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2017 Kitchen Design Trends: Black Stainless Steel, Charcoal, Bronze

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Mar 07, 2017 @ 05:03 AM

How to Mix and Match Stainless Steel, Charcoal, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Gray Paint

I'm considering the new black stainless steel appliances for my new home.  But I also like oil bronzed light fixtures. Can I get away with mixing these two?   And will a charcoal cabinet finish look good with the appliances and the light fixtures?  I'm also leaning towards BM Revere Pewter or SW Amazing Gray for the wall paint color.   What do you think?

New Home Interior Design Trends: Stainless steel, charcoal, oil rubbed bronze, and gray

The black stainless steel appliances can definitely mix with Oil rubbed bronze light fixtures!  Charcoal cabinets also mix, however all of these items are very dark so there are some other elements you will want to consider.


(This Stanton Homes kitchen is similar to your description, with a black stainless steel range hood, charcoal cabinets, oil rubbed bronze faucets, and gray paint)

Kitchen Design Tips: How Much Light is in Your Kitchen?

First of all, consider the amount of light you have in the room.

If you stay with this combination, then definitely go for one of the lighter or white granites such as 'Absolute White', 'Thunder White', 'Ashen White', 'White Galaxy', 'Colonial White', etc. (These are granite color names, so ask for them at your local vendor).

The island granite in this photo is called "Thunder White":

2017 Kitchen Design Trends | How to Mix Oil Rubbed Bronze and Black Stainless Steel

Second, I would also suggest a white tile back splash and also under cabinet lights--all of these elements will help to balance the charcoal cabinets and black stainless steel.

See what a different additional lighting can make in this large, open concept kitchen? This kitchen includes:

  • Recessed can lights in the ceiling
  • Under cabinet task lighting
  • Over cabinet lighting (in the barrel vault above the cooktop range)
  • Pendant lighting above the island
  • Natural lighting coming from the wall of windows in the open great room

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware: How Mix and Match Bronze with Charcoal

If you use bronze in the decorative lights over an island, then consider a cabinet hardware selection to match.

Going with bronze on the charcoal cabinet, although very dark, could look good if your charcoal isn't almost black and if you do choose one of the oil rubbed bronze finishes that is very dark.

The point is to create a contrast or it wont really be your best option. 

This kitchen also features oil rubbed bronze cabinet hardware, against the light charcoal / gray cabinets. A stained wood barrel vault ceiling helps pull out the warmer tones in the tile backsplash and granite counter top for a more balanced contrast in the room overall. 

2017 Kitchen Design Trends | How to Mix Oil Rubbed Bronze and Black Stainless Steel

On the other hand, some oil rubbed bronze finishes for lighting have a sort of copper looking color on the edges. With a finish like that for the lights, then I would consider a (contrasting) dark copper color for the cabinet hardware. 

Matte Black or Matte Gold Kitchen Lighting Fixtures

A third choice which is probably the most current, would be changing to matte black or matte GOLD light fixtures with white glass. In that case you could choose matte gold cabinet hardware.

Matte gold on a charcoal cabinet is very rich looking and gives some warmth to the combination of charcoal and black stainless steel (the same way the stained wood creates warmth in the kitchen above). This would create more of an upscale look. 

For a modern look go with all white glass light fixtures over the island and polished chrome cabinet hardware.

Here's an example of all white glass light fixtures over the island:

2017 Kitchen Design Trends | How to Mix Oil Rubbed Bronze and Black Stainless Steel

Copper Kitchen Fixtures

(We are still seeing the continuation of copper -- just touches of it -- as a companion metal finish to every other finish out there so you're free to throw it in wherever you like.)


2017 Kitchen Design Trends | How to Mix Oil Rubbed Bronze and Black Stainless Steel

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- Andrea Enns, Interior Design Expert, designing Raleigh custom homes with Stanton Homes


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