feel, depending on the style of the home.

Arch windows are similar to half round windows, with an arched top between two straight sides. Arch windows are also often placed above doors or other windows, allowing more light into the home.


3. Eyebrow

Eyebrow windows are just that - shaped like an eyebrow! Eyebrow windows were originally used to bring light and ventilation into attic spaces, but can now be incorporated into any area of the home.

Eyebrow window designs have long been used to enhance many different architectural styles, in conjunction with various window styles.


2011 Design Trends

4. Transom

Transom windows are stationary windows, often found above or to the sides of entry doors or other windows.

Transom windows allow more light into the home, while adding complexity to the exterior.

The transom windows pictured here add an elegant accent to this custom home by Stanton Homes.



5. Windows with Flankers 

Easy Guide to Window Styles | Window with FlankersWindows with flankers consist of three pieces: a center window and a smaller window to each side.

Windows with flankers come in a variety of sizes. 

The "flanking" windows can be of different heights.


6. Sunburst

Sunburst windows consist of several window panes, divided into sun ray shapes. Sunburst windows can be complex, with many "rays" or more simple with just a few.

Sunburst treatments are often used on half-round and colonial arch windows.


custom home window styles








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