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Master Suite Outdoor Living Ideas | Top 3 Designs and Photos

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, May 01, 2013 @ 10:05 AM

Outdoor living connected to the master suite

Top 3 Master suite deck, patio, and screen porch ideas

Surveys show that outdoor living spaces continue to hit the top of homebuyer "must have" lists.

Below are three outdoor living space designs that connect directly to the master suite, accommodating first and second floor master bedroom floor plans.

Master suite outdoor living idea #1: Romeo and Juliet Balcony

Outdoor living connected to the master suite | Master suite deck


 Second story balconies are a romantic addition to any custom home master bedroom.

 In this example, pictured from a version of the Maple Lane, a custom-designed Romeo and Juliet style balcony was added onto the second story master suite.




Outdoor living connected to the master suite | Master suite deck



This balcony adds just enough space to include two rocking chairs and a side table.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the mild North Carolina spring and summer seasons with a fantastic view.





Master suite outdoor living idea #2: Courtyard patio

Outdoor living connected to the master suite | Master suite deck


 This master bedroom, pictured from a version of the Country Manor, opens up to a large courtyard style patio.

Double French doors provide an elegant entranceway between indoor and outdoor living spaces. 





Outdoor living connected to the master suite | Master suite deck



Take one step outside from the master bedroom, and enjoy the sight and sound of a roaring, cozy fire in this stone-front outdoor fireplace topped with metal accent roofing.





Master suite outdoor living idea #3: Private hot tub access

Outdoor living connected to the master suite | Master suite deck


 This custom home design, pictured from a version of the Woodlake, incorporates private master bedroom access to the screen porch.







Outdoor living connected to the master suite | Master suite deck


Enjoy the luxury of a hot tub, in your own private area screened away from pesky mosquitoes.

Hardwood floors in the master bedroom make a nice transition to the extended personal space.






It's easy to incorporate your own outdoor living space ideas, when you work with an award winning design team that works with you to create your own floor plan with an outdoor living design with custom details, lighting fixture designs, and furniture placement ideas. You're never held back to a limited set of options when you design your own environment with a truly custom builder. Contact Stanton Homes to learn more about building a custom home in North Carolina.

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Outdoor Living Space | NC Custom Home Builder Tips

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Jul 17, 2012 @ 09:07 AM

Survey - Why Homebuyers Want New Homes with Outdoor Living Areas

Decks, Porches, Fenced Yards, Private Balconies, and More

What is the number one reason why home buyers in North Carolina (and around the country) love new homes with outdoor living spaces?

Most Popular Outdoor Living Uses | New Homes with Outdoor Spaces

According to a survey of new home shoppers by John Burns Real Estate Consulting:

Privacy from neighbors is a key factor when buying a new home.

Over 14,500 consumers were surveyed. 

Outdoor features provide privacy not only from neighbors - but also from roads and community/neighborhood spaces.


Why do home buyers want outdoor living space?

Below is a break-down of the most popular uses of outdoor living spaces.  Recreation, entertainment, and cooking spaces are all important to buyers.

Most Popular Outdoor Living Uses | New Homes with Outdoor Spaces

What do we mean by outdoor living spaces?

Some of the most popular types of outdoor amenities include:

 - CourtyardsMost Popular Outdoor Living Uses | New Homes with Outdoor Spaces

 - Covered patios

 - Balconies

 - Decks

 - Fenced-in yards


 Read more about the John Burns survey here.



Check out some favorite outdoor living amenity photos on Pinterest!

Most popular outdoor living features and new home exterior styles:

Here are just a few articles detailing some of the most popular outdoor living features and new home exterior styles - in central North Carolina.

2012 Outdoor Living Trends | Raleigh New Homes with Outdoor Living | Outdoor Living Features Raleigh New Homes with Front Porches | Types of Front Porches | Front Porch Styles Exterior Elevations | Exterior Styles | Custom Home Exterior Choices

Contact us at Stanton Homes to learn more about outdoor living amenities in the Raleigh, NC area. We can build virtually any floor plan, from just about any architect or online new home source.

Give us your favorite plan (or ask us for help finding it), and we’ll tell you the bottom line.

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What Rooms are Buyers Asking For? | New Home Design Trends

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Dec 28, 2011 @ 06:12 AM

New Home Design Trends - 2011 AIA Survey

Special Function Rooms Becoming More Popular 

According to the home design trends survey for 2nd quarter 2011 from the American Institute of Architects, several special function rooms, such as home offices, outdoor living spaces, and mother-in-law suites have seen increased popularity from 2010 to 2011. 

A few other special function rooms have shown a decline in interest during this time period, including greenhouses, pet rooms/interior kennels, and storm rooms/safe rooms.

AIA's survey shows the following special function rooms as having an increasing interest level in 2011:

Hobby/game rooms show a come-back, from their decline in interest in 2009-2010 survey results.

Here is a chart of AIA's 2nd quarter 2011 special function room survey results:


New Home Design Trends 

Learn more about outdoor living spaces, home offices, mud rooms, and in law suites in central North Carolina new homes:

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Which is more popular, formal dining rooms or home offices?

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Ways to save money in the laundry room - mud room features

What is a mudroom?

Mother in law suite homes - In-law suite floor plans

Custom Designed Inlaw Suites - See How We Make Floor Plan Modifications


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Outdoor Living Trends | Top 5 "Most Requested" Screen Porches

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Oct 26, 2011 @ 11:10 AM

Outdoor Living Trends - Most Requested Outdoor Living Features

Top 5 Most Requested Screen Porch Ideas

Raleigh new home outdoor living spaces are growing in popularity - see what special details can make your custom screen porch or rear patio stand out.

Outdoor Living Spaces Photo Gallery: Porches, Decks, Screen Rooms.

Find out more about beadboard ceilings, stamped concrete, and designer selections that make the "most requested" list for Raleigh custom homes!

This Raleigh custom home sScreen Porch Styles | New Homes with Screen Porches | Rear Screen Porchcreen porch includes:

 - Beadboard Ceiling Treatment

 - Stamped Concrete

 - Lantern Style Ceiling Fan

 - Stained Hardwood Railings

 - French Doors from Great Room




What is beadboard, and what does it add to your outdoor living space?

What is beadboard | Beadboard Ceilings

Beadboard is a ceiling treatment that gives a routed design to previously flat panels or flat wood coverings. 

Beadboard is sometimes referred to as a "tongue and groove" treatment.

Beadboard can be made of wooden planks, beadboard panels (as in this example), or even vinyl

Beadboard ceiling treatments give a your new home a more classic (and expensive) look and feel, without paying too much.  


What is stamped concrete, and could it be a good choice for your new home porch or patio?

Stamped Concrete | What is stamped concrete?

Stamped concrete is created by pouring slab concrete into a walkway, patio, or porch, and imprinting a pattern, texture, and/or color.

The stamp duplicates different surfaces, such as cobblestones, brick, wood, seashells, and others.  

This technique offers homebuyers a durable, realistic, and easy to clean alternative to pavers or natural stone.  




What other designer selections were included in this custom screen porch?

Custom Home Screen Porch | One Story Brick Homes | Raleigh Custom Home Builders


The ceiling fan in this screen porch is a lantern style in a deep bronze finish.

The railing and posts are made of weather treated Northern hardwood, stained in a natural brown that blends perfectly with the brick exterior

French doors lead outside from the great room.



Looking for a custom home with a terrific outdoor living area?  Stanton Homes on staff designers will work with you to create just what you have in mind - and give you suggestions on how to meet your budget, too! 

Want more outdoor living ideas for your Raleigh new home?

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