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Best Roof Styles: How to Build a Cost Effective Home in Raleigh

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Mar 14, 2017 @ 12:03 PM

Best Roof Styles for Raleigh New Custom Homes

If there’s a certain type of roof you like, ask your custom builder how it can work with the floor plan you have in mind. Roof style options for Raleigh new custom homes vary widely, and can often be modified to fit the interior floor plan and exterior style you have in mind.

Raleigh New Home Cost | Roof Pitch Explained


How to Keep Costs Down with Roofing Options

The more complex the roof, the higher the cost. But when you determine the roof line for your new custom home, be aware that it isn’t like flooring, cabinets or even walls that you can update later. The roofline and architectural design extremely difficult to revise once your new home is built - so find the best fit before you start.

Below are a few basic key terms and home building facts that can help you understand what certain floor plans cost more to build.

Raleigh New Home Cost | Roof Pitch Explained

Roof Pitch

The "pitch" of a roof is the steepness. Roof pitch, or angle of steepness, is calculated by the number of inches it rises for every 12 inches it extends.

An 8/12 roof climbs 8 inches in height for every 12 inches in width. Here is an example photo of a 12/12 roof pitch:

Raleigh New Home Cost | Roof Pitch Explained

In general, the shallower the roof pitch, the lower the cost.  Construction of a simpler, lower roofline can entail less roofing, less framing materials and less framing labor both for the roofing as well as the roof’s support system.

But, some level of steepness and complexity of roofline can be what makes the difference between fantastic curb appeal, and "just another box".  

For example, lower cost homes are often constructed with a simpler 4:12 or 5:12 roof pitch. However, this can limit attic space, particularly on a smaller home.

(The Dahlberg, below, has a 10/12 main roof pitch - but due to the size of this one story home, it can appear less steep 

Raleigh New Home Cost | Roof Pitch Explained


Roof Gables, Hips, and Valleys

The number of gables, hips, and valleys in a roof can affect aesthetic appeal as well as cost.

  • A gable is a triangular section of wall formed by the intersection of two sections of roof.
  • A hip is where two rooflines meet at the top. This example shows six different hips on the front of the home, counting the small dormer window.
  • A valley is where two sections of roof meet and connect on the downward slope.

Raleigh New Home Cost | Roof Pitch Explained

Pitch lines can also make a huge difference in the way your new home is viewed. “Box homes” that have virtually no intricate roof lines or pitch emphasize the ability to offer more floor space. But your new home builder or designer can show you how to make the best of both.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a New Custom Home in Raleigh, NC?

Your custom home builder can show you how a style with a mid-level pitch and several gables and valleys can add a lot of sophistication, but still be at the mid to lower end of the cost spectrum.

Cost depends on size, amenities, and other less known aspects, including the condition of your lot and the requirements of your development. For a building cost estimate, click here or call 919-278-8070.

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Blue Tile Bathroom Ideas for NC New Homes

Posted by Penny Hull on Thu, Oct 15, 2015 @ 10:10 AM

Blue Tile in the Bathroom:

For some buyers, blue bathrooms are a bold choice; for others, pale blue paint and tile are a calming, relaxing option.

See photos of blue bathrooms - and tile designs - from new homes built by Stanton Homes in central North Carolina.  Stanton Homes is a design/build home builder in Raleigh, NC - contact us to learn more about the new home build process. 

Blue Tile Ideas for the Bath:

Below are examples of how to use blue tile in the master bathroom, secondary bath, and powder room. 

1. Blue Tile Floor

Hints of blue, grey, and white blend throughout the contemporary pebble style master bathroom floor - with deeper blue tiles integrated around the tub and shower. 

Blue Bathrooms | Blue Tile in the Bath

Ceiling-height tile in the shower is a custom home touch. 

Find Floor Plans | Raleigh New House Plans


2. Blue Tile Surround on a Curved Tub

This master bath tub rests inside the open concept shower. Mixed tile sizes create contrast throughout the bathroom: long faux wood floor and wall tiles blend with mini mosaic wall and tub patterns.

Blue Bathrooms | Blue Tile in the Bath

This contemporary show includes his and hers shower heads and block window glass. 

3. Blue Tile Around a Mirror

This kids bathroom feautres blue tile in the vanity and shower room. A thin listello accent frames the mirror and window. Linear patterns run through the floor and across the shower walls. 

Blue Bathrooms | Blue Tile in the Bath

Blue and grey tile combinations are popular inside master, guest, and kids bathrooms. 

4. Blue Accents in a Tub Surround

Blue Bathrooms | Blue Tile in the Bath

This master bathroom features a more subtle shade of blue in the tile - to accent the bright, baby blue walls.  The neutral tile tub surround softens the room. 

The built-in tile shelf below the window offers a place to decorate or store bath time essentials. 

Although light blue can be a more traditional bathroom shade, the no-door archway opening between the master bedroom and bath keeps this space feeling contemporary.

5. Blue Shower Tile

Blue Bathrooms | Blue Tile in the Bath

A guest or secondary bathroom is a great place to add floor-to-ceiling tile - in bold color choices. 


Many homebuyers opt to integrate tile upgrades in the most visible bathrooms, such as a guest suite bath or shared downstairs bath.








6. Blue Mini Mosaic Tile Patterns

This bathroom - a dual entry, kids' Jack and Jill layout - uses a mini mosaic tile pattern in the shower. 

Tile Tub Surround Ideas | Blue Bathroom Tile Ideas

This bathroom is custom designed as a specially adapted shower room - with tub inside - for ease of use. 8 x 10 white field tile runs across the ceiling, in addition to the walls and foor. 

7. Subtle Blue Tile Accents

Using slate blue tile -- mixed with grays, browns, and other earth tones -- is a great way to create a neutral bathroom without the popular integration of high contrasts of white, black, and gray patterns. This blend of colors feels more traditional than a bright blue design. 

Blue Bathrooms | Blue Tile in the Bath


8. Slate Blue Tile Tub Surround

A vertical tile pattern with slate blue tones emphasizes the curved front of this tile tub surround.

Blue Bathrooms | Blue Tile in the Bath


More photos of tile tub surrounds in new custom homes by Stanton Homes:

Raleigh New Home Construction 

Tell us what floor plan you'd like to build, and we'll show you what it costs to build in central North Carolina. We'll get down to details, including full price estimates for all the floor plan features - and selections - you love. 


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How much does a detached garage cost? | Detached garage home plans

Posted by Penny Hull on Mon, Jul 02, 2012 @ 14:07 PM

Cost Factors for a Detached Garage

Detached garage design ideas

The type of garage you choose is an important factor in your entire home's design. Garage style can determine the entire look and feel of your home's exterior. Garage size can also affect possibilities of floor plan layouts.

Common types of garages in Raleigh, NC new homes are:

How much does a detached garage cost? | Detached garage home plans

 - Front entry

 - Courtyard (the home and garage make an "L" shape)

 - Side entry (many North Carolina neighborhoods with an HOA will require side-entry garages)

 - Detached (detached garages can come in any shape and size - and are not limited by the layout of a floor plan)

Learn more about detached garages and their cost, below.

What factors determine the cost of a detached garage?

 - Square footage and size of building footprint

 - Number of stories

How much does a detached garage cost? | Detached garage home plans - Access to the garage - Walkway? Covered porch?  Covered and enclosed breezeway? 

- Concrete work - is additional driveway length required?  Is there driveway both to the main home and the detached garage?

 - What rooms are on the inside? Workshop station, bonus room above, secondary bathroom, etc.

 - What finishes and features are on the inside? Hardwood flooring, tile, type of trim, etc.

 - What exterior siding is used? (Brick will cost more than fiber cement, and stone will cost more than brick)

Detached and semi-detached garages are more expensive per square foot than their traditional counterparts.  A traditional garage shares walls with the home, does not require siding on all four sides, and does not require additional lot preparation.

Why Choose to Build a Detached Garage?

When there's a little more room in the budget, detached garages can be great places to spread out, with workshops, motorcycle/boat/RV storage, and entertainment options like pool houses or extra recreation rooms. 

A detached garage can also have a mother in law suite apartment built above it for extra living area, depending on the zoning of your lot. How much does a detached garage cost? | Detached garage home plans

For example, the custom home featured in this article includes a detached garage with:

 - 654 heated sq ft

 - Second story game room

 - First story bath with shower (intended for future pool use)

 - Two entrances from the backyard - one single and one double French door entry

 - Location for future second story deck

Stanton Homes can provide a complete cost estimate for your new custom home with detached garage.  If you don't already have a floor plan in mind, we'll help you find the right one, or even design/build just for you. 

Learn more about different garage styles available in Raleigh, NC new homes:

Raleigh New Home Trends | How to Choose a Garage Style 

Courtyard Entry Garages | Raleigh New Home Trends 2012

2012 Raleigh New Home Trends | Side Entry Garage Homes

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