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How to Design and Build an Old World Custom Mantle | Raleigh Custom Builders

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, May 24, 2016 @ 09:05 AM

Written by Phil Travars | Builder BrothersWood Fireplace Mantel Ideas | Raleigh Custom Home Builder


How to Design and Build a Custom Wood Mantel:

The design for this wood mantle evolved over the course of several weeks.

The homeowner had brought several pictures to us. Each mantle photo showed a very different style - each contained different aspects from Arts and Crafts and Old World styling, representing different time periods.

We ended up choosing features from each design, and formed them into a hybrid.


The four windows above the fireplace did not exist in the original floor plan. We added the windows and created a dormer, which brings detail to the rear of the home where you don't typically see detail work.

What other special features were added to this home plan? Learn more with photos, below.


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Great Room Feature Wall

The fireplace is the centerpiece of the great room "feature wall," visible as you walk in the front door.  

Lines of sight are always important to keep in mind. You want to place walls in such a way to give a glimpse of special features from nearby rooms (like the right side of this fireplace), without giving away the full effect. 

Wood Fireplace Mantel Ideas | Raleigh Custom Home Builder

The stairs and overlook use square Aalto Collection contemporary balusters, complimented with square knoll posts.

Open Concept Great Room and Kitchen

We also had a lot of conversations about how to integrate the round, diner style island and raised bar, in a way that could complement the strong fireplace.

Wood Fireplace Mantel Ideas | Raleigh Custom Home Builder


The legs on the mantle are smooth cedar and stained to match the site finished hardwoods. The tiles form a 4x4 mini mosaic.

The mantle itself is at 54" (the most natural height when the fireplace sits on the floor according to our expert interior designer). The wood stain is called Minwax English Chestnut.

The angled legs draw your eyes up to the mantle (and help emphsize the two story height walls). That angle was then mimicked with round drywall corners that leads up to the cap that is completed with crown molding and a lid. 

Another professional home design tip is to integrate certain features and aspects in multiple areas of your home. For instance, the tapered columns on the front porch match the craftsman style of the mantle. While the mantel is stained wood, the columns are painted cedar.

Similar columns styles give eye-pleasing symmetry to the home.


Wood Fireplace Mantel Ideas | Raleigh Custom Home Builder

Here are some examples of other custom wood fireplace mantels:


Builder Brothers | Raleigh Custom Home BuilderAbout Phil: 

Phil builds uniquely crafted custom homes in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. He builds relationships with clients the same way he builds their homes - with dedicated attention to detail. Phil has been a trailblazer with Stanton Homes since 2006. In his free time, Phil enjoys running, kayaking, and anything outdoors.

About the Builder Brothers: 

Builder Brothers Phil and Andrew are just one part of the team at Stanton Homes, which surrounds you with expertise while building stunning custom homes. A little friendly competition is reflected in the details of the extraordinary homes they create. They're all-around nice guys with a lot of smarts, really great ideas, and rare integrity. You'll learn a lot about how to build beautiful homes from the Builder Brothers. 




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Custom Home Design Trends | Color Accent Walls

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Oct 01, 2012 @ 08:10 AM

Custom Home Design Trends

Accent Walls - Adding Color and Texture

Accent walls are adding a huge "wow" factor to custom homes in North Carolina. Successfully adding an accent wall can be tricky business - so read on to learn how to add color and texture to your home without running into design blunders.

Browse the photos of NC custom designs below, and see how homeowners are creating spaces uniquely theirs - with a splash of color and texture. 


Custom Home Design Trends | Accent Walls - Adding Color and Texture


NC custom home buyers often ask "How can I add an accent wall, without it appearing random or tacky?"

 The key to adding any accent color is to maintain a consistent flow throughout the entire home. 

 Take this custom home for example, a version of the Gershwin built near Raleigh, NC. 






The homeowners loved the color blue, and wanted to include it in the family room.

Instead of adding blue to just an accent wall in one room, they created a theme throughout their home with a blue powder room and master bedroom.




 By applying blue to three separate rooms throughout this custom new home, the living room accent was given purpose - and thus a more aesthetically appealing tone.






Custom Home Design Trends | Accent Walls - Adding Color and Texture

Pictured here is a version of the Worthington, a custom home built in the Triangle area of North Carolina.

In this custom home, an accent wall made of brick was added as a one-of-a-kind designer detail.

Each of the colors tones present in this wall - red, brown, tan, grey - were incorporated into other rooms.



Custom Home Design Trends | Accent Walls - Adding Color and Texture


For example, the great room includes a brown and tan fireplace surround - making a connection to the foyer wall.






Accent walls can add dimension to your home - but they can also look out of place.

The key to incorporating an accent wall is: find ways to incorporate the same colors, textures, or tones in other rooms throughout the home. Give the wall purpose. And use the wall tell your family and guests where they should be looking!

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