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Which is cheaper quartz or granite?

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Jul 15, 2015 @ 07:07 AM

What's the cost difference between granite and quartz countertops?

Granite and quartz are both popular choices for countertops in custom home kitchens and master bathrooms.

Granite and quartz are both natural stone materials. But while granite is 100% stone, quartz can vary in composition: Quartz countertops are made of a manufactured stone, composed of crushed quartz that is mixed with pigment and resin.

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Which is more expensive, quartz or granite?

Granite and quartz countertops are purchased by size in square feet. Manufactuers often group stone countertops into levels. Each level indicates a price range.

Differences in price per square foot are based on the availability of a stone (how rare is it?), as well as its location (how far must it be shipped?), among other criteria.

In general, granite countertops are much less expensive than quartz, especially in recent years.  A granite countertop will generally start in the $45-50/sq ft range, while depending on the manufacturer and type, quartz can easily start $20-30/sq ft higher. 

Photos of Stanton Homes with granite countertops in the master bathroom:

1. Black Granite Countertops

Black granite - with hits of earthy tones - are popular in larger bathrooms, which can balance darker tones in wider spaces. 


How do I know if the counter tops I find in photos are granite?

A quick way to spot whether or not counter tops are made of granite (rather than composite materials) is the integration of an undermount sink.

Granite counter top installers cut holes for the sink and faucet, which are installed separately. Composite countertops often come as single pieces, with a built-in sink basin.

2. Tones of Red and Brown in Granite Countertops

This single his and hers vanity extends between the tile shower and tub. An archway accent keeps the space open, and serves as a useful shelf.


How long can a granite counter top extend?

The maximum length of a granite countertop before a seam is required varies, based on the length of the slab that the granite is to be cut from.  Many pieces are 6', 8', or 10' in length.  When a countertop is longer than that, it will generally have a seam.

3. Contemporary White Granite Countertops

Dark cabinets with light - often gray or white - countertops are popular contemporary home combinations for the granite bathroom.


Which is more cost effective, a single, long vanity or two short, separate vanities?

Cost per vanity depends on a lot more factors than just the countertop!  A standard size vanity, such as 30" or 48", is more cost effective than a custom vanity.  A shorter vanity (or pair of shorter vanities) also may be able to use "remnants" of granite rather than a full sheet, which many installers will offer a special price on.  A longer piece of granite is more likely to need to be cut from a full sheet.

4. Traditional White Granite Countertops

In this his and hers style bathroom, the "his" vanity (pictured below) is located on the opposite wall from the "her" vanity.



Here are answers to other common new home countertop questions:

Which is More Popular, Granite or Quartz Countertops?

While granite and quartz are both great choices for natural stone counter tops, more home buyers choose to include granite in the kitchen and bathroom

Which do you like better? When you build a custom home in the Raleigh North Carolina area, your selections are nearly endless. At Stanton Homes, your personal design consultant will meet you at vast showrooms and help with extensive selections. Learn more by contacting us here.

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