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How to Design Your Closet - Master Suite Closet Photos

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Jun 27, 2011 @ 13:06 PM

Custom Home Master Suite Closet Designs

Storage Centers, Built-in Shelving

Need ideas on how to customize your Master Suite Closet? The options are endless, so here are some examples of recent homes to get you started.

Special features included in these Master Bedroom Closets include: wrap around shelving, wrap around rods, built-ins, shoe racks, island cabinetry (built for wheelchair accessibility), hardwood flooring, and natural light.

Check out the Master Closet designs in these Raleigh New Homes:


Master Suite Closet Storage Design

A splash of color, open floor space, and bright natural light make this closet feel more like a room than a closet.

An entire wall of built-in shelves on the right complements the rows of hanging rods on the left.

A storage or sitting bench could be placed under the window.  


Custom Home Closets | Master Bedroom Closet | Storage Space Ideas


This Master Closet features full wrap-around storage space and built-in options

Wood flooring gives this space a more elegant look and feel.

Plenty of overhead lighting keep the room bright and easy to navigate.



 Master Bedroom Closet Storage Ideas

Line your built-ins with cute baskets, storage containers, or pieces of art.

With so many built-in shelves in this Master Closet, you can afford to get creative with your space!



Accessible Home Master Closet

Located within a Fully Accessible Home, this Walk in Closet includes wrap around wood Shelving and Center Island Cabinetry.

The Center Island is designed to be navigated by a wheelchair, and serves as storage space, a folding table, and a staging area for laundry.

This Accessible Master Closet also features natural light, built-ins, hanging rods, and hardwood flooring.

If you're considering a new home in the Raleigh area, ask your custom home builder to help you design your new Master Closet with ideas like these!


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Top 5 Closet Ideas | Walk In Closet Space Designed Just for You

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Nov 08, 2010 @ 06:11 AM

Top 5 Closet Ideas - Closet Shelving Pictures

Get the most out of your closet storage

Design the kind of closet that works best for your stuff

Raleigh custom home builders are spending more time on the kinds of closets you need most. Here’s how to figure it all out – and make the most of your closet space – with some great ideas for designing your storage areas.

It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t have to cost a lot. In fact, a well organized closet starts with making the most of every inch – with carefully placed shelves and multiple height rods.

Closet Ideas | Closet Pictures | Raleigh Custom Home BuildersCloset Idea #1:  Contrasting Colors

Whether you opt for ventilated wire shelving or custom built and painted wood shelving, you can keep things in order – and make it fun – with contrasting colors.






Closet Ideas | Closet Pictures | Raleigh Custom Home BuildersCloset Idea #2 - Shelving Designed for Baskets and Bins

When more space is available, Raleigh custom home builders can tuck a full "built in bookcase.”

Instead of packing in a bunch of little shelves, the builders are inserting spacious shelves that can be further divided with baskets or labeled bins that can hold folded clothes, socks, or even toys.


Closet Idea #3 - Custom Built Cabinetry

Closet Ideas | Closet Pictures | Raleigh Custom Home BuildersRaleigh custom home builders can also install custom built drawers and cabinetry, if your closet is one of the top priorities in your budget.  

If you spot a closet treatment you like, bring pictures – your builder will let you know what it will cost to make something similar.




Closet Idea #4 - Add Natural Light 

Closet Ideas | Closet Pictures | Raleigh Custom Home BuildersWant to let in some light? Consider a new home design that includes windows in its closets.

Your Raleigh custom home builder can build shelving and hanging rods all around the window – so you can really see what you’re looking for.

They can even add a built in bench or seating area.



Closet Idea #5 - Include a Built In Shoe Rack 

Closet Ideas | Closet Pictures | Raleigh Custom Home BuildersSpecial shelving can be put in place that holds your entire shoe collection – at a slight angle, so you can see them easily.

If you need even more space, consider "His and Hers" closets.

These are either two individual closets, or huge closets are  divided in the center, with wrap around shelving and multi-height hanging rods. 

Ask your Raleigh custom home builder what they can do for you!  

Some builders can even customize your closet space further by changing the layout and the wall structure, to incorporate the kind of storage you have in mind.

Plan ahead – and you’ll have all the space you need.

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