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Front Entry Garages | Raleigh New Home Trends

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, Feb 09, 2012 @ 06:02 AM

New Home Trends - Front Entry Garage Home Plans

Raleigh New Home Garage Styles


Need help deciding if a front entry garage is right for your North Carolina custom home? Here are some of the pros and cons of a front facing garage, to help you decide.

Why should you choose a front entry garage floor plan?

- Front exterior can be dressed up with specialty garage doors (such as a carriage style)Raleigh Floor Plans | Front Entry Garage, stone or brick accents, decorative glass, light mountings and more.

- Front entries require less driveway square footage (which means a lower cost in materials and labor).

- Front entry garage homes can generally fit on smaller lots.

- Homes with front entry garages usually don't have windows in the garage, which can save some cost.


Why shouldn't you choose a front entry garage floor plan?

Raleigh Floor Plans | Front Entry Garage

- The neighborhood in which you want to build may not allow a front entry garage.

- Some homebuyers prefer the garage to be completely out of sight.

- The home may have a less "polished" exterior, with prominent garage doors and fewer windows.

Watch a video tour of the home pictured here - The Coventry

Prefer a front entry garage? 

Raleigh front entry garage home plans are available in a wide range of square feet, with one and two story options.  Browse floor plan options here.

Have a floor plan you love, but want to convert it into a front-facing garage home, or need a front entry garage because of your lot restrictions? No two Stanton Homes are the same. Our design team expands your options to fit your lifestyle with a look and feel you’ll love. Ask us about design/build options or get help finding a floor plan.

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 Contact Stanton Homes for floor plan ideas, to get a new home cost estimate, or find out more about building a custom home in North Carolina.

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