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Move-In Ready New Homes with Outdoor Living, Decks, Screen Porches

Posted by Stanton Homes on Wed, Apr 11, 2018 @ 11:04 AM

Chapel Hill New Homes with Backyard Living Spaces:

What outdoor living spaces are right for your family? Take a look at these new custom homes, and see which outdoor living aspects you like best!

Here are some examples of homes for sale with outdoor living spaces:

Get ideas from the best outdoor living floor plans with decks, patios, porches, and design features such as outdoor fireplaces.

Chapel Hill New Homes with a Deck

A backyard deck can be one of the most cost effective outdoor living additions to a new home. And a well-placed glass French door will ensure you take advantage of beautiful outdoor spaces, like this custom home in Chapel Hill, NC: 

Move In Ready New Homes Chapel Hill NC  | Outdoor Living Homes

Chapel Hill New Homes with a Deck and Patio

Can't decide on one type of outdoor living space? This new home combines a deck with a concrete patio. Separate spaces let you cook, dine, and play outdoors.

Move In Ready New Homes Chapel Hill NC  | Outdoor Living Homes


Move-In Ready New Homes Chapel Hill NC


Chapel Hill New Homes with a Screen Porch and Patio

A screened in porch can be used nearly year-round in the mild NC climate. 

Move In Ready New Homes Chapel Hill NC  | Outdoor Living Homes

TIP: The size, shape, and conditions of your new home lot may help determine aspects of outdoor living spaces. Make sure to discuss your lot with your builder, before signing a contract.

How to Build On Your Lot

Stanton Homes builds new custom homes throughout the Triangle area of North Carolina – tell us your favorite floor plan, and we’ll walk you through you next steps to build your custom home.


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7 Tips for Outdoor Living Spaces - 2014 New Home Design

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Jun 24, 2014 @ 09:06 AM

7 Tips for Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor living spaces continue to be a top request for 2014 Raleigh new home designs. Get 7 tips for how to design your outdoor living spaces, below.


Outdoor Living Space Tip #1: Integrate the indoor and outdoor

Design the outdoor living space into your home - by integrating at least two walls of the home into the deck, patio, or porch.

This will make your outdoor living spaces feel like a more cohesive part of your home - as they are physically structured into the floor plan.

In this Raleigh new home photo, the concrete patio follows the full length of the home, encased by a wall at each end. Brick steps lead to a future swimming pool.

7 Tips for Outdoor Living Spaces - 2014 New Home Design

Outdoor Living Space Tip #2: Maintain continuity

You should always maintain continuity by using the same style or genre inside and outside.

It can feel awkward if the interior of your home is contemporary and the exterior is traditional.

For instance, in this version of the Worthington, the home owners used synthetic landscaping materials - a black colored bark material - to continue the contemporary feel of their home, inside and out. A white exterior, red door, and black shutters round out this homes exterior style.

7 Tips for Outdoor Living Spaces - 2014 New Home Design

Outdoor Living Space Tip #3: Know your options

If you have a pretty good idea of what you want your outdoor living space to feel like, there are going to be more and less expensive alternatives that can create a similar upscale look.

For instance, while patio pavers (made of brick, stone, or concrete blocks) are beautiful, they are typically more expensive than adding stamped concrete.

7 Tips for Outdoor Living Spaces - 2014 New Home Design

Outdoor Living Space Tip #4: Create versatile spaces

If you have the option of integrating two distinct outdoor living spaces, consider a screen porch and deck OR patio layout.

Screen porches are best year-round spaces, especially if you integrate a fireplace.

7 Tips for Outdoor Living Spaces - 2014 New Home Design

Outdoor Living Space Tip #5: Special features

While it is tempting to get all the features you love into one space, you'll want to narrow in on a few favorites. Choosing a few special features will maintain a reasonable budget, and it will give your outdoor living spaces a center focus.

For instance, more 2014 home buyers are opting for a fireplace OR fire pit design.

If you plan to use a table with chairs, you'll want to avoid designs that build in seatwalls.

7 Tips for Outdoor Living Spaces - 2014 New Home Design

Outdoor Living Space Tip #6: Balancing act

While some home buyers are opting to add a full-service kitchen to their backyards, others want to keep it simple - with a grilling deck.

You'll want to ask yourself: how often will I truly use an outdoor cooking area? If the answer is on holidays, you're probably better off budgeting for an upgrade in the kitchen and a simple outdoor living space.

Keep in mind that simple does not mean small! A large, rectangular deck can be cost effective - with a total cost that's much lower than a potential outdoor kitchen, for example. Ask your builder about including a built-in gas line for your grill - like in this custom home.

7 Tips for Outdoor Living Spaces - 2014 New Home Design

Outdoor Living Space Tip #7: Low maintenance

Do you love working in the yard? Landscaping packages range from low to high maintenance.  Many homeowners are opting to add their own landscaping, rather than pay for a landscaping package over 30 years.  

More surveys show that home buyers are integrating vegetable gardens in their backyard - consider where you might like to place a garden or integrate particular types of plants.


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Contact Stanton Homes for floor plan ideas, to get a new home cost estimate, or find out more about building a custom home in North Carolina.

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Outdoor Living Trends | Top 5 "Most Requested" Screen Porches

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Oct 26, 2011 @ 11:10 AM

Outdoor Living Trends - Most Requested Outdoor Living Features

Top 5 Most Requested Screen Porch Ideas

Raleigh new home outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity - see what special details can make your custom screen porch or rear patio stand out.

Outdoor Living Spaces Photo Gallery: Porches, Decks, Screen Rooms.

Find out more about beadboard ceilings, stamped concrete, and designer selections that make the "most requested" list for Raleigh custom homes!

This Raleigh custom home sScreen Porch Styles | New Homes with Screen Porches | Rear Screen Porchcreen porch includes:

 - Beadboard Ceiling Treatment

 - Stamped Concrete

 - Lantern Style Ceiling Fan

 - Stained Hardwood Railings

 - French Doors from Great Room




What is beadboard, and what does it add to your outdoor living space?

What is beadboard | Beadboard Ceilings

Beadboard is a ceiling treatment that gives a routed design to previously flat panels or flat wood coverings. 

Beadboard is sometimes referred to as a "tongue and groove" treatment.

Beadboard can be made of wooden planks, beadboard panels (as in this example), or even vinyl

Beadboard ceiling treatments give a your new home a more classic (and expensive) look and feel, without paying too much.  


What is stamped concrete, and could it be a good choice for your new home porch or patio?

Stamped Concrete | What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is created by pouring slab concrete into a walkway, patio, or porch, and imprinting a pattern, texture, and/or color.

The stamp duplicates different surfaces, such as cobblestones, brick, wood, seashells, and others.  

This technique offers homebuyers a durable, realistic, and easy to clean alternative to pavers or natural stone.  




What other designer selections were included in this custom screen porch?

Custom Home Screen Porch | One Story Brick Homes | Raleigh Custom Home Builders


The ceiling fan in this screen porch is a lantern style in a deep bronze finish.

The railing and posts are made of weather treated Northern hardwood, stained in a natural brown that blends perfectly with the brick exterior

French doors lead outside from the great room.



Looking for a custom home with a terrific outdoor living area?  Stanton Homes on staff designers will work with you to create just what you have in mind - and give you suggestions on how to meet your budget, too! 

Want more outdoor living ideas for your Raleigh new home?

Top 5 Outdoor Living Features - Raleigh, NC New Homes

Custom home rear porch and screen porch styles and ideas

Learn more about Beadboard Ceiling Treatments

New Home Front Porch Style Ideas


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