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6 Ways to Build with Brick | Brick Homes Raleigh

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Apr 29, 2014 @ 08:04 AM

6 Ways to Build with Brick 

Brick Homes in Raleigh

Here are six ways to pull a little - or a lot - of brick into your Raleigh new home design. From exterior siding to interior accents, you'll love these creative brick building ideas. 

1. Full Brick Homes

Full brick home exteriors are a popular choice in North Carolina. Brick exteriors are durable and low maintenance - especially when compared to other popular materials such as fiber cement, which require repainting at least every five years or so. 

Full Brick Homes | Brick Home Builders

There can be a huge visual difference between two brick homes of the same shape and square footage, due to the design, shape, color, size, and style of brick used.

See photo galleries of a few of our most requested full brick home plans: 

The Cove - Four bedroom all brick home

The Maple Lane - Two story all brick home

The Summerlyn - Basement all brick home

The Cannon - Victorian style all brick home

The Scottsdale - Wheelchair accessible all brick home

The Sutherland - One story all brick home

Click here for full brick home communities near Raleigh, North Carolina

2. Brick Homes with Stone Accents

Blending a mixture of different siding materials on an exterior can make your home more dynamic and visually appealing. 

Full Brick Homes | Brick Home Builders

This home is all brick, with a few stone accent walls blended in. The stone offers a different texture, pattern, and hue than the brick. 

3. Homes with Brick Accents

Mixing siding materials can be especially effective when your home has a long front or several height transitions, such as in this version of the Dugan:

Full Brick Homes | Brick Home Builders

Here, brick acts serves an accent - rather than sole focus - of the exterior. 

4. Brick Interior Wall

Brick walls can create a major a focal point for the interior of your home.

In this custom home, a rustic brick wall was integrated to create a sharp contrast against a modern interior motif. The red brick stands out against the grey walls and metalic fixtures.

Full Brick Homes | Brick Home Builders 

There are clear lines of sight from the great room and formal dining room to the brick wall foyer. Subtle earthy tones in the brick and floors pull all the rooms together. 

5. Brick Kitchen Backsplash

Whether you want to use real brick or a brick lay tile pattern, kitchen backsplashes - and accent walls - are a popular place to integrate brick in 2014 new homes.

In this home, a version of The Lake House, a brick lay backsplash, metalic centerpiece range and sink accents, and rustic cabinets pepper the kitchen. 

Full Brick Homes | Brick Home Builders

Here, in a version of The Treehouse, contemporary black tiles create a brick lay patter backsplash:

Full Brick Homes | Brick Home Builders

6. Brick Lay Tile

Want a way to pull the brick lay design into multiple rooms?

Full Brick Homes | Brick Home Builders

Consider adding a brick lay tile tub surround in your master bath. 

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