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Top 6 Small Bathroom Layouts [For the Master Suite]

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, May 26, 2015 @ 19:05 PM


Bathroom Layouts for Small Spaces:

While en suite baths have grown in square footage over the years, many home buyers are still asking for floor plans with more compact, well-planned bathroom layouts.

Below are our top 6 small master bathroom layout ideas with photos from Stanton Homes in the Raleigh, NC area.

Here are some most popular custom homes with a small master bathroom (with photos below):

How to Design a Small Bathroom:

The best small bathroom designs center on using space efficiently. 

Some common bathroom design techniques include:

How to Design a Small Bathroom Idea #1: Eliminate the Tub

A long-standing debate over the master bathroom is whether to include a tub (especially for those who rarely use their current tub).

On one hand, buyers argue that a master bathroom tub is a must-have item. Therefore, if you plan to re-sell your home in the future, you may not want to choose this space-saving layout idea.

On the other hand, bathroom tubs are huge space-users. Eliminating the tub can reduce your bathroom size by a minimum of 24 sq ft (a standard tub deck is usually about 6x4 feet).

Eliminating the tub will also offer more flexibility in how you arrange your bathroom floor plan. Here is an example of a small master bathroom with no tub:

Small Bathroom Layouts | Small Bathroom Photos

See more examples of homes without a tub in the master bathroom, here.

Small Bathroom Idea #2: Single Vanity Location

"His and hers vanities" are a popular bathroom design request (home buyers often agree that two sinks in the master bathroom are essential).

A single, long vanity with two sinks -- rather than separated vanities -- can save you space, depending on the overall layout of your bath.

Here is an example:

Small Bathroom Layouts | Small Bathroom Photos

While the center vanity drawers are shared, each sink has lower cabinets that offer plenty of personal storage space. The single wall layout makes this master bathroom more efficient. See a floor plan for this home - a version of The Sutherland - here.

View photos of 12 more his and hers vanity layouts in Raleigh custom homes, here.

Small Bathroom Idea #3: Vaulted Ceilings

A ceiling vault can open up a small room, making it feel larger and more open. Here is an example of a small master bathroom with vaulted ceiling.

Overall, this master bathroom has just enough space to tuck in a his and hers vanity along one wall, with a tub and corner shower on the opposite side.

Small Bathroom Layouts | Small Bathroom Photos

Small Bathroom Idea #4: Bath Windows

Natural light can make a big difference in a small bathroom.

If your bathroom is too small to incorporate large picture windows, consider adding a row of smaller windows. 

Here is an example where windows located higher up -- designed to maintain privacy and eliminate the need for obscuring curtains.

Small Bathroom Layouts | Small Bathroom Photos

Another technique to add natural light -- and obscure outside visibility -- is the use of glass block windows with textured glass. Here is an example:

Small Bathroom Layouts | Small Bathroom Photos

Small Bathroom Idea #5: Built-In Storage

Built-in shelving will add storage space to a smaller bathroom, without taking up floor space. Here is an example of open concept shelving. Doorless storage makes the room feel larger, and avoids the need for door swing space.

Small Bathroom Layouts | Small Bathroom Photos


Small Bathroom Idea #6: Compact Hallways

There is no tub -- or open space -- in this compact master bathroom. The shower is tucked beside one of the vanities, with a short hallway leading to the closet.

Small Bathroom Layouts | Small Bathroom Photos


How to Design a Small Bathroom:

What master bath features matter most to you and your family? Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll show you how to built it - with recommendations for floor plan features and selections that fit your budget.

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