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New Home Trends | How to Choose a Garage Style

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Jan 18, 2012 @ 09:01 AM

Top 5 Types of Garages for New Homes

How to Choose a Garage Style for your Raleigh New Home 

Considering design ideas for your new home?  One of the first things you'll notice is the location of the garage.  What's best for your lifestyle, and your budget?  Find out more about side entry, front entry, rear entry, courtyard and detached garage styles here.

Side Entry Garage | Side Garage Floor Plans | Garage on Side of Home


Side Entry Garages

Side entry garages are most commonly found in custom new homes in the Raleigh area.

Side entry garages:

- offer an attractive front exterior with a more "polished" feel

- Usually require additional windows on the front exterior (may add cost compared to a front entry garage)

- Require more driveway space (will add cost compared to a front entry garage)


Watch a video tour of the side entry garage home pictured here - The Brogan.



Front Entry Garage | Front Garage Floor Plans | Front Facing Garage Photos

 Front Entry Garages

Front entry garages are most commonly found in production new homes in the Raleigh area.

Front entry garages:

- Can be dressed up with carriage style garage doors, stone or brick accents, decorative glass, light mountings, and more 

- Require less driveway space

- Can fit on smaller lots


Watch a video tour of the front entry garage home pictured here - The Azalea Park.


Courtyard Entry GaragesCourtyard Garage | Courtyard Garage Floor Plans | Courtyard Garage Homes Raleigh 

Courtyard garages are more rare, and featured most commonly in new custom homes.

Courtyard garages:

- Create an automatic set-back for the home, with space for kids to play safely

- Have an attractive front exterior with additional windows possible

- May require extra care in choosing a home lot

- Are usually a little less cost effective to build, but make up for the cost in character and charm. 

Watch a video tour of the courtyard garage home pictured here - The Worthington.


Rear Entry Garages 

A rear entrance garage can be suitable for some homebuyers.

A rear entry garage:

- Is usually offered when there is access to the rear of the lot, common in long, narrow lots with alley or street access at rear. 

- Is completely out of site from front of home.

- Is usually found in a long and narrow home (think Charleston style)

Detached or Semi-Detached Garages 

Some homebuyers would prefer their garage not be attached to their Raleigh new home.

Detached and Semi-Detached Garages:

- Are usually the least cost effective garage (instead of sharing walls and roof with the home, a separate structure is required)

- Require a larger lot with plenty of room for two buildings.

- Can be "greener", as garage fumes are far away from living areas

- have higher cost for any living area over the garage.  No materials are shared with the home, and a separate staircase is required. 

Find samples of many different garage styles here:  Browse Floor Plans - Custom Homes in Raleigh.

Have a floor plan you love, but want to add a courtyard or other custom style garage? No two Stanton Homes are the same. Our design team expands your options to fit your lifestyle with a look and feel you’ll love. Ask us about design/build options or get help finding a floor plan.


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