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Choosing between a screen porch and deck | Outdoor Living Design

Posted by Stanton Homes Design on Thu, Jun 28, 2012 @ 10:06 AM

What's Better - Screen Porch or Deck?

Porch and deck design ideas

What are some of the biggest trends in Raleigh, NC new home building?  Extending square footage outside by adding outdoor living spaces to a floor plan!  Outdoor living spaces can include screen porches, open porches, patios, decks, and more.

See photos of porches, decks, and screen rooms on Raleigh new homes.


Choosing between a screen porch and deck | Outdoor Living Design

How are new home owners deciding between a screen porch and a deck?  Here are a few of the benefits of both outdoor space options:

Benefits of a Screen Porch:

 - A screen porch provides shelter from rain, heat, cold, and bugs - letting home owners use the outdoor space for more months of the year.

 - An enclosed porch adds resale value and curb appeal

 - Porches with a screen provide a safe area for kids to play outdoors

Benefits of a Deck

Choosing between a screen porch and deck | Outdoor Living Design

 - If you love the outdoors, but are building on a budget, a deck is a great way to add outdoor square footage for a much lower cost.

 - Decks are better for summer cookouts - with the smoke from a grill rising up (instead of getting trapped inside a screen room).

 - Decks are more open to the rest of your back yard - allowing an easy flow between different outdoor activities.

 - Decks can still add more resale value than many indoor home additions (such as a sunroom).

Outdoor Living Space Design TipsChoosing between a screen porch and deck | Outdoor Living Design

 - Have in mind what you will use your porch or deck for, before you build.

 - How many people do you expect to entertain? 

 - How often will you have guests over? 

 - How much furniture will you need to fit?

 - Match the materials and details of your porch or deck to the rest of your exterior! You want to attain a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor spaces. 

 - Remember, wood flooring (versus concrete flooring) has benefits and costs. It can be painted/stained to match your home selections, but it also requires more maintenance.

Not ready to add a screen porch or deck to your new home price?

Choosing between a screen porch and deck | Outdoor Living Design


Looking for a custom home with a terrific outdoor living area?  The Stanton Homes design team will work with you to create just what you have in mind - and give you suggestions on how to meet your budget, too!

Stanton Homes can help you find a floor plan and building lot that are suited for an outdoor living space addition - so you can look ahead as you build. 


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