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Top Color Trends for 2017 - Options Other than Grey

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Jan 03, 2017 @ 13:01 PM

Interior Design and Paint Color Trends for 2017, from Designer Andrea Enns:

  • The best colors for selling a home - and tips for why color trends are different for selling than buying
  • Specific color names and codes to help you find her recommended paint colors!
  • Alternatives to GRAY (with names for blues, purples, greens, and colors that fit styles from Caribbean and Mediterranean to Coastal and Mid-Century)
  • How Millennials will continue to impact color trends


Color Trends 2017:

"When asked about color trends for 2017, I thought I knew the answer pretty well off the top of my head seeing as I love design and work in the field.  To me though, if you want to follow a color trend for your home, I will usually ask you if you are planning to stay in your home or not. This is because color trends will differ if you are staying or if you are selling. 

If you are selling you always hear the term “neutralizing “ however do not get too carried away with that. According to national realtor surveys, you will actually receive LESS for your home if you decide the way to go is to paint everything white or off white. Apparently that seems to be so darn “blah” that your home becomes forgettable and is also considered boring. So people don’t choose it first.

In the final analysis from 2016, people who painted their walls in light tones of gray such as dove gray, agreeable gray, repose gray, worldly gray, light French gray, sold their homes for higher.


However oddly, those who painted a dark slate gray specifically in their dining rooms, received less for their homes than those who left the dining room in light gray.

Perhaps the deeper color made the dining rooms appear smaller and that is one room in which most home buyers seem to show concern because if nothing else, they MUST get that china hutch in there and have room for adding the two leaves to extend the dining table.

Is Gray Still the Most - or Only - Popular Paint Color for 2017?

Now if you are staying in your home, that is a completely different story and the 2017 color trends seem to have a “something for everyone “ approach meaning FINALLY, that if you are NOT a  “gray person” then there are definitely some other color options for you.


However, Benjamin Moore’s top color for 2017 is 2117-30 SHADOW - and yes, it’s still a shade of gray - it’s a deep blue/purple gray that surprisingly looks good with most wood tones, interior stone, grays and browns and also bright accents! If you only want to get a conversation out of it then use it in your powder room.

If you want to make a statement then use it in your vaulted foyer and have fun with how rich it looks against deep espresso or light blonde hardwoods and both bright and muted artwork.

Are Dark Blue Paint Colors Popular in 2017? What About Gold and Copper in the Kitchen?

Sherwin Williams colors for those who like to put together a darker, cozier color scheme include Nordic Blues like SW 9179 Anchors Aweigh, SW 7605 Gale Force,  or SW 7623 Cascades.


The warm neutral with either of those would be SW 6039 Polished Taupe (if you don’t want gray and you don’t want tan then here’s your color) however you could also use SW 9170 Acier WHICH IS A GRAY—but it has so much brown in it that you gray haters just might like it! 

Whereas the cool toned neutral to use with the Nordic Blues color palette would be SW 6526 Icelandic or the even breezier SW 6224 Mountain Air.  The Anchors Aweigh is a beautiful very dark navy. If that’s too much for you for your walls, it is strongly suggested that you try it on cabinets such as your kitchen island. Looks fabulous with matte gold or copper for hardware and/or island lights above.

For those who like the clean lines, and mid-century style furniture and light fixtures, then your accent colors would be SW 6990 Caviar mixed with bright white, and further accented by some amazing pops of color such as SW 6839 Kimono Violet or SW 6816 Dahlia or SW 6621 Emotional (this is a great coral shade if you’re looking for one) or SW 6915 Citronella or SW 7598 Sierra Redwood. A good background neutral for this palette is tried and true SW 6071 Popular Gray.


As promised 2017 has a “something for everyone” approach to color but so far every color palette mentioned has still contained gray.  Looking towards the more global color palette, we have eliminated gray because we truly can’t find one that will compliment these spicier more Caribbean and Mediterranean  colors of SW 6774 Freshwater, SW 6008 Rave Red, SW 6419 Saguaro, SW 6790 Adriatic Sea, or SW 6606 Coral Reef.


Instead the neutrals best suited for these colors are definitely warm tones such as SW 9101 Tres Naturale or SW 9113 Mudslide.

Where do Green Paint Colors Fit in?

Finally, I have to mention various shades of green and in particular, a very deep black-emerald shade of green. Calming and invigorating greens for main or accent colors are in right now and they have worked well with shades of gray. As mentioned, there is SW 6419 Saguaro, there is also SW 7623 Cascades that borders into green but has a lot of blue and gray in it, there are warmer, cozy greens such as SW 7734 Olive Grove, and historical greens by Benjamin Moore such as Antique Jade or Nantucket Gray. However there is a darker emerald green that is coming back.

It is already noticeable in the background of current design photos of what is already popular which means it’s on the way. Another tried and true way to find the next most popular accent color is to follow around a millennial. If you have a millennial in your midst then do pay attention to them. They are the consumers of tomorrow and they are the ones whose tastes will influence the Color Association of America who will forecast what color cars and appliances and furniture you will want to purchase several YEARS before you see them. Their reputation has been proven valid for decades. Several years ago my millennial told me dark navy was the color and here we are still talking about it, still seeking it, and still loving it.  Now my millennial says deep black-emerald green. We will certainly be on the lookout for it. Happy 2017!"

- Andrea Enns, Interior Design Expert

New Home Design Trend Questions:


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