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9 Drop Zone Photos and Dimensions | NC New Home Builder

Posted by Stanton Homes on Mon, Oct 29, 2018 @ 10:10 AM

Mudroom Drop Zone Ideas

NC Custom Homes with built in Drop Zones 

What's a Drop Zone?

A drop off spot for coats, shoes, kids stuff and anything else you want to find quickly.

Get ideas from these nine mudroom drop zones built by Stanton Homes. (Click photos to see more.)

Mudroom Drop Zone Idea #1: Family Storage Center



This drop zone has upper and lower cubbies, coat hooks with letter inlays that spell "family"), and dual closets. 

Wainscoting adds formality to this traditional laundry room design, complete with a custom drop zone.

The size of this drop zone is 366x244.


Mudroom Drop Zone Idea #2: Multi-Use Cubby System

An open archway leads from the breakfast room and kitchen to this tucked-in mudroom space.

While many mudrooms are built into the laundry room, this drop zone was integrated in a stand-alone storage space.

Upper cubbies are perfect for hats, gloves, purses and light weight items to grab on the way out. Lower cubbies double as a bench seat.

The size of this drop zone is 366x562.


Mudroom Drop Zone Idea #3: Tucked in small spaces



This drop zone fits into a space that would otherwise be unusable.

But it still has big, bold cubbies and a place to sit or stack things.

The size of this drop zone is 366x549.


Mudroom Drop Zone Idea #4: Closable Bins

This drop zone provides storage space you can close off, with the clean appeal of hinged cover bins.

Closable cubbies like these are especially popular for kids toys.

Coat hooks add even more practicality. 

The size of this drop zone is 366x244.


Mudroom Drop Zone Idea #5: Full Wall of Storage

This mudroom, tucked between the garage and kitchen, has a place for everything, with the drop zone as its focal point.

The full wall of custom built in shelving offers open concept storage. 

Hooks in the center section are great for coats, purses and keys.  

The drop zone's location right across from a sink and cabinets makes this space even more usable.

The size of this drop zone is 366x249.


Mudroom Drop Zone Idea #6: Light it up


This drop zone comes with cubbieshooksbench - and a window.

The size of this drop zone is 366x557.


Mudroom Drop Zone Idea #7: Adjacent to the laundry room

This drop zone is packed full of cubbies, so it's easy to see, store and grab on the go.

Designed for traffic flow, it's location right outside the laundry room makes it easy to access.

Cubbies are sized perfectly for colorful buckets or baskets.  

The size of this drop zone is 366x256.


Mudroom Drop Zone Idea #8: More Shoe Space

This drop zone doubles up shoe space, with dual layer cubbies designed for footwear. 

Hooks can be placed by your custom home builder to add more hanging space, too.

Open storage at the top can double up as a place to put things out of reach of little ones.

The size of this drop zone is 366x552.


Mudroom Drop Zone Idea #9: Keep it simple

This drop zone says "mud room" with focus on transitioning from wet to warm. Hooks for coats and sweaters. Cubbies for boots and shoes. A small ledge at the top can hold keys.

The laundry sink across the way cleans everything up.

The size of this drop zone is 366x244.


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