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Top 6 Glass Entry Door Designs | Apex NC New Home Tips

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Jul 02, 2013 @ 06:07 AM

Apex NC New Home Design Tips

Stained Glass Entry Door Photo Gallery

An elegant glass entry door can make a welcoming statement, as the focal point on a well designed entrance to your Apex NC custom home.

Here are six popular entry door designs – with some tips on how to choose a glass design with the configuration, shape and size that will look exactly right on your new front door.

Glass Entry Door Photo #1: Classic with Full View


This Apex new home front door style contains classic features such as a full-length glass design, two side transoms, and an upper transom.

This glass door is specially designed to provide a classic blend of natural light and privacy.

It also added dimension:

The custom home designer extended the palate of color in the glass door's leaf design by coordinating it with shades of purple and grey in nearby craftsman style stone columns.

See a similar full-length glass door design in a version of the Cove - click here.

Glass Front Door Photo #2: Rustic old world 3/4 view

Front Door Style Ideas


The Apex NC area custom home entry door pictured to the left blends an "old world" style with modern appeal: 

 - External grille with wrought-iron encasement that swings open for easy window cleaning

 - Strategically selected "aged bronze" door hardware

 - "Cherrywood" stained wood door and sidelights frame that's designer-matched to decorative shingles and stone accents

 - Rustic lantern style porch light that spotlights the bold entrance and it's colorful influence

 - 3/4 view low-E textured glass that saves energy and adds a feeling of safety and security

For an even more dramatic statement, consider adding second sidelights for a wider foyer entrance.



Glass Entry Door Photo #3: Mixing styles and sizes

CountryManorDoorThis glass front door - pictured from a version of the Country Manor - takes advantage of the view, while adding artistry to the home's custom-drawn symetrical design.

This entry door style includes full length side transoms, an upper transom, and a 3/4 center transom with arched top.

The center arched piece was chosen to mirror arched stone porch and arched windows on each side











Glass Entry Door Photo #4: Classic 1/2 view

Front Door Style Ideas

The Apex NC custom home front door pictured to the right has a huge impact on the entry way, with two sidelights and an upper rectangular transom.

The squared-off door frame intentionally contrasts against the two story barrel vault in this custom home foyer.

The 1/2-view door incorporates several glass design and cutting techniques

 - Glue chip glass composes the bulk of the window area.

 - Each of the darker border areas pictured in this door are composed of an Alabaster glass style, to add character.





Glass Front Door Photo #5: Oval glass accent

Front Door Style IdeasGlass front doors can be economical and provide an air of practicality, when they contain just a touch of decorative glass.

The custom home front door pictured to the left features a specialty 3/4 oval view and two sidelightes with the simplicity of standard glass.

The impact of this front glass door becomes more dramatic when installed adjacent to first floor office French doors, as pictured here. The secondary doors were chosen to reflect the classic glass design in the front door sidelights, and extend a feeling of openness.




Glass Entry Door Photo #6: Window style



 A contemporary custom home can also benefit from a glass front door, like the example here.

Look at the way the front door influences the design of the entire home, through replication of its straight lines and light colors in the picture window above, the built-in bookcase in the adjoining room, the balusters in the overlook, and the chair rail and wainscoting beyond. Dramatic! 

 See more photos of this home - a version of the Carwile.





The entry door can set the tone for the entire home’s personality. Here are some things to keep in mind, when you make your choices:

Glass Front Door Styles | Types of Glass Front Doors

 - If you go with glass, make sure the bevel and design coordinate with the patterns of your surrounding walls, fabrics and furniture.

 - You can match your exterior and interior design through a dual color scheme. 

Stain or paint the exterior side of a door a different color than the interior side. A brighter, bolder statement can be made on the outside, while maintaining cool tones in the foyer.

 - How many windows are near the door?  You’ll want the shapes and styles to blend.

 - What materials does the door come in? Some products cannot be stained.

 - Do glass doors hamper privacy? Textured glass doors come in a "glass privacy range" - with more or less opacity.

Verify that the door you choose has the the right amount of opacity for your level of comfort.

At Stanton Homes, we make home design – including all your entrance options - EASY. We'll work with you to create the style you’re looking for – as part of your Apex NC area new home package.

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Most Requested Home Design | How to Design a Home for Resale

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Mar 19, 2013 @ 07:03 AM

How to Design a Home for Resale

Most Requested Home Design Features

The most important things your home must have to increase your resale value are design, location and price according to a survey of home buyers conducted by John Burns Real Estate ConsultingHere's why this holds true across regions, markets, and demographic categories.

Most requested home design features

Award winning custom builders like Stanton Homes design and handcraft every detail to fit homebuyer requirements. Here's what's hot:

 - Island kitchens that feel open and spacious

 - Large great rooms with a fireplace

 - His-and-hers style master bathrooms

 - Staircases with overlooks; two story rooms

 - Ample storage, built in cabinets, tucked-away nooks

 - Divided space for work and play, such as first floor offices and outdoor living areas

Most Requested Home Design Feature #1: Island kitchen open to great room

Island Kitchen Open to Great Room | Open Floor Plan Design

 Island kitchen floor plans allow for a tremedous amount of flexibility.

 This custom kitchen design features an island angled towards the great room - ideal for integrating cooking and conversation.

 A secondary island prep sink is convenient and efficient. And an island that's set back a bit like this also allows space for individual projects. 


Kitchen with serving bar | Most Requested Kitchen Features

Other special features add to the ambience of an island, such as:

- Trey ceiling with reflective shaping

- Custom tile backsplash with listello accent

 - Cut-out opening to sunroom with serving counter

Watch a photo tour of this home - a version of the Treehouse - click here.


Most Requested Home Design Feature #2: His-and-hers style master bathrooms

His and Hers Master Bath | His and Hers Style Bath

His-and-hers style master bathrooms are a top requested floor plan feature that provides personal space and conveniece.

A his and hers bathroom can include two completely separate vanities (usually on opposite walls of the master bathroom) or connected vanities set apart by a cabinet or shelving

The master bathroom featured here comes from a version of the Peay - a home designed and built by Stanton Homes.

Most Requested Home Design Feature #3: Staircases with overlooks and two story rooms

The desire for homes that flow with a lot of space often include soaring ceilings - and in today's more energy efficient homes this kind of airiness can come with the comfort of reduced energy bills.

Two Story Great Room | Second Story Overlook




Two Story Great Room | Open Floor Plans






 This two story great room with overlook is a focal point of this version of the Treehouse - a custom home designed for the ultimate flow-through design so open that it invites the eye to explore beyond the horizons of its walls.

 Most Popular design features in two story rooms with overlooks can include:

 - Entire wall of windows

 - Fireplace with built in storage shelves

 - Second story overlook with wrought iron railing and ebony posts

 - Maple hardwood flooring

Most Requested Home Design Feature #4: Ample storage

Storage Ideas | Built in Bench with storage below


No matter how much square footage a home has, innovative designs that provide ample space to tuck things away are extremely popular.

This picture taken in the Treehouse design built by Stanton Homes shows how toys or other items can be popped away in built-in bins that help to quickly eliminate clutter.


Built in storage | built in shelving


Ask your buider how to integrate extra storage space in built-in benches, window seats, closets cabinets, shelving, cubbies and tucked-away nooks.

For example, long walls like this provide lots of space for bookcases that can hold virtually anything you want to organize - without taking up a lot of floor space




Most Requested Home Design Feature #5: Divided space for work and play

Floor Plans with Outdoor Living | Deck and Screen Porch

 A big advantage of building your own custom home is the ability to provide separated spaces for varied activities.

Whether you want to make sure the kids have a place to play indoors and out, or you need to incorporate a home office that can be shut away from family activties, your new home can be created with everything just the way you want it.


For more information, read the full article from Professional Builder's July Design Innovation Report: click here.

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Home design MORE important than price to new homebuyers

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Jul 24, 2012 @ 05:07 AM

What matters most to new home buyers in the Raleigh, NC area?

Home design rated as MORE important than price (and equal to location)

According to a survey of more than 20,000 home buyers completed by John Burns Real Estate Consulting, design matters more than price when purchasing a home.

Raleigh new home design | Survey of home buyers

2012 is the second consecutive year that home shoppers rated design above price.

Today's homebuyers are more intuitive about look and feel, long-term value and personal space and are turning to custom builders like Stanton Homes to work with them to create an environment with everything just the way they want it.

In fact, the overall appeal of a new home is so important to today’s buyers that respondents even ranked home design above safety and community design, followed by accessibility and prestige.

Here’s what the survey says about the important characteristics in new homes:

Raleigh new home design features | Home Buyer Survey


What’s so special about today’s new home designs?

With custom design builders like Stanton Homes, it means creating living space around lifestyles, with special function rooms like huge mudrooms, family centers, and customized island kitchens, and better living flow than can be found in box homes built by the block, or older homes with closed in spaces.

Buyers who decide to build a home increasingly look for a design team that can wrap ideas into a floor plan that’s perfect for the way they live – beautiful, functional and energy saving.

New home tip: When looking at your own new home design, don’t just pick a pretty plan. Talk to the builder, and find out how much he really knows about the kind of home you have in mind. A knowledgeable builder can create your vision with a design that’s all your own – at a lower price than you might imagine.

Contact Stanton Homes for floor plan ideas, to get a new home cost estimate, or find out more about building a custom home in North Carolina.

Read more about the John Burns survey here.

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