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Five Plant Shelf Ideas in Home Floor Plans

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Sep 30, 2015 @ 06:09 AM

5 Places to Tuck a Plant Shelf:

Plant shelves are a small touch that can add a lot of life to a home floor plan. What are the most common locations for adding plan shelf? 

  • Above the master suite entrance
  • In the foyer
  • Above the front door
  • Above the master shower
  • Above a wall bump-out

See five Raleigh custom homes with a plant shelf, below.

Photos of Plant Shelf Ideas in New Homes:

1. Above the Master Suite Entrance

Adding a small bump-out to this master suite created space for a plant shelf and two built-in art nooks (painted in contrasting light and dark grey colors to pop out). 

This photo is from a version of the Worthington II, a Raleigh custom home built by Stanton Homes. 

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2. In the Foyer

Staircases often lend themselves to creative use of space - here's an example of a plant shelf built into the turn of this angled foyer staircase. 

The floor space below is perfect for an angled bench or entryway table. This photo is from a version of the Horse Country Estate, a main floor master suite Raleigh custom home. 

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3. Above the Front Door

Barrel vault ceilings and plant shelves are the two most popular ways to decorate a two story foyer in Raleigh custom homes built by Stanton Homes. 

In this design/build home, a version of the Carwile, the foyer features a dormer style plant shelf, visible from the first floor entry and second story overlooks.   Adding an outlet near a plant shelf can increase holiday decorating possibilities too.



In this version of the Beaufort, a Frank Betz floor plan built by Stanton Homes, the two story foyer features both a barrel vault and a plant shelf above the front door. Dramatic entrances - as "interior curb appeal" - are a popular home design features in the Raleigh new home market. 

4. Above the Master Shower

The plant shelf in this design/build master bathroom incorporates a full-length plant shelf along the tub and shower. The ceiling vaults above, giving the plant shelf space for display. 

This photo is from a version of the Penelope, a Raleigh custom home. 

5. Above a Wall Bump-Out

Similar to master suite entrances, an accent area or wall bump out can serve a dual purpose as a decorative plant shelf. Here is an example of a plant shelf tucked into the vaulted ceiling of the breakfast room - located next to the kitchen and great room. 

How much does it cost to add a plant shelf?

When you're ready to get down to cost details on your new home, contact Stanton Homes. Tell us your home plan layout priorities - including details as small as a plant shelf - and we'll show you what it takes to build in the central region of North Carolina.

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