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Kitchen Island or Kitchen Peninsula? - Wake County New Home Kitchen Ideas

Posted by Stanton Homes on Mon, Jun 17, 2019 @ 09:06 AM

Photos and Custom Home Tips: Kitchen Islands and Kitchen Peninsulas 

Kitchen Island or Kitchen Peninsula? Choose the style that fits your lifestyle - custom home builders can shape it your way

10 ways to design your Kitchen Island versus Kitchen Peninsula - more ideas for your custom home. Built by Stanton Homes in North Carolina. 

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#1 Peninsula Kitchen idea: Freedom of Access  

Kitchen peninsula Judson

This Peninsula Kitchen allows for wide open space to allow freedom of movement, accessibility, aging in place and lots of cooks in the Kitchen!

#2 Peninsula Kitchen Idea: Eating Bar

Kitchen peninsula Kelley

This Peninsula Kitchen has a convenient Raised Eating Bar with space underneath to tuck bar stools.

#3 Peninsula Kitchen Idea: Wrap Around

Peninsula Kitchen - Penelope


This Peninsula Kitchen provides a wrap around opportunity to spread out in every direction - with a high top seating bar looking over the countertops. 

#4 Peninsula Kitchen Idea: Boosting the Breakfast Nook

Kitchen peninsula Oak Lane

This Peninsula Kitchen provides a lengthy raised bar designed for seating adjacent to the Breakfast Nook.

#5 Peninsula Kitchen Idea - Minimalist 

Kitchen peninsula Bostwick

This Peninsula Kitchen is designed to provide more open space for everything happening in the rest of the home. Great Farmhouse sink, too!

Your Kitchen design should take into account your activities, based on the work triangle between the sink, cook top, and refrigerator.  

Kitchen Island DesignKitchen Peninsula Design


Here are 5 Kitchen Island perspectives: 

#1 Kitchen Island Idea - Fun and Practical

Kitchen Island New River 2-1

This Island Kitchen is designed to have all the cleanup in its own space - with ample countertop for stacking and sorting.

#2 Kitchen Idea - Chef's Kitchen

Kitchen island Statesman

This Island Kitchen is designed to be whatever you need, in this gourmet Chef's Kitchen with massive possibilities.

#3 Kitchen Island - With Tuck-under Seating

Kitchen Island Remington 2

This Island Kitchen is designed for tuck-under seating, so chairs can be out of the way when not in use. Stained wood provides a formal effect.

#4 Kitchen Island - Casual Country

Kitchen Island Mccoy

This Island Kitchen is the center of attention, with a striking natural wood, furniture look, and eating bar with its own special space. 

#5 Kitchen Island - Dual Purpose

Kitchen Island Rossi-1

This Island Kitchen doubles as an eating bar and buffet bar, with lots of surface for snacks on the ledge, within easy reach of the Great Room.

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12 Trending Big Kitchen Islands for 2019

Posted by Stanton Homes on Sun, Dec 09, 2018 @ 09:12 AM

Photos of 12 Big Kitchen Islands Trending for 2019

Big Kitchen Islands are the #1 Request for Custom Homes in NC

Here are 12 Big Kitchen Islands trending for 2019, designed and built in custom homes in North Carolina by Stanton Homes.

Gathering around a Kitchen Island is the most popular place for friends and family to hang out at home - see why, in these 12 photos of custom home islands in the kitchen.

Click on photos to see more pictures.

#1 Big Kitchen Island - Center sink, central storage

This Big Kitchen Island is framed with walnut cabinetry with a beautiful furniture finish, with easy access to storage from the Kitchen and Great Room. 

The Kitchen Island sink with adjacent dishwasher access allows for easy interactions while taking care of tasks.


#2 Big Kitchen Island - Sous Chef

This Chef's Kitchen is designed for entertainment, with a Big Kitchen Island as the centerpiece. The stained furniture-style cabinetry allows for spacious storage under the Kitchen Island.

A veggie sink tucked into the corner provides convenience, backed by lots of space to spread out. A microwave is set under the Kitchen Island countertop. 


#3 Big Kitchen Island - Bold Personality

This stunning granite countertop with gold and brown veins draws even more attention to this Big Kitchen Island. When you work with a custom home builder in NC, you can set your veggie sink wherever you want it - like this corner spot.

Tuck bar stools under the countertop, away from traffic flow. 


#4 Big Kitchen Island - with a Little Kitchen Island 

This estate home's Chef's Kitchen has a Big Kitchen Island - with a sink, dual level bar with seating and cabinetry, and a Little Kitchen Island, with a microwave tucked underneath. 

The two Kitchen Islands are integral to the efficient Kitchen layout in the photo above, which was custom designed to be both aesthetic and functional. 


#5 Big Kitchen Island - Ultimate Open Space

This custom designed Kitchen takes open space seriously, with a Big Kitchen Island artistically angled for more flow-through. Maple hardwood flooring and maple finish wood cabinetry set a light tone, topped by dark granite with light marbling. 

Bar style seating at the back, cabinetry storage shelving on the front, and a full size sink set across from the microwave complete the layout.


#6 Big Kitchen Island - Old World Influence

This Big Kitchen Island designed with rich elegance including ornate legs and a custom shaped quartz countertop compliments this luxury Kitchen with its furniture finished premium cabinetry of wood and glass, stacked stone walls, mosaic tile over the range, beams overhead, and a color and texture blend throughout that makes this Kitchen Island stand out even more.

A seating bar and full size sink top the deep storage cabinets accessed from the front.


#7 Big Kitchen Island - Stretch Limo

A Big Kitchen Island can be tucked into a narrow kitchen by extending the length and tightening the width, for a practical result filled with purpose. This f10' long countertop is unencumbered with sinks or appliances, making it a very usable surface.

A short peninsula and built in shelving at the edges of the Kitchen add even more storage. The light color tones chosen from tile backsplash to countertop and cabinetry are set against a walnut stained floor.


#8 Big Kitchen Island - Classic Provincial

The formal intent of this Estate Home Kitchen is evident from the furniture-style pantry to the wood-look tile floor and the Big Kitchen Island. The blend of dark and light add classic appeal, from the listello accents in the tile backsplash to the stain and quartz choices.

Veggie sink at the end across from the full sink, stove and wall ovens gives triangular work space. Cabinetry all around provides a combination of drawers and cupboards.


#9 Big Kitchen Island - Open Floor Plan

This classic black and white Kitchen has a Big Kitchen Island as the centerpiece, with a wide open surface that sets the tone of the open floor plan. A seating bar at the back provides even more flexibility for this effective approach to big gatherings.

The white tile backsplash continues the theme of simplicity, with traditional premium cabinetry placements that can blend with any architectural decor choice.


#10 Big Kitchen Island - Strikingly Beautiful


This Big Kitchen Island provides a huge surface to gather around for work and play. With the biggest granite top possible without a seam and tuck-under seating at the back the only thing better than its size is its beautiful black and white marbling.

This Kitchen is filled with light, from can lights overhead to under the cabinet lighting, a big window over the sink, and a wall of windows to the side. 

Ask about availability to move in now to this gorgeous new home, the Glenview, in Pittsboro, NC. See below for more information.


#11 Big Kitchen Island - Grand Lodge


This Big Kitchen Island looks like a movie set, with extravagant details throughout. Designed to be a focal point in this stunning estate home, it vies with one-of-a-kind features throughout the custom home. Wood beams overhead in the Kitchen provide stark contrast to the white coffered ceiling beyond. 

The custom cut curved quartz countertop is embraced by carved wood footings and space for everyone to gather. Tile flooring replicating a wood grained effect ties multiple rooms together.


#12 Big Kitchen Island - Massive Matrix


This Big Kitchen Island is designed to be the most important piece of furniture in the room. With the biggest quartz surface possible, a veggie sink next to the microwave tucked under the countertop, and lots of storage, this Big Kitchen Island makes a bold statement for practicality.

Note the blend of light and dark premium cabinetry, and the generous big drawers for easy access to everything. This Big Kitchen Island is the center of attention in a wide open floor plan with beautiful features in every direction, across wood-look tile.


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