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Top 10 Craftsman Features | NC Craftsman Home Ideas

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Jul 31, 2013 @ 06:07 AM

NC Craftsman Homes - Top 10 Design Features

Arts and Crafts Design

Techniques for building a Craftsman home – also sometimes called Arts and Crafts homes – center on originality, craftsmanship, simplicity, and natural materials. 

Craftsman homes were originally designed to contrast sharply with Victorian era homes—with architecture that could evoke feelings of permanence, time-honored traditions, and old-world workmanship.

Today's Craftsman style homes adhere to this history, with distinctive features that still stand out among other architectural designs.

Here are ten Craftsman touches to consider for your new home.

Craftsman Homes | Arts and Crafts Design

1. Simple lines and clean transitions. Traditional Craftsman style homes focus on straight, clean lines with clear transitions between elements.

Integrate this Craftsman feature into your home: A good example of the use of simple lines can be seen in a Craftsman staircase. 

Distinct edges and simple carvings portray a hand-crafted feel.

Square newel posts and ballusters contrast with typical round or wrought iron styles. 

Craftsman staircase elements like this can also add a touch of an arts and crafts appeal in a transitional home (which incorporates multiple styles).





Craftsman Homes | Arts and Crafts Design


2. Fixtures in the shape of rectangles or squares. You don't typically find a lot of complicated design features in a Craftsman home - the designs are classic and simplistic. However, elements such as lighting fixtures can still be the centerpiece of a room or entrance.

Craftsman fixtures generally come in rectangle or square shapes, crafted with materials such as glass, iron, bronze, or oil rubbed bronze.


Integrate this Craftsman feature into your home: Look for lighting fixtures (pendants, chandeliers, sconces, and lanterns) that eminate a clean silhouette - with no extraneous curves or lines. 

Craftsman Homes | Arts and Crafts Design


3. Earthy tile. Craftsman homes can incorporate touches of earth tones, to further demonstrate a simplistic intent.

Integrate this Craftsman feature into your home: While hand-made Craftsman tiles adhere to tradition, they can also be pricey. Another way to exhibit similar undertones is with earth toned tile, like you see in this kitchen tile back splash.

The range tile inlay - a herringbone pattern - and subway tile backsplah integrate browns and creams, which are mirrored in the granite counter tops.





Craftsman Homes | Arts and Crafts Design


4. Glass. Craftsman homes value natural light, and include numerous windows.

Square or horizontally rectangular windows are more common than other architectural styles.

A touch of stained glass can also make a statement in Craftsman homes.



Integrate this Craftsman feature into your home: The long rectangular clerestory windows in this example, paired with square windows, demonstrate another way to add a Craftsman touch to your home. Stained glass can be incorporated into your foyer or master bathroom picture windows, the front door, or as an accent area in the kitchen. 

Craftsman Homes | Arts and Crafts Design


5. Trim. Arts and Crafts homes tend to use interior trim that is more rustic, with 1x4, 1x6, and 1x8 treatments in place of more common types of crown moulding and baseboard.

Integrate this Craftsman feature into your home: The formal dining room, often painted in an accent paint color, is a great place to integrate Craftsman trim styles. 

Craftsman Homes | Arts and Crafts Design6. Built-in bookshelves, cabinets, niches, or furnishings. From a built-in dinning nook in the breakfast room to open shelving in the living room, Craftsman style homes are all about integrating form and function - maximizing usability of home space.

Integrate this Craftsman feature into your home: Consider adding a simple, elegant window bench to your breakfast room, kitchen, or living area.

A window bench can efficiently provide ample, hidden storage.


Craftsman Homes | Arts and Crafts Design



7. Limited hallways. Craftsman homes avoid wasting square footage. They focus on open, useful spaces. This means hallways are limited, and rooms are designed for multiple functions.

Integrate this Craftsman feature into your home: Open concept floor plans are a great place to start when looking for Craftsman style homes.

If you love a floor plan that includes "unnecessary" hallways, ask your builder how to integrate built-in storage to these areas to maintain a Craftsman design.

Adding open shelving, bookcases, benches, or even hooks to a hallway can give it more purpose and significantly increase the feeling of efficiency in your home. 


Craftsman Homes | Arts and Crafts Design

8. Stone accents. Stone accents add to the rustic appeal of an Arts and Crafts home. The most common place to find stone in a Craftsman home is the front porch - with stone at the base of tapered columns.

Integrate this Craftsman feature into your home: Stone accents can be used to create a Craftsman front porch, fireplace, or kitchen surround. If you want a small touch of stone, consider adding a complimentry accent to kitchen tile, or as a simpler fireplace hearth accent.

Craftsman Homes | Arts and Crafts Design

9. Faucets and hardware. Cabinet turns and pulls, switch plates, and sink faucets can all act as accent pieces in a Craftsman home.

Copper, bronze, oil rubbed bronze, and brass (as well as a hammered finish) are all popular Arts and Crafts hardware style options.


Integrate this Craftsman feature into your home: A kitchen island can be designed as the centerpiece of the room.

Consider adding Craftsman style hardware to ONLY the island cabinets in your kitchen. 

This technique will have an even stronger effect if the island is a different color from the cabinets.


Craftsman Homes | Arts and Crafts Design













Craftsman Homes | Arts and Crafts Design

10. Fireplaces. A centerpiece fireplace is a defining feature of most Craftsman style homes.

Craftsman style fireplaces  have three defining features:

1. Tile or stone surrounds or accents (usually in green or brown hues)

2. Large wooden mantles, similar to the large rectangular staircase post styles

3. Wooden built-in shelving or bookcases on each side

Integrate this Craftsman feature into your home: Each of these three design features can give your fireplace Craftsman appeal - consider focusing on a single aspect to maximize the type of statement you want to make. 

Craftsman style new home builders in central North Carolina can incorporate many different features and architectural styles, depending on how much historical accuracy is desired, what the overall budget for the home is, and what design elements best suit your personal tastes.

If you'd like more information on new Craftsman style homes in the Raleigh area, Contact us here or call 919-278-8070.

Craftsman home photo galleries:

Click here to see inside a craftsman version of the Brogan - North Raleigh

Click here to see inside a craftsman version of the Penelope - Chatham County

Click here to see inside a craftsman version of the Chalet Vert - Chapel Hill Area


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One Story Home Video Tours | Single Story Floor Plan Pictures

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Jan 10, 2012 @ 07:01 AM

Top 3 Most Popular Recently Completed One Story Custom Homes

Watch Video Tours of the Top 3 Most Popular One Story Homes 


1. The Linda - Click here for video tour

The Linda is an original Stanton Homes design, featuring both classic signature details and many 2012 new home design trends like:

- Peninsula KitchenOne Story Custom Home Raleigh

- Covered Front Porch and Screen Porch with Stamped Concrete flooring

- Seasons Room with Window Wall

- Formal Dining

- Master Suite Trey Ceiling

- Signature Arched Openings


2. The Devonsboro - Click here for video tour

Single Story Custom Home

The Devonsboro is a Frank Betz/Stanton Homes design, with custom details like: 

-Covered, arched entry

 - First Floor Office with French Doors

 - Master Bedroom with Stepped Trey Ceiling

 - 10’ Ceilings, Barrel Vaults, Archways

 - Great Room Coffered Ceiling

 - Backyard Deck


3. The Ellsworth - Click here for video tour

The Ellsworth was custom designed by Stanton Homes to meet the accessibility needs of our homebuyer. The Ellsworth includes both accessible and special design details like:

One Story Accessible Home

- Accessible Master Bath with roll-under vanity, roll-in shower

- Accessible Kitchen (available as fully or partially accessible)

- Optional Second Floor Bonus Room, Bathroom, and Storage

- Formal Dining with Butler’s Pantry

- Trey Ceilings

- Built-in Bench and Storage Centers


Stanton Homes builds extraordinary custom homes with personal service you won’t find with any other builder in our price range – and a Price Match Guarantee

View more one story floor plan options here.

Or ask us about design/build options.

Contact Stanton Homes for floor plan ideas, to get a new home cost estimate, or find out more about building a custom home in North Carolina.

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New Home Exterior Trends - Simplicity of Design

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Jan 04, 2012 @ 08:01 AM

New Home Design Trends

What Exterior Styles are Most Important to Homebuyers?

A Move Towards Simplicity


According to the home design trends survey for 2011 from the American Institute of Architects, new home exterior styles show design trends of simplicity, with an emphasis on:

  • Fewer upscale elements on the exterior of the home

Front Porch Styles



Here is a chart of these exterior style trends, as surveyed by The American Institute of Architects (AIA).


New Home Exterior Style Trends

*% respondents reporting popularity of room "increasing" minus % reporting "decreasing"

Read AIA's entire Design Trends Survey here.

Learn more about exterior style trends, porches, single story homes, and contemporary style homes:

Contemporary Style Homes

Custom Home Exterior Trends - Photo Tour of New Custom Home Exteriors

New Home Front Porch Styles - Photo Tour of Trends and Ideas

Floor Plan Options - Single-Story Homes

Contemporary Style Custom Homes - The Worthington Video Tour


For additional AIA Design Trends Survey Results, click on the links below:

What Rooms are Buyers Asking For? | New Home Design Trends

Home Design Trends Survey | Accessibility and Simplicity Popular Home Design Aspects


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What is a Keeping Room? Floor Plans with Keeping Rooms

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Dec 20, 2011 @ 16:12 PM

What is a Keeping Room used for?

Raleigh Floor Plans with Keeping Rooms

Considering building a new home anywhere throughout central North Carolina? If you've been browsing Raleigh new home floor plans, you may be wondering what, exactly, keeping rooms are used for

Keeping Rooms:

- Are usually located just off the kitchen, for visibility from the most-often used room in the home.

- Are used as secondary living space (after living room or great room).

- Often have vaulted ceilings.

- Often have a fireplace as the focal point.

- Generally are less formal and more flexible than living room spaces

- Generally are smaller than the Great Room/Family Room


View some of our favorite floor plans that include a keeping room:

Floor Plans with Keeping Room


The Lowery - Custom design/build home with one story keeping room, vaulted two-story great room.

Click here for a video tour of the Lowery.



 Floor Plans with Keeping Room


The Coventry - Custom main floor master suite home with two-story vaulted keeping and great room.

Click here for a video tour of the Coventry.



Floor Plans with Keeping Room


The Bakersfield - Custom home with keeping room off of breakfast room, within view of the peninsula kitchen.

Click here for a video tour of the Bakersfield



A keeping room often replaces a more traditional Formal Living Room as a secondary space, and can be a cozy and comfortable living area! 

Browse Raleigh Floor Plan Options Here

Main Floor Master Suite floor plan options

One Story floor plan options

Mother In Law Suite floor plan options

Dual Master Suite floor plan options

 Contact Stanton Homes for floor plan ideas, to get a new home cost estimate, or find out more about building a custom home in North Carolina.

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New Home Design Trends | Built in Bookshelves

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Dec 14, 2011 @ 09:12 AM

Raleigh New Home Design Trends - Storage Ideas

Built in Bookshelves


Whether you're a book lover, or just looking for an appealing, permanent display area, a built in bookcase can add value and character to your new home.

There are many different built in bookcase styles.  Here are a few different bookcase ideas and pictures for your Raleigh new home.

Built in Bookcase Picture


Built in bookshelves are most commonly found next to the fireplace in the Family Room, Great Room, or Living Room. 

Bookcases can be set in to the wall, with a small bit of decorative trimwork outlining the bookcase.

Nearly all bookcases have fixed shelves with a standard space between.




Built in Bookcase Ideas and Pictures - New Home Trends - New Homes Raleigh NC


Built-in bookcases can be custom designed for a wide variety of different locations, including underneath a serving bar at a kitchen half wall.

The bookcase offers a nice storage area for books or bins, while the space still feels open.

Decorative picture frame trimwork and two piece crown moulding add appealing visual detail to the support column.



Built in Bookcase Ideas and Pictures - New Home Trends - New Homes Raleigh NC


Here's a photo of a built in bookcase that's just a little out of the ordinary, without being excessively expensive.  This bookcase fills the wall of one room, with two sections set back and two sections set forward.

The crown moulding and baseboard give the bookcase a nice finished look.

This bookcase style may not work for very small rooms.


 Built in bookshlef pictures


Built-in bookshelves can be included in many different locations throughout the home, including in hallways and openings.  

For this look, you'll want your builder to integrate at least the framed alcove during construction of the home, but the bookshelves themselves can be added later if desired.




Built in Office



Custom built furniture grade bookshelves and bookcases can be pricey. 

But the same "feel" can be obtained by using paint grade materials, then painting a deep color in a natural tone. 




Built In Storage


Floor-to-ceiling builtins can give you a classic home library look.


Talk to your builder ahead of time about the places you'd like to include bookcases.  He or she may be able to suggest some ideas for you.  Even if you don't include the bookcases themselves in your construction package, a prepared alcove with the right dimensions can make it very easy to add bookcases later.

Well-crafted, custom built in bookcases will add value, appeal, and enjoyment to your new home. 

Ask for more custom home design ideas.


More Design Trends - NC Custom Home Builder Ideas and Tips

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Laundry Room Ideas - Top 5 Ways to Save Money

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Formal Dining Room, or Office? | Floor Plan Modifications

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Dec 12, 2011 @ 13:12 PM

Formal Dining Room versus Office

Can a Formal Dining Room be Converted into an Office?


Formal Dining Room

Do you have a floor plan you love, but wish the formal dining room could be converted into an office? 

Breakfast rooms are getting larger, and rather than set up two separate dining areas, some homebuyers are opting for a convenient downstairs office instead.

It's easy to modify or design and build a home with Stanton Homes.

How to modify a floor plan to add an office:

For some floor plans, adding an office in place of a dining room could mean making these simple changes:

- Add French Doors between the Dining Room and the Foyer.

- Wall off the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room.

- Add cable and phone outlets in the dining room. 

How to make the home appealing to a wider audience:

If homebuyers are set on having that dining room converted, there is more than one way to have a great office - without turning off future homebuyers who love to have the formal dining area.

- Instead of walling off the doorway between the dining room and the kitchen, add a door.  You may never actually open it, but it will be easy to removed by a future homeowner, leaving the framed doorway.Butler's Pantry

- Go ahead and add the cable and phone jacks.  Usually asking for phone and cable jacks before construction begins can mean a charge of $50-100 each - but it will be much harder to run wiring for extra jacks once the home is finished, which of course means more expensive. 

- Consider adding a butler's pantry or wall of built-in cabinets, if room allows.  These cabinets will be very useful whether the room is used as an office or as a dining room. 

Whether you choose to add a formal butler's pantry, or just a basic set of cabinets, it is helpful - in the office, store all your office supplies out of site.  Convert to a dining room, and there's a place for table linens, the good china, and more.


No matter what choice you make, think about versatility, and work with your builder to incorporate the functions that you need most - without reducing the ability to sell your home in the future. 


2012 Raleigh New Home Design Trends:

Today's Ceilings Make Statements - Types of Ceilings and Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Home

New Home Trends and Ideas - What's the Latest?

Top 5 Kitchen Tile Backsplash Ideas

New Home Kitchen Design Trends

Contact Stanton Homes for floor plan ideas, to get a new home cost estimate, or find out more about building a custom home in North Carolina.

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Open Floor Plan Design Ideas - How to Use Overlooks to Add Appeal

Posted by Penny Hull on Fri, Nov 04, 2011 @ 06:11 AM

Homebuilder Tips - How to Make a Floor Plan Feel More Open

Foyers with Overlooks, Two-Story Living Rooms with Overlooks


Want more ways to make your new home feel more spacious and open? Consider floor plans that include a two-story foyer or two-story living room, with an overlook above.

Open Floor Plan Ideas

Other custom design and decorating features that can add elegance to your foyer overlook are:

  • Built-in plant shelves
  • Barrel vault, vault, or trey ceiling treatments
  • Large and/or specialty windows for plenty of natural light



Looking for an open concept floor plan?

"Open floor plans" can mean different things to different homebuyers.  Usually it's a home with fewer "formal" spaces and walls.  Rather than a formal dining room, an informal dining room may be found off the kitchen.  A first floor office may be essential, but most of the family's time is likely to be spent in the Great Room, which may or may not have a high or vaulted ceiling.

If you don't see an open floor plan that meets your needs, let us know, and we'll help you find or design the perfect floor plan.


More Design Trend Ideas for NC Custom Homes:

Open Concept Floor Plans – What does an “open floor plan” look like?

Fireplace Design Ideas for Your New Custom Home

Fireplace Trends in New Homes: Disappearing Act

Trey Ceiling Ideas | Top 5 Trey Ceilings by NC Custom Home Builders

Click here to view Master Suite Bathroom Video

 Contact Stanton Homes for floor plan ideas, to get a new home cost estimate, or find out more about building a custom home in North Carolina.

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Kitchen Design Trends - Where Should the Microwave Go?

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Nov 01, 2011 @ 12:11 PM

Kitchen Design Planning - Where Should the Microwave Go?

Top 5 Places to Put the Microwave 

Lifestyle concerns, such as the number of cooks in the kitchen and ease of use (including universal design aspects), can help determine where the microwave should go when you design the kitchen for your next new  home.

Practical concerns, such as microwave width/height/depth and the placement of other appliances (especially the refrigerator), can also affect your placement decision.


Kitchen Design Planning

1. Above the range

One of the most popular places to keep a microwave is above the range.

In this custom home, the microwave is central to the rest of the kitchen - with easy access to countertops (including the island), refrigerator, and sink.

This microwave is probably at the maximum convenient height.


2. Above the counter

Kitchen Floor Plan Design


This custom kitchen design takes advantage of the most common day-to-day traffic pattern: from refrigerator to microwave.

The large, professional grade range/oven takes up the majority of space and notoriety in the kitchen, while the microwave maintains ease-of-use aspects.



Kitchen Design Pictures

3. Above the wall oven

This kitchen design places the microwave at eye level, a height more managable for many people.

The refrigerator is placed directly opposite the microwave, and there is plenty of "landing space" to the right of the microwave, to set hot plates. 



4. Under the counter

Kitchen Microwave Placement


Microwaves are placed under the counter when they are used less often than other kitchen appliances, or when height is a concern (such as in accessible kitchens).


This custom designed kitchen places the microwave between the walk-in-pantry and the refrigerator.





5. Under an island or peninsula

Island Kitchen with Microwave


Finally, the under-the-island microwave design is becoming more popular among new homebuyers, as well.

In this kitchen, the cooks can share island counter space, while looking out to the breakfast room and two-story great room.




More NC Custom Home 2012 Kitchen Design Ideas:

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Get ideas from these kitchen floor plan transformations, designed by Stanton Homes to fit the lifestyles of our homebuyers.

The Gershwin

Custom Kitchen Photo Tour | New Home Kitchen Design | Kitchen Design Trends

The Worthington

Foyer Photo Tour | New Home Foyer Video | Custom Home Foyer Options

The Kessler

NC Custom Home Builders | Custom Floor Plans | Custom Kitchen Design

The Lightsey

NC Custom Home Builders | Custom Floor Plans | Custom Kitchen Design

More 2012 Design Trend Ideas for NC Custom Homes:

Fireplace Design Ideas for Your New Custom Home

Fireplace Trends in New Homes: Disappearing Act

Open Concept Floor Plans – What does an “open floor plan” look like?

Trey Ceiling Ideas | Top 5 Trey Ceilings by NC Custom Home Builders

Click here to view Master Suite Bathroom Video

Contact Stanton Homes for floor plan ideas, to get a new home cost estimate, or find out more about building a custom home in North Carolina.

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Outdoor Living Trends | Top 5 "Most Requested" Screen Porches

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Oct 26, 2011 @ 11:10 AM

Outdoor Living Trends - Most Requested Outdoor Living Features

Top 5 Most Requested Screen Porch Ideas

Raleigh new home outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity - see what special details can make your custom screen porch or rear patio stand out.

Outdoor Living Spaces Photo Gallery: Porches, Decks, Screen Rooms.

Find out more about beadboard ceilings, stamped concrete, and designer selections that make the "most requested" list for Raleigh custom homes!

This Raleigh custom home sScreen Porch Styles | New Homes with Screen Porches | Rear Screen Porchcreen porch includes:

 - Beadboard Ceiling Treatment

 - Stamped Concrete

 - Lantern Style Ceiling Fan

 - Stained Hardwood Railings

 - French Doors from Great Room




What is beadboard, and what does it add to your outdoor living space?

What is beadboard | Beadboard Ceilings

Beadboard is a ceiling treatment that gives a routed design to previously flat panels or flat wood coverings. 

Beadboard is sometimes referred to as a "tongue and groove" treatment.

Beadboard can be made of wooden planks, beadboard panels (as in this example), or even vinyl

Beadboard ceiling treatments give a your new home a more classic (and expensive) look and feel, without paying too much.  


What is stamped concrete, and could it be a good choice for your new home porch or patio?

Stamped Concrete | What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is created by pouring slab concrete into a walkway, patio, or porch, and imprinting a pattern, texture, and/or color.

The stamp duplicates different surfaces, such as cobblestones, brick, wood, seashells, and others.  

This technique offers homebuyers a durable, realistic, and easy to clean alternative to pavers or natural stone.  




What other designer selections were included in this custom screen porch?

Custom Home Screen Porch | One Story Brick Homes | Raleigh Custom Home Builders


The ceiling fan in this screen porch is a lantern style in a deep bronze finish.

The railing and posts are made of weather treated Northern hardwood, stained in a natural brown that blends perfectly with the brick exterior

French doors lead outside from the great room.



Looking for a custom home with a terrific outdoor living area?  Stanton Homes on staff designers will work with you to create just what you have in mind - and give you suggestions on how to meet your budget, too! 

Want more outdoor living ideas for your Raleigh new home?

Top 5 Outdoor Living Features - Raleigh, NC New Homes

Custom home rear porch and screen porch styles and ideas

Learn more about Beadboard Ceiling Treatments

New Home Front Porch Style Ideas


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Kitchen Design Trends: Wall Oven or Range?

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Aug 09, 2011 @ 08:08 AM

Appliance Choices: Are more homebuyers choosing a wall oven and cooktop over a traditional range?

Raleigh kitchen design trends show an increased interest in creating a "modular kitchen" by adding a separate wall oven and cooktop, rather than an integrated range.

While a separate wall oven and cooktop can be more expensive than a traditional cook range, the benefits are appealing to many homebuyers.

What are the benefits of a wall oven?

Double Wall Oven

  • Multiple cooking workstations in your kitchen, between the oven and the cooktop
  • Double wall ovens offer twice the capacity without taking up too much additional space
  • Higher wall mountings can eliminate the need to bend over the oven 

Wall ovens are generally electric rather than gas, and come in a width of 24, 27, or 30 inches.

Double wall ovens are very popular in Raleigh new home kitchens, as many homebuyers are looking for space maximization. Double wall ovens can be ideal for large dinner parties, holidays, or occations that require several different dishes (such as a roast and baked good) to be cooked at the same time.

 Houzz Ideabook of Kitchens with Single and Double Wall Ovens


Raleigh New Home Kitchen Trends:

90 Photos of Custom Home Kitchens

Granite Countertop and Tile Backsplash Ideas

Open Concept Kitchens

10 Biggest Kitchen Design Mistakes

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