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11 Quick tips about choosing a lot for your new home

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, Mar 13, 2014 @ 09:03 AM

Must read tips on choosing a lot for your new home

Home builder advice on buying a lot

Built on your lot | Choosing a new home lot

Tip #1: Never buy a lot before you have the builder look it over. He sees things nobody else does that can make your eyes go wide. Ask for a builder lot inspection.


Tip #2: If you already own a lot, ask the builder to take a look at it before you choose your floor plan. Your building envelope may be different than you think.


Tip #3: If the lot you’re looking at costs way less than the lots around it, find out why. It could be a bargain or it could require a lot of extra expense before building can begin. 

Tip #4: If the lot needs clearing, ask your builder if that's included in your package - and if not, how much they will add to prepare the lot. 

Tip #5: One of the biggest advantages of building a totally custom home – you choose where you want to live.  Stanton Homes can build your custom home on any unrestricted lot where you can bring your own builder – in communities from gated estate to countryside.

Built on your lot | Choosing a new home lot 

Tip #6: If you want a basement, you need a lot with a slope.


Tip #7:  If your lot has slope, you may need a basement even if you weren't considering one.   Also, the difference in cost between a basement or a tall crawl space might be a lot less than you think - and an unfinished basement has a lot to offer.


Tip #8: Communities often have requirements for things like where your house can sit, how long your driveway needs to be, and what kind of landscaping you'll need. All of these things can impact your price, so tell us where you’d like to live and we’ll wrap all of those costs into your estimate.


Tip #9: Communities with lots of amenities are usually more expensive to build in. They want to ensure the integrity of their neighborhoods remains high for resale value, so there are a lot of rules to conform to that also incur extra costs.

Built on your lot | Choosing a new home lot 

Tip #10: Septics are extremely common in NC – nearly every home on more than half an acre has one, and installation and care is easier than it's ever been before.


Tip #11: Never buy a lot that doesn’t have a perk, without having a plan in place to ensure you can build on the lot.  And if perk results are already available, ask us what they mean in terms of cost - not every perk is equal.


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