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14 Amazing Custom Home Master Bath Trends from Wood to Water

Posted by Stanton Homes on Tue, Jun 18, 2019 @ 06:06 AM

14 Incredible Master Bath Photos of Custom Tubs, Showers and Cabinetry Designs in North Carolina by Stanton Homes

See ideas for your new home and ask your builder what it takes to create these kinds of custom treatments for your intimate spaces

Click on images to see more photos.

#1 Master Bath Idea - Sui Generis 

Master Bath copper tub

One of a kind settings like this can only be created when you're working with a custom home builder with the expertise to be as creative as your imagination allows. Copper standing tub is another nice touch. 

#2 Master Bath Idea - Hot Sauna 

master bath sauna avonstone

Step into your hot Sauna and let the steam soothe your senses. Want more space? Features? Music? True custom homes are built on your desires.

#3 Master Bath Idea - Jetted Spa Bath

Master bath jacuzzi

Soak in the comfort of your new jetted spa bathtub. Even the closet beyond is bathed in natural light. Artistic tile arrangements soften the mood from surround to shower to floor.

#4 Master Bath Idea - Huge Walk-in Shower


Step into your massive dual shower with door-less freedom and splash all you'd like. It's not only spacious and beautiful - it's practical - with built in features for aging-in-place.

#5 Master Bath Idea - Standing Tub


Create the placement of your standing tub to allow for personal space, with everything down to the placement of the faucet where you want it, like this romantic setting.

#6 Master Bath Idea - Contemporary Cabinetry


One glance will tell you why Modern/Contemporary Cabinetry with custom built-ins in the Master Bath is a huge new trend. Antique wood-look tile blends architectural styles - another big movement.

#7 Master Bath Idea - Classic Spa Setting


Classic columns and a barrel vault ceiling with a soaking tub surrounded by tile and soothing colors create a feeling of serenity for this custom designed bathing splendor.

#8 Master Bath Idea - Estate Home Elegance


Custom shaped arched alcoves designed for personal space. Cabinetry that stretches the entire length of the Master Bathroom, with a wardrobe centerpiece. Exquisite.

#9 Master Bath Idea - Spaciousness


Everything about this Master Bathroom is big, from cathedral ceiling to wrap around furniture cabinetry with quartz counter tops and bold tile: Custom homes are designed to fit your lifestyle.

#10 Master Bath Idea - Playful

master bath shower tub combo coquery

This Master Bathroom with a tile wrapped soaking tub open to a walk-through shower behind was brought to life by Stanton Homes based on a sketch homebuyers made in the sand at the beach.  

#11 Master Bath Idea - Tub for Two

master bath tub penelope

This huge tub for two is artfully placed in the corner for more intimacy. It's surrounded by ledges to tuck soaps, sponges and candles into and bathed in natural light.

#12 Master Bath Idea - Niches and Niceties

Master bath dinsmore soap nooks

Don't forget the details! When you work with the right new home builder to customize your home, you can help create little things like soap niches, benches and other built-in special features. 

#13 Master Bath Idea - Bench it!

Master bath shower dahlberg

Big showers are best with big benches. This Master Bathroom shower was built for two - with the capability for total accessibility.

#14 Master Bath Idea - Walk Through Shower 

master bath tub shower combo daniel

Here's how it can look to design/build the ultimate walk-through shower with separate benches and all the spigots you want - with a soaking tub at the forefront. Creative tile choices, too!


More Chatham County New Homes | Custom Home Builder NC Options


Help Finding a Floor Plan that Fits your Lifestyle


Get Started Here - Custom Building Your New Home 




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Which Master Bath is Best for Me? | Raleigh Custom Homes

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Sep 21, 2016 @ 10:09 AM

Master Bathroom Photos: Barrel vaults, white columns, separate vanities, tile tub surround, his and her shower

You're guaranteed to spend a significant amount of time in your master bathroom. What features, layout options, and finishes are most important in keeping your morning and evening routines on track?

His and Her Master Bath Plans | Raleigh Custom Homes

Scroll to view side-by-side photos of two ways to build The Cotswold master bath, from Frank Betz.

Separate his and hers vanities with an alcove tub (and shower across the way):


Dark or light colored vanity tops?


Arched built in art niches, or space for classic white columns?


Archway above the his and her shower (with shower heads on each end)?  Or wide open spaces with white subway tile?



 Is this master bathroom too large? What would you take out?

See the Cotswold Floor Plan here.

bike trails

More Side-by-Side Photos of The Cotswold:


Great Room


Master Suite


Sun Room


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Top 6 Small Bathroom Layouts [For the Master Suite]

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, May 26, 2015 @ 19:05 PM


Bathroom Layouts for Small Spaces:

While en suite baths have grown in square footage over the years, many home buyers are still asking for floor plans with more compact, well-planned bathroom layouts.

Below are our top 6 small master bathroom layout ideas with photos from Stanton Homes in the Raleigh, NC area.

Here are some most popular custom homes with a small master bathroom (with photos below):

How to Design a Small Bathroom:

The best small bathroom designs center on using space efficiently. 

Some common bathroom design techniques include:

How to Design a Small Bathroom Idea #1: Eliminate the Tub

A long-standing debate over the master bathroom is whether to include a tub (especially for those who rarely use their current tub).

On one hand, buyers argue that a master bathroom tub is a must-have item. Therefore, if you plan to re-sell your home in the future, you may not want to choose this space-saving layout idea.

On the other hand, bathroom tubs are huge space-users. Eliminating the tub can reduce your bathroom size by a minimum of 24 sq ft (a standard tub deck is usually about 6x4 feet).

Eliminating the tub will also offer more flexibility in how you arrange your bathroom floor plan. Here is an example of a small master bathroom with no tub:

Small Bathroom Layouts | Small Bathroom Photos

See more examples of homes without a tub in the master bathroom, here.

Small Bathroom Idea #2: Single Vanity Location

"His and hers vanities" are a popular bathroom design request (home buyers often agree that two sinks in the master bathroom are essential).

A single, long vanity with two sinks -- rather than separated vanities -- can save you space, depending on the overall layout of your bath.

Here is an example:

Small Bathroom Layouts | Small Bathroom Photos

While the center vanity drawers are shared, each sink has lower cabinets that offer plenty of personal storage space. The single wall layout makes this master bathroom more efficient. See a floor plan for this home - a version of The Sutherland - here.

View photos of 12 more his and hers vanity layouts in Raleigh custom homes, here.

Small Bathroom Idea #3: Vaulted Ceilings

A ceiling vault can open up a small room, making it feel larger and more open. Here is an example of a small master bathroom with vaulted ceiling.

Overall, this master bathroom has just enough space to tuck in a his and hers vanity along one wall, with a tub and corner shower on the opposite side.

Small Bathroom Layouts | Small Bathroom Photos

Small Bathroom Idea #4: Bath Windows

Natural light can make a big difference in a small bathroom.

If your bathroom is too small to incorporate large picture windows, consider adding a row of smaller windows. 

Here is an example where windows located higher up -- designed to maintain privacy and eliminate the need for obscuring curtains.

Small Bathroom Layouts | Small Bathroom Photos

Another technique to add natural light -- and obscure outside visibility -- is the use of glass block windows with textured glass. Here is an example:

Small Bathroom Layouts | Small Bathroom Photos

Small Bathroom Idea #5: Built-In Storage

Built-in shelving will add storage space to a smaller bathroom, without taking up floor space. Here is an example of open concept shelving. Doorless storage makes the room feel larger, and avoids the need for door swing space.

Small Bathroom Layouts | Small Bathroom Photos


Small Bathroom Idea #6: Compact Hallways

There is no tub -- or open space -- in this compact master bathroom. The shower is tucked beside one of the vanities, with a short hallway leading to the closet.

Small Bathroom Layouts | Small Bathroom Photos


How to Design a Small Bathroom:

What master bath features matter most to you and your family? Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll show you how to built it - with recommendations for floor plan features and selections that fit your budget.

More About Master Bathroom Design:

17 Favorite Master Bath Tub Surrounds | 2014 Bath Design Ideas

Master shower tile designs - with floor plan images

Bathroom Tile Trends - Custom Mosaic Tile Designs

Tub Surround Tile Ideas - Photos and Tips

Custom Home Master Bath Design Ideas

Master bath designs without a tub

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5 Ways To A Classic Master Bathroom Design | Hillsborough New Homes

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Mar 02, 2015 @ 06:03 AM

Classic Master Bathroom Design

Furniture Style Vanities with Feet

Traditional bathroom design elements include deep wood stains and finishes, wide crown molding, oil rubbed bronze, copper, brushed nickel, or chrome touches, white tile patterns, stone (marble or granite) counter tops, and framed mirrors. 

See what it takes to build a classic master bath - with five longstanding design elements. 

Classic Master Bathroom Design #1: Dark Wood Furniture Vanities

Furniture style vanities with feet add antique appeal to modern bathrooms. The dark his and her vanities offer a stark contrast against the soft, soothing tile and walls.

A patterned mirror and long candle shelf - placed between two peek-a-boo windows - adds a bit of European rustic charm.

Classic Master Bathroom Design Ideas | Cary NC Custom Homes

Classic Master Bathroom Design #2: Crown Molding

Crown molding stretches around this master bathroom, topping it with understated elegance.

Generous mirrors fill these bathroom walls, making the abundant space feel even larger.

Classic Master Bathroom Design Ideas | Cary NC Custom Homes

Just inside the closet, an island with matching granite top offers ample, concealed storage space. A closet island can replace the need for a bedroom dresser. 

Classic Master Bathroom Design #3: Granite Counter Tops

While granite counter tops are a classic go-to material for master bathroom vanities, we're seeing a surge in requests for Carrara marble countertops.

In this Chapel Hill custom home, the his and her vanities are topped with San Luiz granite. An Ogee style edge - a graceful serpentine curve - traces the granite tops.

Classic Master Bathroom Design Ideas | Cary NC Custom Homes

Classic Master Bathroom Design #4: Mixing Metal and Crystal

Cove feet support the his and hers vanities, with sink bump-outs that add depth and dimension to the classic bathroom design.

Romantic crystal lights and vanity knobs are paired with alluring chrome faucets.

Classic Master Bathroom Design Ideas | Cary NC Custom Homes

Classic Master Bathroom Design #5: White Tile Patterns

A personalized tile pattern in the shower, around the tub, or across the floor is a must-have for classic designs.

Classic Master Bathroom Design Ideas | Cary NC Custom Homes

Master Bathroom Design Ideas for Hillsborough New Homes

Freestanding Tubs in the Master Bath 

Guide to Selecting Master Bathroom Countertops

Master Bathroom Retreat Photo Galleries

Vaulted Ceilings in the Master Bathroom


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Why we love master bath lighting (And you should, too!)

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Apr 14, 2014 @ 09:04 AM

Master bath lighting trends

Favorite master bath lighting options

Once you've got a good idea of the master bathroom layout that will work best for you, it's time to get creative with your colors, accents, and lighting fixtures.  

1. Mixing genres - Contemporary square vanity lights with crystal pendants 

Three droplet-style crystal pendants take center stage in this luxury master bath. To the sides, the "his and hers" vanities incorporate 5-light vanity lights in a contemporary, squared shape. 

Crystal chandeliers are one of the fastest growing trends in master bathrooms, and formal dining rooms - a throwback to 18th century innovation in lighting. 

Master bath lighting trends

Design tip: More new homes are including triple pendants, in lieu of a single large fixture. See another example of triple pendant lighitng in the kitchen of the Treehouse, here.  

2. Layers of light - Sconces, crystal, and recessed lights

In this "his and hers" style master bath, full-height mirrors were added above each vanity. These mirrors reflect endless layers of light, truely opening up the room. 

Tall wall sconces, chosen for their height, were added beside the mirrors.

A central crystal fixture adds a bit of glimmer to the room, with a black shade to soften the light. For recessed lighting illuminates the free-standing tub and shower. 

Master bath lighting trends

3. Keeping it natural - Vaulted ceilings

A white vaulted ceiling and cool paint selections keep this master bath soft and open. A set of 4-light vanity lights and a recessed light above the tub are all that's need to keep this room relaxing and functional. 

Master bath lighting trends

Design tip: In general, a larger master bath does not require as much additional lighting as you may think. Less is more when adding lighting to a master bath, especially when you include large mirrors or light, bright, reflective tile. You want to create a soft glow, rather than a harsh illumination. 

4. Sun Soaked Bathroom - Light placement tricks

If you prefer to keep your master bathroom on the small side, lighting placement can make a big difference. In this custom home, large picture windows surround the soaking tub nook, bathing it in natural light. 

Master Bath Lighting

Subtle recessed lighting and fixtures were used in the shower and bathroom hallway to the toilet room and walk in closet. 

5. Taking the "old" out of "old-fashioned" - Mixing Metals with Crystal

From the ground-up, metalics shine in this master bath:

Smokey Topaz paint, Golden Sparkle granite, and metalic accent tiles. A bronze fixture with hanging crystals lends a romantic touch. 

Master bath lighting trends


6. Naturally Inspired Framing

Warm brown wooden framed mirrors punctuate this natrual master bath.

Three-light fixtures were placed above the his-and-her vanities, without overpowering the central prep area.  

Master Bath Lighting

7. Luxurious Retreat

This luxurious master bath focuses all attention on relaxation. Creamy neutral palettes sweep across the room and natural light flows in. 

A separate oversized shower rests around the corner. 

Master bath lighting

Master Bath Photo Galleries from NC Custom Homes

These articles feature tile surround ideas, master bathroom trends, and other new home design possibilities.

17 Master bath surrounds

What you should think twice about putting in your master bathroom

Top 10 mistakes home buyers make | How to build a new home

2014 Home Design Trends | 11 things your neighbors will wish they had

Master Suite Trends | Top 5 Master Suite Designs

What you should think twice about putting in your master bathroom

Best Tile Shower Designs for 2014 | Top Five Custom Home Showers

Master shower ideas | Master shower tile designs

Master Suite Outdoor Living Ideas | Top 3 Designs and Photos

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12 Best Master Bath Layouts | His and Hers Vanity Designs

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Mar 11, 2014 @ 09:03 AM

Best Designs for the Master Bath

Fabulous "His and Hers" Vanity Layouts

If you're like many NC new home owners, you crave a little separation and personal space for your morning and evening rituals.

Best master bath layouts | Dual vanity

A master bath with his-and-hers style dual vanities provides invaluable convenience in shared bathrooms.

Read on to learn the most difficult challenges - and solutions - to creating the perfect master bath layout.


Dual Vanity Design Idea #1: Appealing Contrast

Create complete separation, with dual vanities on opposite walls.

Rich, dark wood cabinets (Maple Espresso) ground these dual vanities in their crisp white and natural green (Sherwin Williams Herbal Wash) surroundings.

Tile and counter tops in this master bath are in Carolina Cream, Snow White, and Pearl.


Design tip: If you love completely separate vanity designs, use the vanities to frame and emphasize a custom bathtub or shower.


Dual Vanity Design Idea #2: Sophisticated Style for Two

Best master bath layouts | Dual vanity design

In this version of the Summerlyn, a glass French Door separates this his-and-hers bath from the luxury master suite (click here to see photos of the master suite fireplace and sitting room).

The Andover Oak Espresso cabinets make a bold statement against the Key Red tiles, Clay grout, and Cream walls.

Elements of traditional design, such as the arched entry above the tub and the 12x12 tile pattern, blend seamlessly with contemporary accents, including the sleek, squared vanity lights.

Dual Vanity Design Idea #3: Upscale Urban Craftsman

Best master bath layouts | Dual vanity designContemporary grey, white, and black tones - combined with soft crystal and pensive stainless steel features - create a completely unique master bath design.

In this custom bath, sidelights leave room for a pair of generous full-height mirrors.

Hide your toiletries in ample vanity storage, and show off your favorite items in open, built-in storage.

Design tip: white towels always make a great accent piece in open shelving.


Dual Vanity Design Idea #4: Dual vanities for dual heights

Best master bath layouts | Dual vanity design

Generally, a 33 inch tall vanity is ideal for women, while a 36 inch tall vanity suits most men.

Adding a dressing table between the his-and-hers vanities may be the mis-matched height solution you're looking for.

A short vanity drawer is perfect for storing smaller, daily use facial and hair products that tend to get lost in deeper drawers. 

Design Tip: In this master bath, a luxury shower with separate showerheads replaces the tub - perfect for those who want to wake up and get ready for the day at the same time.  

Dual Vanity Design Idea #5: Room for two

Best master bath layouts | Dual vanity designThis dual vanity area helps the linear space keep a calm, elegant look.

The vanity cabinets are a Maple wood, painted in Antique White.

In this custom master bath, recessed medicine cabinets, with a mirror front, were added to each vanity wall.

This master bath also has an integrated dressing table.

While dressing tables are designed as a seating station, you can convert the under-counter space into a storage aread. Just add a basket of towels, and it becomes space well used.  

Dual Vanity Design Idea #6: Single counter; dual sink

Best master bath layouts | Dual vanity designHere is another way to integrate a dressing table, with symmetrical dual sinks.

This master bath layout is perfect for plans that allow a  long wall on one side.

A soaking tub and alcove tile shower sit opposite the dual vanity design, which is perfect for homeowners who want to get ready side-by-side.



Dual Vanity Design Idea #7: Shared space

Best master bath layouts | Dual vanity designThis double vanity enjoys separate grooming spaces, while sharing central storage.

A bank of drawers and an open shelving unit placed in the middle of the vanity helps distinguish space, while placing shared storage within easy reach.

Design Tip: Open storage will make your master bath feel more spacious. Open shelves like these are a great place to integrate glass apothecary jars, filled with anything from soaps to seashells.


Dual Vanity Design Idea #8: Spa treatment

Best master bath layouts | Dual vanity design

Each time you enter this bathroom, it will feel like you've stepped into a spa retreat where calming whites and cool grays envelope your mornings and nights.

Furniture-inspired master bath vanities are tucked under barrel vaulted ceiling alcoves. 

Floor-to-ceiling central storage ensures plenty of room for everyone.


Dual Vanity Design Idea #9: Classy and classic

Best master bath layouts | Dual vanity design

This master bath sparkles  - with metalic tiles, bronze light fixtures, Smokey Topaz wall paint, and Golden granite counter tops with a 1/4 inch bevel edge.

In this custom home design, each vanity has a clear view into the master bedroom - which features a three-way see-through fireplace.

As you enjoy a long bath in this soaking tub, you can enjoy the warmth and flames of the glass fireplace - another way this room sparkles.

Dual Vanity Design Idea #10: Black and brown details

Best master bath layouts | Dual vanity design

Master baths that make an efficient use of space - like this angled vanity design - give you more square footage to work with in other rooms.

In this version of the Bostwick, a dual vanity, enlarged shower, and custom soaking tub all fit in an efficient space - leaving space for a sitting room in the master suite. 

The black shower frame contrasts nicely against the medium brown cabinets.

Dual Vanity Design Idea #11: Soothing atmosphere

Best master bath layouts | Dual vanity design

Cool greens are a popular choice for homeowners who want to create a serene backdrop to this master living quarters.

When you enter this master bath through the arched opening, a vanity sits to each side.

A hallway with his-and-hers closets leads to the master suite. This design is perfect for you, if you do not want to pass through the bathroom each time you need to use the closet.


Dual Vanity Design Idea #12:

Best master bath layouts | Dual vanity designOpposite from the floor plan above, this master bath separates the master suite from the walk-in closets - once you pass through the private exercise room.

One vanity sits adjacent to the oversized shower; the other sits by the soaking tub.

While each vanity only has one side of drawers, a island cabinet in the master closet provides more than enough extra storage space.


More master bathroom designs and trends for Raleigh new homes:

17 Favorite Master Bath Tub Surrounds

Master shower tile designs - with floor plan images

Bathroom Tile Trends - Custom Mosaic Tile Designs

Tub Surround Tile Ideas - Photos and Tips

Custom Home Master Bath Design Ideas

Master bath designs without a tub

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What you should think twice about putting in your master bathroom

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Oct 29, 2013 @ 11:10 AM

Five design tips for your master bathroom


How long do you plan to live in your next home? Keep resale value in mind, as you design your master bath: 

Master Bath
As you build your new home, always plan for the future.

Here are a few aspects to keep in mind:

Consider integrating aging-in-place design features.

Aging-in-place features can be seamlessly added to your master bathroom, so that everything is beautiful as well as adaptable.


Examples can include:  

- Shower grab bars 

- Textured tile flooring

- Distinct lighting

If you think you might put your home up for sale one day, aging-in-place design can add value and increase your resale potential.  Even a zero-threshold shower can be a great addition.

And if you intend to retire in it, you'll appreciate small details that make everyday movements more comfortable.  

Don't skimp on energy savings:

Master Bath

Think about future savings built-into energy features. 

Whole-home features, such as spray foam insulation, will make a huge difference to your monthly energy bills.

Low flow faucets and dual flush toilets can also add daily cost savings - while preserving our precious water resources.

Your builder can tell you a whole lot more about energy features that make cents for you.



Think twice before leaving out a tub:

What you should think twice about putting in your master bathroom

Love to take long, hot showers? Dual shower heads might be a good investment.

It can make getting clean a lot more interesting, and it's also a great feature for resale.



But don't get so focused on the shower that you forego a soaking tub. Even if you prefer showers, many people still want the versatility, and that can make a difference in your resale appeal.

Master Bath

Don't choose a kind of tile nobody else would want for the master bath: 

There are a tremendous amount of tile possibilities for custom homes. And the choice you make can make a huge impact on the ambiance of your master bathroom.

Master Bath

Sure, it's all about personality. But it helps to get the opinion of a professional interior designer to help make sure everything flows together seamlessly.

Top builders like Stanton Homes will install tiles of virtually any size, texture and color - you're not limited to four basic choices like many builders offer.

Ask your designer to help you see the difference it can make when you coordinate the entire room around your tile, with something warm and comforting.

Don't be conservative with your lighting or your paint: 

What you should think twice about putting in your master bathroomGo bold with your color choices.

Paint is something you can change, later, so don't hold back if your personality likes things bright.


Choose a couple of rooms that are personal spaces and decorate with abandon, from modern and white hanging lights to classic and bronze chandeliers - whatever feels like "you."


It's one of the least expensive ways to personalize your home, with light and color that sets special spaces apart. 






2014 Master Bathroom Design Trends:

Best Tile Shower Designs for 2014 | Top Five Custom Home Showers

Tile tub ideas that complement our top five custom home showers

Top five custom home showers - types of framed shower enclosures 

Accessible shower design - for wheelchair accessible homes

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Granite Counter Tops in the Master Bath

Posted by Penny Hull on Fri, Jun 29, 2012 @ 10:06 AM

Should I Add Granite in the Master Bath?

Photos and Ideas for Master Bath Granite Vanities

How much does granite cost? | Photos of master bath granite counters


If you are thinking about building a new home in North Carolina, you're probably looking for pictures of your favorite master bathroom design ideas.

The master bath is the place where you begin and end your day - and it should be relaxing, convenient, and most of all, elegantly designed.



How Much Does it Cost to Include Granite Counter Tops in the Master Bathroom?

Since the cost of granite has gone down over the past few years, upgrading to granite in the master bath may be a lot more reasonable than you might think. Ask Stanton Homes for an initial home plan cost estimate - and make sure to mention that you're interested in granite vanity tops.

Photos of Granite Counters in the Master Bath

Take a look at these photos of master bathroom vanity tops made of granite, and get ideas for your own custom designed, luxurious master bath.

How much does granite cost? | Photos of master bath granite counters

The master bathroom granite counter top pictured to the left is taken from a recently completed Fuquay-Varina, NC custom home.

What other special features are included in this master bath?

 - Under-counter knee space for a make-up or prep area with chair

 - Custom tile floor design with oversized 12x24 inch tiles

 - Walk-in closet with hardwood flooring


How much does granite cost? | Photos of master bath granite countersThe master bathroom granite counter top pictured to the right is taken from a recently completed Chapel Hill area custom home.

Granite counters come in a huge variety of colors - and can easily complement any bathroom color scheme.

Granite is a natural product harvested from quarries. Colors and patterns vary depending on the geological processes in the region where they are quarried.  


How much does granite cost? | Photos of master bath granite counters



The master bathroom granite counter top pictured to the left is taken from a recently completed Raleigh, NC custom home.

This angled master bath counter is completely unique to this version of The Kelley.

When making bathroom selections with a Stanton Homes interior designer, our home buyers view samples representative of a type of granite to make their color and style choices.



How much does granite cost? | Photos of master bath granite counters


The master bathroom granite counter top pictured to the right is taken from a recently completed Raleigh, NC contemporary style home.

These his-and-hers separate master bath counters are beautifully integrated into this version of The Worthington.



What are the Benefits of Choosing Granite Counter Tops?

So, if granite counters cost more (even if the price difference isn't as large as it used to be), why should you choose granite over other types of counters?

Granite counters are longer-lasting, offer more depth and richness in color selections (cultured marble is usually limited to neutral shades), and have a particularly appealing appearance with the wide variety of edge styles offered by Stanton Homes.

More Master Bath Design Trends and Ideas

These articles feature tile surround ideas, master bathroom trends, and other new home design possibilities. How much does granite cost? | Photos of master bath granite counters

Top 10 Master Bath Trends

Tub Surround Tile Ideas - Photo and Tips

Custom Home Master Bath Design Ideas

Custom Home Design Build Ideas - How to Design Build your New Home

Types of Tile - Which Types of Tile Are Used Most Often in Master Baths and Kitchens?

Vaulted Master Bathrooms

29 Tile Tub Surround Ideas - Photo Ideabook on Houzz

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