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How much does a detached garage cost? | Detached garage home plans

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Jul 02, 2012 @ 14:07 PM

Cost Factors for a Detached Garage

Detached garage design ideas

The type of garage you choose is an important factor in your entire home's design. Garage style can determine the entire look and feel of your home's exterior. Garage size can also affect possibilities of floor plan layouts.

Common types of garages in Raleigh, NC new homes are:

How much does a detached garage cost? | Detached garage home plans

 - Front entry

 - Courtyard (the home and garage make an "L" shape)

 - Side entry (many North Carolina neighborhoods with an HOA will require side-entry garages)

 - Detached (detached garages can come in any shape and size - and are not limited by the layout of a floor plan)

Learn more about detached garages and their cost, below.

What factors determine the cost of a detached garage?

 - Square footage and size of building footprint

 - Number of stories

How much does a detached garage cost? | Detached garage home plans - Access to the garage - Walkway? Covered porch?  Covered and enclosed breezeway? 

- Concrete work - is additional driveway length required?  Is there driveway both to the main home and the detached garage?

 - What rooms are on the inside? Workshop station, bonus room above, secondary bathroom, etc.

 - What finishes and features are on the inside? Hardwood flooring, tile, type of trim, etc.

 - What exterior siding is used? (Brick will cost more than fiber cement, and stone will cost more than brick)

Detached and semi-detached garages are more expensive per square foot than their traditional counterparts.  A traditional garage shares walls with the home, does not require siding on all four sides, and does not require additional lot preparation.

Why Choose to Build a Detached Garage?

When there's a little more room in the budget, detached garages can be great places to spread out, with workshops, motorcycle/boat/RV storage, and entertainment options like pool houses or extra recreation rooms. 

A detached garage can also have a mother in law suite apartment built above it for extra living area, depending on the zoning of your lot. How much does a detached garage cost? | Detached garage home plans

For example, the custom home featured in this article includes a detached garage with:

 - 654 heated sq ft

 - Second story game room

 - First story bath with shower (intended for future pool use)

 - Two entrances from the backyard - one single and one double French door entry

 - Location for future second story deck

Stanton Homes can provide a complete cost estimate for your new custom home with detached garage.  If you don't already have a floor plan in mind, we'll help you find the right one, or even design/build just for you. 

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