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Growing Demand for In-Law Suite Homes Raleigh

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, Feb 02, 2012 @ 08:02 AM

Multigenerational In-Law Suite Homes in Raleigh, NC

Growing Demand for In-Law Suite Homes


According to the Pew Research Center, the prevalence of the multi-generational American family household is growing - and has been for over 30 years. Here is what the national research center has to say: 

 - As of 2008, 49 million Americans In-law New Homes(16.1% of the total U.S. population) lived in a multi-generational household.

 - 23.2 million (or 47%) of these Americans are in households with two adult generations (parents or in-laws and adult children at least 25 years old).

 - 23.1 million (or 47%) are in households with three or more generations (grandparents, parents, and children). 

 - 2.8 million (or 6%) are in households with a grandparent and grandchild (but no parent).

The growth of the multi-generational family household has also lead to a greater demand for in-law suite new homes, which plan for additional adults to share living space on a temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent basis. 

Adding a full mother in law suite or apartment is a great way for multi-generational families to be comfortable – and a second suite can add value to your investment.

In-law suite home styles

In-Law Suite HomesThere are several types of in-law suite homes, designed to meet a variety of needs.

 - A bedroom with a full bath attached.

 - A bedroom with a sitting room near a full bath.

 - A small "apartment" which may have a bedroom and a living room/kitchenette combination.

 - A suite with a separate entrance.

Choosing which in-law suite to build - What is your budget?

Questions to ask before building a Multi Generational home

Adding a full attached bathroom to a downstairs bedroom can add some cost.  If your septic permit only allows a certain number of bedrooms - you may need to pay for an expanded system, which can add 25-75% to the septic cost. 

describe the imageAn additional full bath can add at least several thousand to the cost of the home, depending on whether you prefer tile and premium cabinets, or a more typical vinyl floor and fiberglass tub.  It's more typical to see a half bath downstairs. 

But the cost of adding a full suite with kitchenette can be significant.  There will be kitchen appliances, plumbing, countertops, lots of cabinets, and simply the cost of the additional square footage to consider.  And keep in mind, you may not get the cost of the kitchenette back when you go to sell your home - unless you are building at a luxury level and can market the rooms as a "Nanny living suite" - which is another great use for an In-Law Suite. 

Where do I go to find in-law suite floor plans?

Here are some places to start looking for home plans with different varieties of in-law suites:

Stanton Homes - Homes with Mother In Law SuitesIn-Law Suite Homes

Dual Master Suite Floor Plans - Home Plans with InLaw Suites

InLaw Suite Custom Homes - Home Plans with In Law Suites - Floor Plans with In Law Suites - Floor Plans with In Law Suites


Customize a Floor Plan to Add a MIL Suite

If you can't find the perfect floor plan, talk to a custom home builder that offers design/build services

Stanton Homes is a full service design/build Raleigh custom home builder, and can expand a bathroom, add a separate entrance, add more closet space, or even convert a third car garage into a full suite.

Ask us for a building cost estimate - we'll work with you to determine the specific costs for your area, including details specific to your lot or home site.

For example, the Newberry by Stanton Homes is an example of a custom designed home with a first floor bedroom with attached full bath, sitting room, and private entrance.  Click here to read more about the Newberry and for photo tour.

Here just a few custom designed mother in law suite floor plans:

NC Mother in Law Builders | Mother In Law Suite Homes | Mother In Law Suite Floor Plans Mother in Law Floor Plans | Mother In Law Suite Homes | Mother In Law Suite Floor Plans MIL Suite Homes | Homes wtih Mother in Law Bedroom | Homes with MIL Suite


Read the full Pew Research Center article here.


Contact Stanton Homes for floor plan ideas, to get a new home cost estimate, or find out more about building a custom home in North Carolina.

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