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Glass Front Door Styles | North Carolina New Home Front Door Ideas

Posted by Penny Hull on Tue, Jul 31, 2012 @ 15:07 PM

Glass Front Door Styles

North Carolina New Home Front Door Ideas

A well designed entrance to your new home can make a statement about the welcome within – and the elegance of glass opens up a lot of possibilities.

Here are four favorites – and some tips on how to choose the right configuration, shape and size for your own front door.

Glass Front Door Style #1: Classic with Full View

Front Door Style Ideas

The custom home front door pictured to the right has become a classic.

This door uses two side transoms and an upper elliptical transom. The arched door design is mirrored throughout this custom home, with Signature Stanton Homes arched openings that mimic the swoop.

The full-view door uses several glass design and cutting techniques

 - Clear bevels distinguish the floral shapes.

 - A granite glass texture defines the corners and door border.

 - Gray renaissance glass fills in the remaining segments.

This glass door is specially designed to provide plenty of natural light, without taking away privacy.

Glass Front Door Style #2: Rustic Old World 3/4 View

Front Door Style Ideas

The custom home front door pictured to the left highlights several old world style features:

 - External grille with a wrought-iron appeal

 - Carefully matched "aged bronze" door hardware

 - "Cherrywood" stained wood door and sidelite frame, chosen to match decorative shingles and stone accents

 - Rustic lantern style porch light

 - 3/4 view low-E textured door glass

The external grille swings open for easy window cleaning.

A second sidelite can be incorporated for a wider statement.




Glass Front Door Style #3: Classic 1/2 View

Front Door Style Ideas

The custom home front door pictured to the right uses two sidelites and an upper rectangular transom.

The squared-off door frame intentionally contrasts against the two story barrel vault in this custom home foyer.

The 1/2-view door uses several glass design and cutting techniques

 - Glue chip glass composes the bulk of the window.

 - Each of the darker border areas pictured in this door are composed of an Alabaster glass style.






Glass Front Door Style #4: Oval Glass Accent

Front Door Style Ideas

If you love the idea of a glass front door, but want a more economical option, consider styles that use just a touch of decorative glass.

The custom home front door pictured to the left features a specialty 3/4 oval view and two sidelites with more "standard" glass panes.

The front door sidelites are matched in the first floor office French doors, also pictured.





A front door can set the tone for the entire home’s personality. Here are some things to keep in mind, when you make your choices:

Glass Front Door Styles | Types of Glass Front Doors

 - If you go with glass, make sure the bevel and design coordinate with the patterns of your surrounding walls, fabrics and furniture.

 - You can match your exterior and interior design through a dual color scheme. 

Stain or paint the exterior side of a door a different color than the interior side. A brighter, bolder statement can be made on the outside, while maintaining cool tones in the foyer.

 - How many windows are near the door?  You’ll want the shapes and styles to blend.

 - What materials does the door come in? Some products cannot be stained.

 - Do glass doors hamper privacy? Textured glass doors come in a "glass privacy range" - with more or less opacity.

Verify that the door you choose has the the right amount of opacity for your level of comfort.

At Stanton Homes, we make home design – including all your entrance options - EASY. Our team will work with you to create the personal style you’re looking for – as part of your new home package.

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