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What's New in Eat-In Kitchens | Raleigh New Custom Homes

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Jun 29, 2015 @ 08:06 AM

Custom Home Eat-In Kitchens:

What's new in eat-in kitchens? Floor plan designs (and custom modification requests) are getting more creative with how to incorporate eat-in spaces.

You will see a wider variety in the type, location, size, number, and configuration of eat-in kitchen spaces than ever before.

Below are eat-in kitchen photos, to give you modern home design ideas.

Eat-In Kitchen Photos and Ideas:

Each of these North Carolina new custom homes, built in or near Raleigh, will give you ideas for how to choose your eat-in style kitchen features.

Some popular eat-in kitchen layouts include:

1. Transitional Island Eating Bar

Eat In Kitchen Photos | New Home Eat-In Kitchens

This transitional gourmet kitchen is open to the vaulted great room (with wood beam ceiling - see it here), filled with family-ready features - including the eat-in island.

Contrasting cabinet styles are paired with natural stone counter tops and a blend of traditional and contemporary lighting bring a transitional touch.

The island seating overhang and next-door breakfast nook make this a great eat-in kitchen design.

What is a transitional home? Read more here.

2. Built-in Island Bench for Eating In the Kitchen

Eat In Kitchen Photos | New Home Eat-In Kitchens

A built-in bench (with storage below) is attached to the center island - designed as seating for a breakfast-sized table.

Copper pendant lights run along the far-side island for a bit of metallic contrast against the stainless steel appliances.

3. Contemporary Eat-In Kitchen Island

Eat In Kitchen Photos | New Home Eat-In Kitchens

 Bar top eating is handy in this contemporary white and black kitchen - with gray hardwood floors.

The nearby wine bar (with refrigerator space below) makes this an all-seasons kitchen.

4. Three Eat-In Areas

Eat In Kitchen Photos | New Home Eat-In Kitchens

This kitchen has three eat-in spaces:

1. A raised eating bar on the great room side of the second island

2. An island-height eating space on the far end of the first island

3. A tucked-in breakfast room, open to the kitchen

5. Built In Bench for an Eat-In Kitchen / Breakfast

Eat In Kitchen Photos | New Home Eat-In Kitchens

An extra long bench spans the length of the breakfast room, for a joint kitchen-breakfast eat-in layout.

6. Cantilever Island

Eat In Kitchen Photos | New Home Eat-In Kitchens

This cantilever style island overhang offers space to tuck away kitchen stools. Hidden stools leave more space for a walkway in the kitchen.

A wrap-around bench in the breakfast room opens up more seating, for this eat-in kitchen design.

7. Curved Island with Seating

Eat In Kitchen Photos | New Home Eat-In Kitchens

A cantilever style island can incorporate a curved side, for extra knee space below.

8. Eat-In Kitchen Island

Eat In Kitchen Photos | New Home Eat-In Kitchens

It's easier to hold a conversation when all seats are not on the same side of the island. 

Rather than extending the length of this island to accommodate more chairs, a corner seat was added.

9. Two-Sided Eat-In Island

Eat In Kitchen Photos | New Home Eat-In Kitchens

Here is another example of an eat-in island with seating on two sides.

10. Small Galley Kitchen with Eat-in Bar

Eat In Kitchen Photos | New Home Eat-In Kitchens

Even a small L-shaped or galley kitchen can accommodate efficient eat-in space. The raised bar can be used for casual meals as well as a serving space for large gatherings.

Build an Eat-In Kitchen:

Which kitchen layout do you like best, from these Raleigh new custom homes? Tell us what you'd like in your Raleigh custom home, and we'll show you what it costs.

What does an Agingin in Place Eat-In Kitchen require? Get the Top 5 Aging in Place Home Plans, here. 

Eat In Kitchen Photos | Aging in Place Floor Plans


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How to choose new home kitchen cabinets | Kitchen cabinet design tips

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Jul 31, 2012 @ 15:07 PM

How to choose new home kitchen cabinets

Tips on kitchen cabinet design and selection

How to choose new home kitchen cabinets | Tips on NC kitchen design

The color, design, spacing, and style of kitchen cabinets you choose will dramatically affect the look and feel of the most popular hang-out room of your new home.

Kitchens are serving more functions for American families than ever - as the preferred place to eat, entertain, and interact. (And prepare food.)

A well designed kitchen will feel even more comfortable when it maintains the flow of the home, and invites the eye with appealing cabinetry and coordinated countertops.

Here are the most important questions to ask your builder about kitchen cabinets, before constructing your new home.

Questions to ask when choosing kitchen cabinets:

Here are some questions you should ask yourself and your builder BEFORE constructing your new home.  Your kitchen design options are endless when you build a custom home with Stanton Homes.

How much cabinet storage space do I need?

The more square footage of storage you have (and that can include extra storage around the corner in the dining room or hallway, such as a butler's pantry) the more you can tuck away things like handheld appliances, which allows you to free-up counter space.

How to choose new home kitchen cabinets | Tips on NC kitchen design




Stanton Homes include full 42 inch upper cabinets with angled corner cabinets that eliminate "dead space" – make sure your builder tells you just what kinds of cabinets they install, standard.



How do I choose between light and dark cabinet styles? 

Most kitchen cabinets constructed of hardwood come in maple, oak, and cherry. These can be painted or stained in a wide range of colors, from "naturals" and whites to espressos and javas.

How to choose new home kitchen cabinets | Tips on NC kitchen design

You’re not held back to the natural hardwood tones, so you can choose the color as well as the density you prefer.

If your floor plan has a smaller kitchen, consider light cabinet finishes, which can visually open up the room.

If your floor plan has a larger kitchen, darker cabinet finishes can look elegant.

You can even blend dark and light cabinetry. For example, the kitchen design pictured here has a bright white island and dark espresso cabinets.

Which kitchen cabinet special features are most important?

Your cooking style (and how often you prepare food) can make a difference in the cabinet features you choose.

 - How many pans and cooking sheets do you have? Enough to need an organizer?

 - Do you use spices often enough to warrant individual drawers to keep organized?

Kitchen Organizer Lazy Susan Spice Rack

From left to right, pictured here is a cutlery divider, a corner lazy Susan, and a set of built-in island cabinetry spice drawers – all popular additions in today’s kitchens.

Stanton Homes often include pot and pan organizers, corner lazy Susan’s, spice racks/spice drawers, cutlery divider kits, door racks, plastic bag storage units, and other elements that make storage easy.

In fact, the ability to customize a kitchen with cabinetry that suits your needs is one of the top reasons homebuyers choose to build a custom home.

Make sure your builder can provide any special options you need, like universal cabinets, with everything within easy reach.

Designing and Building a Custom Home Kitchen

Custom builders like Stanton Homes give you control over every single kitchen cabinet design detail, including:

 - Storage space (dependent on your favorite floor plan design)How to choose new home kitchen cabinets | Tips on NC kitchen design

 - Type of wood (maple, cherry, oak, etc)

 - Wood finish (espresso, cognac, java, etc)

 - Door style (classic arched, roman arch, square, raised vs. recessed, etc)

 - Decorative hardware




A professional interior designer can help you make the right choices, so that everything about your kitchen cabinets is just the way you want it, like what you’ll find with our FREE interior design services, when you build a Stanton Home.

Your kitchen design options are endless in a custom home. Talk to the experts, and take your time to do it right.

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