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How to Choose Your Fence: Raleigh New Home Fence Ideas

Posted by Penny Hull on Wed, Aug 03, 2011 @ 06:08 AM

What type of fence should you choose for your new home?

Want to know which type of fence can meet your aesthetic and practical needs for your new custom home in the Raleigh area?

There are 5 common types of fences in the Raleigh area: wood, vinyl, metalcomposite, and wrought iron.

Each of these fence types has varying costs and benefits. When deciding which fence will best suite your needs, first ask yourself a few questions:

1: How much do you want to pay?

2: What is the purpose of the fence?

3: How much time are you willing to invest in the maintenance of your fence?

Here are the top 5 most common fence types in Raleigh, in order of least expensive to most expensive.

Types of Fences


1. Wood

Typical wood fences are generally the most cost effective and the most common in the Raleigh area.

Wood fences can be low maintenance overall, with routine scraping, painting (or staining), and sealing.


Raleigh New Home Builder



2. Vinyl Panel

Vinyl fences also popular among new homebuyers because they require little to no maintenance.

Vinyl fences can come in a variety of colors and styles, and are known for their durability and resilience.

A vinyl fence generally costs more than a wood or aluminum fence.


3. Metal/AluminumNew Home Aluminum Fence

Metal fences can also be found throughout the Raleigh area.

Metal fences are low-maintenance and easy to customize (by adding color, scrolls, finials, ball caps, or rails).

An alternative to regular metal fencing is wrought iron, which costs much more and requires yearly maintenance.  


4. Composite Pieced

Composite fences usually consist of wood and plastic materials.

Composite fences are generally low maintenance and can be more durable than vinyl.

Some composite fences are made of recycled plastic and wood pulp materials


5. Wrought Iron

Wrought iron fences are generally more expensive, and require more yearly maintenance (especially due to rust).

But, they can be a beautiful addition to any new home. Wrought iron fences are commonly found in historic districts because of their rustic appeal and durable appearance.


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How Much Does it Cost to Add Solar Power? | Raleigh Green Home Tips

Posted by Penny Hull on Fri, Dec 03, 2010 @ 08:12 AM

How much does Solar Energy cost in Raleigh?

Tips from Raleigh Green Home Builders

What’s it cost to include solar power in a new green built home in the Raleigh area?  

Like everything you build into a Raleigh green home, it depends on how much you’re asking it to accomplish.

The total cost of the residential solar panel system will vary depending on things like:

  • where is the home located?
  • how big is the home?
  • what kind of design does the home have?
  • what are the site conditions?

This solar calculator can give you an idea of what to expect, pending a residential solar panel evaluation.*

Residential Solar Panels | Raleigh Green Home Builders

These examples are from the online solar calculator at

Does Raleigh have Residential Solar Energy incentives?

The Raleigh area has some of the nation's most acclaimed solar providers, like Southern Energy Management.  Check with a solar energy provider for information specific to your project.

Some of the solar energy incentives available right now include:

  • Federal Renewable Energy Tax Credit (30%)
  • NC Renewable Energy Tax Credit (35%, cap of $10,500)
  • NC GreenPower Production Initiative ($0.13/kWh)

Your energy provider can walk you through the structure of these credits.

Solar energy is typically seen as a long-term investment, for a home you intend to live in for quite a while. But even though the amount paid upfront is still significant, these incentives reduce the overall cost for residential solar power systems to the lowest it's ever been. 

Planning ahead for Residential Solar Power Systems

When you’re building a new green home in Raleigh, you can make sure it is prepped for future solar power capabilities during the construction stage.

Your Raleigh green home builder can pre-wire and pre-plumb the home for a solar electric (PV) system or solar water heaters. It won’t cost very much at the time, and the pre-planning will save you a lot of money when you’re ready to install a solar PV system or solar water heater.

*All figures provided by solar calculator at, for Raleigh 27613, $200/month electric costs, Progress Energy.  Consult with a solar provider for specific estimate for your project, and consult with a tax advisor for more information on tax credits.


Raleigh Green Home Builders | New Homes with Solar

ecoSelect Third Party Energy Certification –

The ecoSelect certification in your new home indicates that the construction is designed to provide higher levels of energy efficiency, per the national HERS index, with better indoor air quality and water efficiency than standard new homes.  We're not afraid to have third party inspectors check our homes carefully, for your piece of mind and long term value.  Learn more about new homes with lower energy costs, here.


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