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Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends | New Home Kitchen Design

Posted by Stanton Homes Design on Thu, Jun 06, 2013 @ 08:06 AM

Top Ten Kitchen Design Trends in New Homes

Kitchen trends in today's custom homes center on practical features that make everything easy and fun.

Take a look through these top ten design trends, for ideas you can use in your own new kitchen.


Kitchen Design Trend #10: Raised bars for seating

Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends | New Home Kitchen DesignWhen you don't want to deal with a meal at the table, a raised seating bar is the perfect solution.

Kitchens with raised eating/serving bars are designed to supplement alternative casual eating areas – in addition to more formal dining choices.

For example, in this home, the dining area is designed to be open and causal - alongside the kitchen bar.


Kitchen Design Trend #9: Special spaces that add flexibility

Secondary sinks can make cooking easy, all over the kitchen.

Top 10 kitchen trends

Whether you add one to the bar as a prep sink or over the stove as a pot filler, serious cooks love secondary sinks.  

Ask your builder what it would take to upgrade the kitchen with a small, extra sink - it's on a lot of today's kitchen wish-lists. 

But keep in mind the overall size and maneuverability of your kitchen, to determine usability.




Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends | New Home Kitchen Design

Kitchen Design Trend #8: Tile backsplashes

From glass mosaics to custom inlay designs, back splashes are a top design trend in new home kitchens.

Backsplashes are great for:

 - easy clean up

 - a splash of personality

 - a way to coordinate the room's decor

 - the artistic touch of a texture or pattern

Create some spark, with color!

Make your back splash a focal point of the room, or a backdrop that blends features. Grays can pick up other colors - giving more dimension to blues and greens. And metalics can draw the eye quickly.  

Kitchen Design Trend #7:  Granite or Quartz countertops

Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2013


Every granite countertop is unique, hand-picked by our homebuyers with the help of their personal interior design expert provided by Stanton Homes.

Granite countertops can be chosen to blend into or contrast with tile back splashes and kitchen cabinets.

Check out what granite counter tops cost and what they add. Click here to learn more about adding granite to a 2013 kitchen.


Kitchen Design Trend #6:  Built in Beverage Coolers and racks

Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends | New Home Kitchen Design

Specialty beverage centers that are cropping up in new homes include:

 - Wine racks

 - Wine refrigerators

 - Beer and soda refrigerators

Built-in beverage centers can be bold centerpieces of the kitchen, or discrete storage areas tucked around the corner in a butler's pantry or hallway.



Kitchen Design Trend #5:  Built-in StorageTop 10 Kitchen Design Trends | New Home Kitchen Design

Convenient storage solutions are cropping up all over new kitchens. 

Tucked-away spaces can be found under, over and inside every countertop in the room.

With just a small extension of the existing space, the ability to put things away underneath the serving bar, eating bar area, or island has become an important plus when considering storage centers. 


Kitchen Design Trend #4:  Oversized Islands

Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends | New Home Kitchen Design

Larger kitchens make way for oversized islands and that's an attractive alternative to other counter space. 

Oversized islands can be designed to fit your lifestyle and the amount of seating and storage you require, like these examples:


- Large seating area on one side, which can be raised or kept the same height


- Kitchen desk area

Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends | New Home Kitchen Design

- Separate range top and cooking center

- Preparation area with vegetable sink

Accents like display shelves, corbels, and "furniture" posts can be added.


3.  Built-in Banquettes

Top 5 Kitchen Design Trends | New Home Kitchen Design

A built-in seating area near the kitchen can maximize space and storage. 

Built-in seats are flush against the wall, and can be placed under windows to save space and allow for casual seating.

Banquettes can range in size, and storage can be built into the bench areas, like the setting in this photo.




2.  Contrasting Kitchen Cabinetry

Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends | New Home Kitchen Design

Multiple finishes and styles of cabinetry make your Kitchen stand out with contrasting features and colors.

The dramatic influence of opposing color schemes can add classic appeal to decorative range hoods, islands, and eating bar areas.

One of today's most common cabinetry combinations is white with espresso.

Read more about kitchen color trends that combine dark and light cabinets.


1.   Open Kitchens
Top 10 Kitchen Design Trends | New Home Kitchen Design

The integration of kitchens with family living space (also called "Great Rooms") is another growing trend in 2013 new homes.

As home spaces become more casual, big, open spaces offer tremendous flexibility and a feeling of open spaciousness.

An island or peninsula can help divide two spaces into distinct areas, while allowing for open traffic flow.



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