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Dining Room Ideas from Raleigh Custom Home Builders

Posted by Stanton Homes Design on Fri, Sep 30, 2016 @ 09:09 AM

Same Dining Room Dimensions, Two Styles:

See how you can design two very different dining rooms with the same floor plan dimensions. Compare photos, below.  

Dining Room Ideas from Raleigh Custom Home Builders

What does your family meal time look like?

Dining Room Ideas from Raleigh Custom Home BuildersDining Room Ideas from Raleigh Custom Home Builders

What size should a formal dining room be? These dining rooms are about 12' x 16.5' with a bay bump out on the front of the home. 

Dining Room Layout #1: Red painted walls, coffer ceiling, white column, wainscoting


Dining Room Layout #2: Beige painted walls, trey ceiling, art niche, chair rail

Each dining room integrates archways. The first uses an interior white column to bridge two arched ceilings, designed to emphasize an open concept layout with views into the foyer and staircase. 

The second keeps a simple, elegant design with a single archway at each entrance. 

Dining Room Ideas from Raleigh Custom Home Builders

Dining Room Ideas from Raleigh Custom Home Builders

Which version of this floor plan is your favorite, the red paint with white wainscoting or beige paint with chair rail? 

Dining Room Layout #1: Open to the foyer


Dining Room Layout #2: Archway entrances

See The Cotswold Floor Plan Here

Browse All Floor Plans Here

More Side-by-Side Photos of The Cotswold:


Great Room


Master Suite

Master Bath


Sun Room


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Traditional Dining Designs with Open Concept Living | NC Custom Homes

Posted by Stanton Homes Design on Wed, Mar 25, 2015 @ 05:03 AM

Six Ways to Craft an Open Concept Formal Dining Room

How to Combine Traditional Touches and Modern Spaces

Two "must have" floor plan design features for many North Carolina home buyers are a formal dining room and open concept living space. 

Get ideas for how to combine traditional features with modern layouts, in these open concept dining spaces. 

See how wainscoting walls, stone columns, bold colors, and Butler's Pantries can help transform casual eating spaces into formal dining rooms.

Traditional Formal Dining Room Idea #1: Single Wall Formal Dining

In this version of The Peay, a trey ceiling, formal black chandelier, and white wainscote paneling form a traditional dining room with only one wall. 

This dining room - filled with classic features - is completely open to the kitchen and great room. 

Traditional Dining Room | Open Concept Home

All you need to add is a rectangular or octagonal dining table. (A round table could make this space feel less formal - and look more like a contemporary breakfast room.)

Click here to see another version of this home, The Dugan, with a less formal take on the dining space. 

Traditional Formal Dining Room Idea #2: Vaulted Formal Dining 

In this version of The Carwile, Stanton Homes added a home hub (mud room / laundry room combination) and downstairs home office, in lieu of a traditional formal dining room.

Then, we transformed the breakfast nook into a modern, open concept dining room with vaulted ceiling, extra large trim, and wainscoting columns.  

Formal Dining Room Home Plans | Open Concept Homes

A glass French door leads to outdoor living spaces. All you need to add is a white rectangular table and chairs with a splash of color (such as a pattern of purples and greens that blend with the white, grey, black, and pebble backdrop). 

Traditional Formal Dining Room Idea #3: Butler's Pantry

This full wall butler's pantry transforms the breakfast space into a formal dining room, complete with craftsman style windows and a faux candel chandelier.

Formal Dining Room Home Plans | Open Concept Formal Dining Room

Glass front cabinets are perfect for displaying formal dishware such as china sets. Lower drawers offer easy-to-see storage. See a photo tour of this version of The Brogran, here.

Traditional Formal Dining Room Idea #4: Open Concept Dining 

A two sided fireplace acts as the third wall in this open concept formal dining room. 

A crystal chandelier lends a touch of elegance - to contrast with the grey wainscot walls and earthy fireplace stone. 

Formal Dining Room Home Plans | Open Concept Homes

Tour more of The Bryson, an Apex North Carolina custom home, here. 

Traditional Formal Dining Room Idea #5: Blue Formal Dining Room

This navy blue formal dining room uses modern color motifs and modern archways to create a more open concept design.

White wainscoting runs around the room, and art cut-out openings add to the open feel.

Formal Dining Room Designs | Open Concept Formal Dining Room

See more angles of this open concept formal dining room, in a photo gallery of The Christina, here.

Traditional Formal Dining Room Idea #6: Angled Dining Room

This dining space features white wainscoting with picture frame trim, a deep trey ceiling, and gold and crystal chandelier with lamp shade lights.

Wide archways keep this dining space completely open to the grand room and hallway to the kitchen.

Formal Dining Room Home Plans | Open Concept Formal Dining Room

See more of this home, a version of The Remington, in this photo gallery.

More on Formal Dining Rooms...

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6 Ways to Create Eye Catching Architecture in your Dining Room

Posted by Stanton Homes Design on Mon, Mar 24, 2014 @ 09:03 AM

6 Ways to Custom Design Your Dining Room

 Building a custom home is all about making unique spaces to fit your needs - and your personality.

Below are six ways to create eye-catching architectural details in your new home dining room - from columns, coffering, wainscoting and panneled walls, and archways, to stepped treys.

Dining Room Design Idea #1: White columns

Formal Dining Room | Red Formal Dining

In 2014 new homes, we will continue to see white columns, inside and out. In this dining room photo, a single Roman column welcomes you at the front door, as the gateway to the dining room. The Summerlyn, Bryson, and Maple Lane are Raleigh new homes that feature white columns - to give you more ideas for your next build. 

Dining Room Design Idea #2: White wainscoting

Formal Dining Room | Formal Dining Room Coffered Ceiling

White wainscoting will make your formal dining room look larger, by drawing the eye upwards from the floor. In this photo, the create shape of the formal dining room gives you more flexibility with the type and shape of dining room table.

Dining Room Design Idea #3: Painted wainscoting

Formal Dining Rooms | Painted Wainscoting

In this Raleigh new home, painted wainscoting covers the dining room from floor-to-ceiling. The medium grey paint pulls out the darker tones in the stone of the see through fireplace.

Craftsman style extra wide baseboards and a crystal chandelier emanate old-world Tuscan style. If you love shopping at Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, or Crate and Barrel, you've probably seen similar wall paneling in their dining room designs.

Dining Room Design Idea #4: Archways and arched windows

Formal Dining Rooms | Arched Entrance

Archways - as entrances and in window designs - bring dramatic style to your formal dining room.

In this Raleigh new home photo, the neutral dining room is simple in color but intricate in design. Details like chair rail trim, windows with arched transoms, a trey ceiling, and an arched art alcove add texture to the room.

Dining Room Design Idea #5: Two step trey

Formal Dining Rooms | Trey Ceiling

Formal dining rooms can occasionally come off as too traditional, stiff,  or cold. A bold color will punctuate the room with cheerful openness, especially when paired with contrasting curved and straight lines - in the custom archways and two step ceiling.

Dining Room Design Idea #6: Coffered ceiling

Dining Room Coffer Ceiling

Dining rooms don't have to be large to be formal. Even a open or nook style room can exude elegance. In this dining nook, light walls, dark hardwoods floors, and a crisp white coffered ceiling create a subtle, yet sophisticated, style.

Arched windows with custom trim work round out the formal tone. 

See more photos of coffered ceilings - click here.

More photos, tours, and new home buying resources:

Stanton Homes Formal Dining Rooms - Click here for extended photo gallery.

Archway photo gallery - arched entrances, art nooks, windows, and more.

Floor plans with a breakfast nook - ideas on eliminating the formal dining.

Add a butler's pantry to your formal dining room.

Contact Stanton Homes

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Formal Dining Room, or Office? | Floor Plan Modifications

Posted by Stanton Homes Design on Mon, Dec 12, 2011 @ 13:12 PM

Formal Dining Room versus Office

Can a Formal Dining Room be Converted into an Office?


Formal Dining Room

Do you have a floor plan you love, but wish the formal dining room could be converted into an office? 

Breakfast rooms are getting larger, and rather than set up two separate dining areas, some homebuyers are opting for a convenient downstairs office instead.

It's easy to modify or design and build a home with Stanton Homes.

How to modify a floor plan to add an office:

For some floor plans, adding an office in place of a dining room could mean making these simple changes:

- Add French Doors between the Dining Room and the Foyer.

- Wall off the doorway between the kitchen and the dining room.

- Add cable and phone outlets in the dining room. 

How to make the home appealing to a wider audience:

If homebuyers are set on having that dining room converted, there is more than one way to have a great office - without turning off future homebuyers who love to have the formal dining area.

- Instead of walling off the doorway between the dining room and the kitchen, add a door.  You may never actually open it, but it will be easy to removed by a future homeowner, leaving the framed doorway.Butler's Pantry

- Go ahead and add the cable and phone jacks.  Usually asking for phone and cable jacks before construction begins can mean a charge of $50-100 each - but it will be much harder to run wiring for extra jacks once the home is finished, which of course means more expensive. 

- Consider adding a butler's pantry or wall of built-in cabinets, if room allows.  These cabinets will be very useful whether the room is used as an office or as a dining room. 

Whether you choose to add a formal butler's pantry, or just a basic set of cabinets, it is helpful - in the office, store all your office supplies out of site.  Convert to a dining room, and there's a place for table linens, the good china, and more.


No matter what choice you make, think about versatility, and work with your builder to incorporate the functions that you need most - without reducing the ability to sell your home in the future. 


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