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Top 10 Kitchen Trends

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, Jan 03, 2013 @ 09:01 AM

Top 10 Kitchen Trends - Custom Home Builder Ideas

Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2013

Kitchens are the central gathering place of new homes - a place where family and friends talk, cook, and eat together. The top 10 kitchen trends for 2013 revolve around:

 - Professional-grade cooking capabilities

 - Individual entertainment styles

 - Upscale design features

 - Maximization of square footage/minimization of clutter

Read on to find out what kitchen trends will hit new homes in 2013.

Kitchen Trend #1: Island with seating

Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2013 

 Island kitchen floor plans will include seating above and innovative storage solutions below.

 The island here, chosen in a version of the Carwile, features:

 - Bar with seating

 - Storage access on two sides

 - Black granite countertop


Kitchen Trend #2: Two islands

Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2013


We expect to see more creativity in kitchens, with the addition of a second island.

In this version of the Chalet Vert, a second island was added. The homeowners wanted to create the feeling of a breakfast room table with the functionality of a kitchen island

With this second island, the kitchen gained another 21 square feet of counter space, two additional large cabinets for storage, and seating for up to five people.

Kitchen Trend #3: Gas cooking

Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2013


Premium cooking appliances will take center stage in kitchens.

Gas cooktops are used by professional chefs, for their instant heat, precision, flexibility, and ease of use.

Gas cooktops use an overhead ventilation system, which can also add visual appeal to your kitchen.



Kitchen Trend #4: Premium tile backsplash

Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2013

From glass mosaics to custom inlay designs, kitchens will boast premium tile backsplashes.

The kitchen pictured here features a full-height glass mini-mosaic tile pattern above the range coupled with a grey subway tile base used throughout.




Kitchen Trend #5: Granite or Quartz countertops

Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2013

The preference for granite will continue in kitchens.

Granite countertops come in a huge variety of colors and patterns - and every counter is unique.

Granite countertops can be chosen to blend into or contrast against tile back splashes and kitchen cabinets.

How much do granite counter tops cost? Click here to learn more about adding granite to a kitchen.


Kitchen Trend #6: Cabinet and Island Colors

Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2013

More and more kitchens are making a statement by combining Espresso/Java cabinet finishes with lighter/white island finishes.


Read more about kitchen color trends that combine dark and light cabinets.





Kitchen Trend #7: Stone accents

Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2013

 Stone accents - from custom wall surrounds to back splashes and inlays - will make your kitchen look and feel exclusive.








Kitchen Trend #8: Walk in pantries

Top 10 Floorplan Trends | Walk In Kitchen PantryKitchens will also trend towards including one large walk in pantry or a combination of two smaller pantries.

The single large pantry can be tucked into hallways, under staircases, or turned into "hidden" rooms in order to take advantage of previously unused square footage away from the central kitchen area.

See photos of the top 5 walk in pantry designs for Raleigh new homes here.


Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2013


When two pantries are included, one can be added as a cabinet. For example, the white cabinetry pantry pictured here was included in a version of the Brogan.

(note: this kitchen features the reverse of kitchen trend #6 - a dark island combined with white cabinets)



Kitchen Trend #9: Multiple sinks and faucets

Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2013


New home kitchens will include more convenience and functionality for those who love to cook, with additional sinks, faucets, and fillers, including:

 - Prep sinks/vegetable sinks

 - Island sinks

 - Pot fillers (located above the range to avoid carrying heavy pots of water across the kitchen)

 (note: this kitchen has a two island floor plan design)

 Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2013

Kitchens will also trend towards including a central sink with one larger bowl, rather than two medium bowls (usually a 60-40 ratio). A single, larger sink will accommodate wide baking sheets and tall pots/pans.




Kitchen Trend #10: Beverage center

Top 10 Kitchen Trends for 2013More kitchens will feature some type of beverage center.

Specialty beverage centers can include:

 - Wine racks

 - Wine refrigerators

 - Beer and soda refrigerators

Built in beverage centers can be bold centerpieces of the kitchen, or discrete storage areas tucked around the corner in a butler's pantry or hallway.

In this list of top 10 kitchen trends, you have seen:

 - Professional-grade appliances for those who love to cook.

 - Floor plan features that meet individual entertainment styles, such as adding a second island, additional sink, or beverage center.

 - Upscale designs such as stone accents, custom tile backsplashes, and one-of-a-kind countertops.

 - Square footage maximization with tucked-in pantries/island seating and clutter minimization with inventive storage ideas.

More new home trends:

See photos of the top 10 master bath trends - click here.

Top 10 floorplan trends - click here to see how many of these floor plan design features are in your new home wish list

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Granite versus Laminate Countertops | Granite Edge Styles

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, May 23, 2012 @ 09:05 AM

How Much do Granite Countertops Cost?

Kitchen Design Trends for NC New Homes - Granite Countertop Cost, Selections, and Benefits

Homebuyers in North Carolina LOVE granite countertops - and when you look at these completed home pictures, you'll see why.How Much do Granite Countertops Cost? | Granite Counter Styles

But how much do granite countertops cost?

Below is a guide discussing the features, benefits, and costs of granite counters.

All About Granite Countertop

Granite is a natural product harvested from quarries. Colors and patterns vary depending on the geological processes in the region where they are quarried.

How Much do Granite Countertops Cost? | Granite Counter StylesGranite prices start at about 3-4 times the cost of laminate counters.

Because this is a natural material, granite selections are not made from a color chart - and every counter is unique.

When making kitchen selections with a Stanton Homes interior designer, our home buyers view samples representative of a type of granite to make their color and style choices.

There are a variety of edges available at no additional charge.

Upgraded edges can include a full bullnose and ogee (graceful serpentine curve), depending on the manufacture. Ask you builder which options come standard.

Granite Counter Top Edge Style Chart

Here is a quick guide to popular granite counter top edge styles. In this style chart, you will find shapes for a beveled, bullnose, pencil round, roundover, and ogee edge.

Granite Countertop Edge Style Chart

Here is a quick guide to recently completed Stanton Homes with each of these granite counter top edge styles. Click on the image or style name to view more photos of these custom designed kitchens featuring a wide variety of granite styles.

How Much do Granite Countertops Cost? | Granite Counter Styles
1/4 Inch Beveled Edge
How Much do Granite Countertops Cost? | Granite Counter Styles
1/2 Bullnose Edge
How Much do Granite Countertops Cost? | Granite Counter Styles
Pencil Round Edge

How Much do Granite Countertops Cost? | Granite Counter Styles
Demi Bullnose Edge
How Much do Granite Countertops Cost? | Granite Counter Styles
Ogee Edge

Benefits of Choosing Granite for Your Countertop Materials

Kitchens with Granite Countertops

Granite is fairly resistant to heat and scratches. If damaged, it may be possible to polish the countertop, since it is made of the same material throughout. 

The material must be resealed about every five years to protect it from stains, and careful attention must be paid to the natural stone seams.



What is the bottom line on granite countertop cost?

Granite Countertop Style IdeasAll countertop pricing is determined by square footage.

Most standard countertops are 2 ¼ feet wide.

To find out how much countertop you need, take the length of the countertop and multiply by the width. Then multiply the total square footage by the cost per square foot for the desired material. This will give you the starting point.

But there are additional considerations as well.

The cost of backsplashes depends on material and style, as does the edge of the countertop – which can all be customized in different materials.


Kitchen Granite Countertops


Even the type of sink makes a difference in countertop cost. An under-counter mount requires a more finished edge around the sink, which raises the cost for some materials.

Additional sinks or other cut outs can add to labor and installation expenses, as well. 

Custom home builders like Stanton Homes can walk you through the costs when you plan your home, so you can decide what kind of countertop you want to live with.

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