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Kitchen Color Design Tips | Ask Andrea

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Feb 28, 2012 @ 08:02 AM

Kitchen Design Help

Kitchen Color Design Tips 


We were recently asked this interior design question, through "Ask Andrea":

I have cream colored painted kitchen cabinets, dark blue corian counter tops (Yuck), Yellow painted walls (not too dark or bright) and ugly blue tile floors. What is a good color for tile backsplash on the walls?


And here's what Stanton Homes' on staff interior design expert Andrea has to say:

"Thank you for your very "colorful" description of your colorful kitchen--it was rather entertaining to read!

I focus on design tips for new homes, but this is an interesting question and quite a challenge. 

I understand that you were wanting suggestions for a back splash tile that would pull together cream painted cabinets, "yucky" dark blue Corian countertops that you don't seem to like, yellow painted walls, and some apparently ugly blue tiled floor. Wow!

Someone at one point obviously liked this combination but it is quite simply dated for today's styles.

You didn't ask about changing floors so I am going to assume that the option of doing that is out of your budget at the moment--no problem--we all deal with budget constraints everyday and yet we would like to come home to pleasing surroundings. I am going to throw quite a few suggestions your way aside from getting to the back splash.

First of all, when the weather is nice, I think you need to give strong consideration to painting your blue tiled floors. What? Yes, I said paint your tiled floors. Please go to this link and follow her step by step instructions--one of the most concise set of instructions for painted tiled floors that I have ever read.

 - Consider painting the tile floors white

 - While your in the mood to paint, go ahead and apply a coat of warm white to your cabinets

 - Then, paint your walls in a medium khaki shade

 - Now add a white subway tile back splash and some updated 6" wide brushed nickel bow handles to your cabinets.


At this point your kitchen has now been neutralized to a combination of khaki, white, and navy--a classic combination yes,  but compared to the old colors, this should give you a much more clean-lined and modern feel.

This Stanton Home custom kitchen pictured below is an example of a classic color combination:

Custom Home Kitchen Design Tips


 - White subway tile back splash

 - Khaki walls

 - Absolute black granite

 - Painted white maple cabinets




With these kitchen design tips, your dark blue counter-tops are still there but we are complimenting them now. To keep the clean lines going, be very very choosy about what stays on your counter.

With everything spruced up I would suggest going through your cabinets and clearing away un-used items so that you can make room for removing clutter from your counter.

Once you have completed this you need to look for a large dark blue glass bowl. Fill it with lemons or Granny Smith apples and you're done! You didn't replace floors or counter-tops but everything should look completely updated anyway.

Custom Home Kitchen Design Tips

The thing you want to remember is that although it may not seem as exciting to create neutral back-drops, time and time again we have seen how well this works for our customers at Stanton Homes.

Although every one of our homes is custom-built home, we do try to help guide the decision-making process so that you do not end up in five years feeling like you have 'yucky" counter-tops and "ugly" floors!

Leave the funky color selections for things like cabinet hardware and light fixtures since they are the items that should be providing a little accent to the room and they are the items that you will find easiest and least expensive to have to change down the road.

I hope you will find these suggestions helpful. Good luck with your kitchen!"

Have a kitchen or interior design trend question for your new home?  Ask Andrea, and she'll let you know all the latest in custom home and design/build trends!   Andrea works closely with each Stanton Homes client to help design homes that fit every lifestyle and taste.  

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