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Multi Generational and Dual Living House Plans

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Jul 11, 2016 @ 13:07 PM

House Plans with Two Master Bedrooms:

Multi Generational homes are in high demand on the Raleigh NC real estate market, as more families trend towards dual living.

Get answers to top questions about multi generational and dual living house plans, below.

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First of all, what is a dual living house plan?

Architects use several key terms to describe single family home plans designed to accommodate multi family living: in law suite plans, mother in law suite plans, two master plans, and dual living plans.

Each of these plan categories is designed to include private areas for independent living such as small kitchenettes, private bathrooms, multiple living areas or sitting rooms, and private entrances.

While it can be difficult to find a house plan with all the multi generational spaces  you want included, custom home builders can make the adjustments you need. Here's just one example of a Frank Betz floor plan we converted from a guest bedroom into a dual master home: 

Original floor plan for The Hopkins:


Modified floor plan with downstairs mother in law suite:

The in law bedroom, bathroom, and walk in closet are all larger in this version. The formal living room is converted into a home office. The kitchen island is larger in this version, making it easier to share the central space without bumping elbows. The MIL shower can be built as curbless, for long-term accessibility. Finally, the upstairs master bedroom makes each living area feel more separated, private quarters.




What's the difference between house plans with two master bedrooms versus a guest suite?

SIZE. Most often, a second master suite will include an en suite bathroom, larger bedroom, larger or walk in closet, and sometimes a private sitting room or alcove area.

A guest suite may or may not have a private bathroom - sometimes the suite shares a hallway bathroom called a "buddy bath" with two entrances (one from the bedroom and one from the hallway).

Here's some examples of these additional MIL spaces:



You'll want to consider keeping the in-law suite on the first floor, and master bedroom on the second floor, as in this version of the Maple Lane house plan. An upstairs master bedroom will put the parents up with the kids, which works well and gives the grandparents their own privacy.

A basement location for the in law suite is another great option, if your lot is well suited. Here's an example of a basement home with private Mother in Law kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom, and living room:


How do you know if you can build a basement home on your lot? Ask Stanton Homes for a lot assessment - many North Carolina home sites are not well suited for a basement home. Why not? We'll give you all the details specific to your lot, when we take a quick tour.

How are multi generational homes different than a duplex or multi-family housing?

Multi generational homes are typically single structures that include separate, yet connected, living spaces. Although the terms are similar, multi-family dwellings refer to buildings with separate housing units, such as an appartment complex. A duplex is a single building with separated homes that share a structural wall.

Here are some examples of homes with two master bedrooms - with photo tours:

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