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Woodburning Fireplaces for North Carolina Custom Homes

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Mar 24, 2015 @ 11:03 AM

Wood Burning Fireplace Designs

North Carolina Custom Homes with Woodburning Fireplaces

See photos of wood fireplaces, and get answers to common home buyer questions about fireplace styles, pricing, and placement. 

Wood Burning Fireplaces | North Carolina Custom Homes

What's better, a gas or wood burning fireplace?

If you want easy to use, convenient, and picturesque heating in your home, consider a gas fireplace.

Gas fireplaces are installed with an on/off switch that releases and ignites natural gas for no-hassle use. 


Wood burning fireplaces are more rustic. Although they require more maintenance - you must deliver and dispose of wood and ash - many home buyers love the more natural feel of a wood fireplace. 

Read more about woodburning versus gas fireplaces, here. 




(See more photos of this NC custom home, a version of The Chalet Vert.)

Why are gas fireplaces more common in North Carolina custom homes?

Some counties in North Carolina no longer allow installation of woodburning fireplaces, due to air pollution issues. If you know you want a wood fireplace, ask your custom home builder for more information about how to inquire about local restrictions before purchasing a piece of land. 

Wood Burning Fireplaces | North Carolina Custom Homes

(For a photo tour of this home - a version of The Bostwick - click here.)

Does a gas or wood fireplace cost more?

Typically, a woodburning fireplace costs more than a gas fireplace.

One cost factor is the firebox, which must be built to withstand higher heat: Wood can burn hotter than gas.


Wood Burning Fireplaces | North Carolina Custom Homes


(See more photos of this NC custom home - a version of The Cannon.)

Today's woodburning fireplaces usually consist of a woodburning insert with a metal flue that reaches the roof, but this can still be a little more expensive than a gas fireplace.

A traditional masonry or brick chimney or firebox can add considerably to the cost, and are extremely rare in today's new homes.

What Determines the Cost of a Fireplace?

Cost is determined primarily by fireplace placement and materials. 

 - Interior versus Exterior Wall Placement:

Because a woodburning fireplace has to have a vent that goes straight up, the home needs to be designed with that in mind.

Gas burning fireplaces have a much lower installation cost when placed on an exterior wall - which is why many floor plans depict fireplaces on exterior walls. 

 - Surround and Mantel Materials: 

How complex do you want your fireplace surround, mantel, and/or seat to be?

North Carolina custom homes feature a wide range of fireplace surround materials from tile and stone to wainscoting and wood patterns. The amount - and complexity - of materials will factor into cost.

For instance, a full two story stone fireplace will cost significantly more than a standard height design. 

Fireplace Design Ideas | Raleigh Custom Homes

(This home - a version of The Remington - has three more fireplaces. See photos here.)

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Wood Burning Fireplaces | North Carolina Custom Homes

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