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Top 10 Custom Home Master Bath Trends

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Mar 13, 2012 @ 10:03 AM

Most Requested Master Bath Features

Top 10 Master Bathroom Trends

When building a new home in North Carolina, one of the most customized rooms of the home is the master bathroom - after all, the master bath is the place where you begin and end your day. 

Your custom master bathroom should be a private retreat - both comfortable and luxurious.

Here are the top 10 master bath trends you have to see as you plan to build your custom home:


#1 - Larger or Oversized Showers

Most Requested Master Bath Features | Top 10 Master Bath Trends 2012

In some custom homes, an oversized shower can be a must. 

At Stanton Homes, we can enlarged or rearrange a master bathroom floor plan to accomodate an oversized shower. 

With a larger shower, you may want to consider adding a second showerhead. 

Contrasting light and dark tile colors, styles, and patterns can help transform an oversized shower into the centerpiece of the master bath.

Remember to keep focused on neutral tones!  Even with a larger shower, it's best to keep the palette on the lighter side - the master bath will feel larger

Depending on your budget, the shower fixtures and glass enclosure can be chosen from many different styles and finishes, including Oil Rubbed Bronze, Tuscan Bronze, Black, Brushed Nickel, and more. 

#2 - Plenty of Storage Space

Most Requested Master Bath Features | Builtin Storage

A basic under the sink cabinet just doesn't cut it for many homeowners, who want space to store all the little items like toiletries and make up, plus big ones like bath towels, Costco size refill bottles, and more.

Cabinetry options include sets of small drawers, additional upper cabinets, or open shelving. 

Creative use of cabinetry can include corner cabinets, tall, narrow utility cabinets on both sides of the countertop, and more.

Think about everything you'd like to store in the bath, and discuss your cabinetry needs with your builder.  A combination of cabinetry pieces and imagination can be more affordable than you might think. 


#3 - Soaking Tubs vs Jacuzzis

Most Requested Master Bath Features | Top 10 Master Bath Trends 2012Believe it or not, a jetted tub is no longer the most desired feature in the master bath.

A large, deep soaking tub offers relaxation without noisy jets.  And those pesky jets also require special cleaning to keep from looking, well, used.

The custom home pictured to the left - the Kelley - features a garden soaking tub with private alcove and arched entrance.




#4 - His and Hers VanitiesMost Requested Master Bath Features | His and Her Vanities

A single sink is no longer enough, which you already knew if you've tried to get ready for work at the same time as your spouse! 

A "his-and-hers" master bathroom setup is becoming commonplace. There are two popular versions.


Most Requested Master Bath Features | Dual Vanities


1. A long countertop with two sinks

2. Two completely separate countertops, sinks, and storage (usually placed on opposite walls). This second version is pictured here in a custom home called the Worthington.

This setup should eliminate arguments about who didn't wipe the counter down!


#5 - Art Nooks, Niches, Plant Shelves

Small touches - such as adding a nook, niche, or shelf - can make a master bathroom design really "Pop."

Most Requested Master Bath Features | Plant Shelves

The custom home pictured to the left - the Penelope - features a vaulted master bathroom with upper shelves for plants and decorative items.

The blue accent paint color emphasizes the plant shelf location. White crown molding divides up the color.



Most Requested Master Bath Features | Top 10 Master Bath Trends 2012

Upper-end features like art nooks can also be found in custom home powder rooms.

This powder room art nook even contains recessed lighting.

Read about how this powder room was custom designed to meet the needs of the homeowners.




#6 - Tile Tub Surrounds and Glass Tile Mosaics

Most Requested Master Bath Features | Mosaic Tile Tub Surround

Ceramic or porcelien tiles can be found on master bath floors, around soaking tubs, and in showers, as well as around backsplashes

Glass mosaics can be used alone, or combined with more traditional ceramic or porcelein tile. View a custom home photo tour featuring a glass mosaic tile countertop.

Pictured to the right is a master bathroom with custom designed deep metallic glass mini-mosaic tile tub surround, contrasted against lighter, classic porcelein 12x12 tile squares.  

Most Requested Master Bath Features | Tile Tub Surround

Read more about custom glass mosaic tile master bathroom designs.

Be careful with tile tones - when considering future resale, stay away from deep dramatic colors like dark blues and reds. 

Try to incorporate some neutral tones - then fill your need for brightness with colorful accents that are easily changed.  



Top 10 Master Bath Trend #7 - Artistic Angles and Vaulted Ceilings

Most Requested Master Bath Features | Vaulted Master Bathroom 

More homeowners are requesting a vaulted master bathroom ceiling - and its no surprise to us.

A vaulted ceiling adds elegance, spaciousness, and creativity to any master bathroom.

The custom home pictured to the left - the Almodovar - features a vaulted ceiling, trendy light blue paint selections, and a barrel vault opening (no door) from the master bedroom.

Every Stanton Home comes with at least one Signature Vaulted or Specialty Ceiling that we create together with your ideas and our expertise.

Watch a photo tour of the Almodovar.


Top 10 Master Bath Trends #8 - Toilet Rooms

Most Requested Master Bath Features | Separate Toilet Room

While there are several convenient options for where to place the master bathroom toilet, many homeowners are opting for a separate "commode room." 

Toilet placement is one of those "love it or hate it" ideas.  The custom home pictured to the left - the Carwile - was re-designed to keep a separate commode room on the front-facing wall of the master bathroom.

Get claustrophobic?  Ask your builder to leave a "dividing wall" instead of a room, or remove the toilet room walls completely. 

Read about the top four most popular master bath floor plan options on where to place the toilet.


Master Bath Trends #9 - Universal DesignUniversal Design Homes | Universal Design Bathroom

(Grab Bars, Benches, Hand-Held Showers)

As the Aging-in-Place movement gains speed, more homes are seeing tasteful additions of universal design bathroom features such as grab bars, benches, and hand-held showers. 

Some grab bars can be fun  and decorative - adding personality to the room. Other bars can be camouflaged to blend in with existing towel racks and fixtures.

Most Requested Master Bathroom Features | Universal Design Bathroom


Talk to your plumbing showroom about the different universal design fixtures available. 

Built-in benches can be integrated into a master shower.

The custom home pictured to the left - the Kimberly - features a master shower with built-in tile bench with listello accent. Watch a photo tour of the Kimberly.

Hand-held shower faucets are a third popular universal design option. 




Top 10 Master Bath Trend #10 - Green Features

How to design a green master bathroom - some simple things that can make the master bath a greener place to be:

- Tankless (On Demand) Water Heater

A tankless or solar water heater provides hot water only when you need it - there is no tank full of water to require constant heating energy.

- Low Flow ToiletsGreen Bathroom Features | Dual Flush Toilets

Watersense and other programs have good recommendations for low flow toilets. 

Options include a dual flush toilet, with separate buttons depending on the amount of water needed. 

An example of a dual flush toilet is pictured to the right (the two separate buttons on on top of the toilet). Watch a photo tour to see other special features in this custom home.

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