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Secret Room for Kids | Secret Passages in Homes

Posted by Stanton Homes Design on Fri, Mar 18, 2016 @ 08:03 AM

How to Add a Secret Passage between Kids' Bedrooms:

Hidden passageways and secret rooms are perfect places for kids to read, play, and hang out.

Secret Room for Kids | Secret Passages in Homes

The entrance to the secret room is "hidden" by what looks like a typical attic access door.  The height of the doors and room are designed exclusively for kids.

Before and After Floor Plans - How to Create a Secret Room:

See how you can add a secret passage to your Raleigh new home, in these before and after floor plan images.

See the before and after floor plans:

"Before" Floor Plan, The Hopkins by Frank Betz

The Hopkins, a Raleigh custom home floor plan by Frank Betz, was customized to add a secret passageway between the two upstairs Kids' Bedrooms.

Secret Room for Kids | Secret Passages in Homes

"After" Floor Plan, The Sawyer by Stanton Homes

Here is what we modified.

First, we converted the Jack and Jill bathroom into a Buddy Bath with hallway access. This eliminated the need for additional doors inside the kids' bedrooms, and gave us a little more space for the secret room. 

Then, we added a second access door to the built in attic storage area, inside Bedroom 2.

Finally, we finished the secret room with drywall, carpet, and paint - making it part of the home.

Secret Room for Kids | Secret Passages in Homes

Would you know there is a hidden secret room behind this access door?

Secret Room for Kids | Secret Passages in Homes

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Raleigh New Home Builders:

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